1. P

    For MURS/GMRS: what type of radio would work best for the job?

    What radio would be very useful and have great transmit and receive for either band; an LMR (type) radio or something cheap like a Wouxun or Midland? ofc both are on the same power levels (2w for MURS, and 5 to 50 watts for GMRS)
  2. K

    Icom F62D Won't send Tx ID

    I just recently got a Icom F62D and cannot get it to send an ID when transmitting. I've programmed for hours and can't figure it out. It is being used on NXDN conventional to communicate with Kenwood units. Voice communications work well but the Icom will not send an ID or an Over The Air Alias...
  3. K

    Newbie request for sub $500USD wideband listening equipment

    Hi all. A friend and I are looking into purchasing our first listening equipment. I'm in rural NE Missouri, he is near Quebec. We are both in our 60s and have similar desires: start a new retiree hobby, having the time now to enjoy one - have some money but not infinite - want to buy once...
  4. Reconrider

    ICOM R30

    Unit is in brand new condition It will come with an SD card that I used, that will be wiped before sending. It's R30 and the antenna that is stock with it - no box. Unit is about 1 year old. I have the belt clip somewhere, but can't find it - if I do locate it, it'll be shipped out at no cost...
  5. slingshot202

    Icom: ICOM - IC-880H

    Does anyone know if you can program the DTCS on the ICOM IC-880 with Transmit tone only? From what I am looking at, I am not able to. Perhapsp this is not available on any ICOM, but thought I would check. Thanks.
  6. BlueDevil

    Icom FR5300 Audio Out

    I am setting up dual Icom FR5300 radios to act as base station radios. They are going to be connected via IDA Corp VoIP hardware. The audio coming from the DB25 connector passes through regardless of the RX PL/CTCSS/Tone. How do I set up the radio so it only passed audio out the DB25 that meets...
  7. Uniden sds100

    Uniden sds100

    Used uniden sds100. Asking price $550. Payment thru pay pal. I will pay shipping. It comes with a battery charger, and 3 batteries. original box and instructions. The only thing is missing is the usb cable, can’t find it.
  8. SOLD: For Sale: IC-R30 w/ BT Headphones ($575)

    SOLD: For Sale: IC-R30 w/ BT Headphones ($575)

    Hello all, I decided to sell my IC-R30 with the Icom Bluetooth headphones. As it turns out I don't use it as much as I thought I was going to. No issues turning on, scaning, monitoring, etc, battery holds charges. Has only been used once or twice. It does come with the Bluetooth headphones...
  9. Mex


  10. ***SOLD***Icom IC-R30 Receiver w/Case and Alkaline Battery Clamshell

    ***SOLD***Icom IC-R30 Receiver w/Case and Alkaline Battery Clamshell

    ***SOLD*** to a party at QRZ.com, so unfortunately I can't mark it as sold here. I knew I'd sell it...so here it is. One hardly used Icom IC-R30 receiver with all original accessories. Added a carrying case and the battery clamshell as well. Also will throw in a SMA to BNC female adapter...
  11. Icom IC-R2500 Receiver

    Icom IC-R2500 Receiver

    **REDUCED TO $450.00 SHIPPED** Hello, Selling a good condition Icom IC-R2500 receiver that is surplus to my needs. Receiver is in good overall physical condition and excellent operating condition with either the remote head or via your PC with the proper software (free, and the correct version...
  12. marksroberson

    Help ID this radio

    we are wanting to program these radios for a commercial user but we are unsure of the model number, any help with identifying these would help so we can purchase the appropriate cable.
  13. M

    programming manual for rs-8600

    Is a programming manual available for the ICOM rs-8600 software online?
  14. R8500 with CD-1 Tone Decoder and rack

    R8500 with CD-1 Tone Decoder and rack

    ***SOLD*** For sale today is an Icom R8500 HF/VHF/UHF Communications Receiver with a NovexCom rack (including speaker). Included with the radio are: 12VDC power cable (with PowerPole at the other end) Icom AC power adapter Original Owner's Manual Bail with hardware Original Icom box and...
  15. S

    ARC20 wont log into RR

    I just purchased ARC20 for my R20 receiver, when I go to the internet tab to download from Radio Reference, it asks for my login info, i put in my user name and password and i get an error saying its wrong. Butel said its a Radio reference issue (which I dont beleive). Anyone have any ideas?
  16. ****SOLD****Icom IC-R8600

    ****SOLD****Icom IC-R8600

    ****SOLD**** Good morning, I've decided to sell this receiver as I feel that I am considerably under-utilizing it and I have some ideas for other projects that might suit my radio room better. I purchased it from HRO in Salem NH on 4/19/21 (.jpg of receipt is attached). Here is HRO's info page...
  17. ***SOLD*** ICOM IC-746 Pro with accessories

    ***SOLD*** ICOM IC-746 Pro with accessories

    ***SOLD*** I have for sale a great condition Icom IC-746 Pro HF/6m/2m transceiver with a bunch of accessories: Icom PS125 AC power supply Heil ICM desk mic with stand Custom made 6-foot extension cable for the mic with right-angle plug Heil FS-3 foot switch Heil trigger TX switch 2 spare desk...
  18. GraniteScanner

    What happened to low band VHF for licensed business use?

    It seems most of the systems sold today that still use radio technology instead of POC or sat technology are only high VHF and UHF. I know icom still sells a HF transceiver but it appears that companies such as Motorola had sold low band VHF equipment for business use at one time. While there...
  19. VOXScanningYT

    Icom: Is the Icom ID-4100A a good dual band beginner radio?

    Hello all, I am looking to get into the amateur radio hobby and I have been looking for a good dual band radio. The price on the ID-4100A is pretty good and so are the reviews. I also like the D-STAR feature. I was wondering if anyone recommends this radio, and if not, what are some good...
  20. A

    iCom IC-F62D Programming

    Just received new iCom IC-F62D radios that will be used as pager activation for FD as well as TX/RX on other frequencies. Two questions that can't seem to figure out: 1) Department operates on "Page Channel" and "Ops Channel". Pager is activating for tones on "Page Channel" but automatically...