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  2. BlueDevil

    Icom F1721 with RMK2 Issue

    I have an Icom F1721 with a RMK2 remote mount. The audio coming out of the remote head is extremely low even at full volume. I have checked both ribbon cables and they are working properly. When the head is connected directly to the radio the audio and volume operates as it should. I even tried...
  3. D

    Halfway between repeaters, mystery distortion?

    A mystery I need help with... Details & background: I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT and wear a pager (receiver) on my hip tuned to a VHF frequency (150MHz). In my basement I'm getting terrible reception on that pager, so I threw up a 4 foot tall Diamond VHF omnidirectional antenna (Diamond...
  4. S

    ICOM F3261DT programming question - REV #'s

    Hello all, I recently bought a ICOM F3261DT. Arrived and proceed to program it. It took some time to figure out it needed the railroad software. The radio's REV number is 4.6.4 and my software is 4.6.3. I was able to read from the radio but before writing, I wanted to ask if the software being...
  5. S

    ICOM-F44GT Radios saying INVALID??

    Hi all, Im new to the radio world and have gotten a couple of these hand held units from a friend. They are second hand, they turn on but when i go to use them they beep and say invalid? They already seem to be programmed to certain channels from the last user and im waiting for a data cable...
  6. Z

    Icom: Icom id-rp2c & id-rp2000v

    Please don't fire bullets at me but I need some help please. I have been given an ICOM ID-RP2C / ID-RP2000V D-Star repeater to get on the air in our city asap. I have all the manuals etc but are seriously hunting for the software. I can only find the USB drivers v3.00 on the ICOM site. If you...
  7. A

    Icom F1721 doesn't scan

    Hello, I recently got IC-1721 off of ebay for ham use (analog), Rx/Tx very well but does not scan, given that I have properly programmed scan lists into the radio. I just upgraded to the latest firmware 3.1 and that did not fix the problem. Any idea why? I'd appreciate your feedback.
  8. J

    ICOM OPC-617 - Mute Car Stereo on TX/RX?

    Hi all, Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area here, this is my first post. Feel free to move it if need be. I have an older IC400PRO here in Australia that is just used for a personal CB. My car stereo has a mute input signal on it (unsure whether this is +12V or GND at this stage), and I...
  9. M

    Icom: ID51/31 and Dstar, real world results?

    Hello to the forum, new here but been a ham since 1979. I am interested in trying out Dstar (considering the ID-51A plus), but before I pony up for a radio, was interested in getting some feedback from others on Dstar real world usage experiences. I am wondering if there is really much "CQ CQ...
  10. R

    dsdplus does not decode this signal

    Hello! I've been trying to decode this signal for some time, which I think is dpmr gone but the dsdplus does not decode it. Have if among all we can and so add more systems to the decoding. Attachment web link download copy and paste in the browser. Thanks greetings...
  11. Mtnrider

    scan on f3021

    Cant seem to find the scan resume setting on this portable. We have a few of them and the scan has to be turned back on after talking on radio. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance
  12. T

    Icom: Icom IC-91a

    I plan on taking my IC-91 out on a backpacking trip with me for emergency communications as I will be doing 60+ miles with just me and my dog. I plan to check in every night and would lik ea way to charge it. I am wondering if anyone has made a charging cable out of a USB cord? If so could you...
  13. S

    Kenwood NextEdge/Icom IDAS for Conventional Networked Systems?

    So I know that running conventional, the radios are compatible and that the trunking systems are not. However, what about the conventional networked systems like the Icom IDAS LinqRepeat and LinqRepeat+? Same for the Kenwood Conventional IP Network system and the Subscriber Voting feature on...
  14. Y

    ICOM IC-F70T Program

    Hi there, I am new to the amateur radio hobby and am curious to programming "ICOM F70T" (Analog Only) Model. I am saving up for a digital capable scanner due to the Victoria Area Services are mainly "CREST". But for the time being I want to learn how to properly program and the ins/outs of...
  15. D

    Copying between codeplugs

    I have several 5061 radios I need to update programming for, I have a number of channels that need to be copied between multiple radios. Is there a way to copy and paste between code plugs ? When I try and open a second instance of CS-F3160/F5060 it does not let me and says that a copy is...
  16. R

    Hello! Need some help please :)

    Good morning all, I have a iCom PCR2500 an upgrade from the PCR1000. I was using a great bit of software that did exactly what i needed it to do which was TalkPCR I am looking for PCRCloak so i can use my 2500 with the software. After spending hours looking around the web i cannot find it...
  17. 5

    IC-F70S Scanning help

    Hello all, quick question. On my F-70, I have it set up to have scan enabled at power on. Whenever I key up the mic, it turns scan off, requiring it to be manually turned back on. This is moderately annoying, and potentially problematic due to my service covering such a large area that we are...
  18. C

    Icom: GPS Data Out from ICOM id-5100a

    Here is my current problem. I am trying to get the NMEA GPS Data that my 5100 should be able to output and use it for APRS. I have a TNC-Pi working on the bench, but I want to put GPS in to it. What settings do I need to enable to get GPS out from the Data Port. I have a FTDI chipset 2.5mm...
  19. K

    R-7100 Control Software

    After searching for software that will allow us to work with our R-7100 Icom. So far we have been unable to locate any solutions. We are seeking programming and controlling software combined like that which is currently available to scanner users. We have the CI-V box and the serial to USB...
  20. scott

    How to program dual band ham as Uniden BCD996P2 scanner

    I want the ability to use a ham radio primarily as a P25 scanner. Has anyone found a way with a dual band ham radio? I'm not limited to a certain brand. I'm just curious if it's possible. I recently came across this Kenwood TM-D710G and a similar ICOM P25 radio. Would I be able to program...