1. marksroberson

    Help ID this radio

    we are wanting to program these radios for a commercial user but we are unsure of the model number, any help with identifying these would help so we can purchase the appropriate cable.
  2. M

    programming manual for rs-8600

    Is a programming manual available for the ICOM rs-8600 software online?
  3. R8500 with CD-1 Tone Decoder and rack

    R8500 with CD-1 Tone Decoder and rack

    ***SOLD*** For sale today is an Icom R8500 HF/VHF/UHF Communications Receiver with a NovexCom rack (including speaker). Included with the radio are: 12VDC power cable (with PowerPole at the other end) Icom AC power adapter Original Owner's Manual Bail with hardware Original Icom box and...
  4. S

    ARC20 wont log into RR

    I just purchased ARC20 for my R20 receiver, when I go to the internet tab to download from Radio Reference, it asks for my login info, i put in my user name and password and i get an error saying its wrong. Butel said its a Radio reference issue (which I dont beleive). Anyone have any ideas?
  5. ****SOLD****Icom IC-R8600

    ****SOLD****Icom IC-R8600

    ****SOLD**** Good morning, I've decided to sell this receiver as I feel that I am considerably under-utilizing it and I have some ideas for other projects that might suit my radio room better. I purchased it from HRO in Salem NH on 4/19/21 (.jpg of receipt is attached). Here is HRO's info page...
  6. ***SOLD*** ICOM IC-746 Pro with accessories

    ***SOLD*** ICOM IC-746 Pro with accessories

    ***SOLD*** I have for sale a great condition Icom IC-746 Pro HF/6m/2m transceiver with a bunch of accessories: Icom PS125 AC power supply Heil ICM desk mic with stand Custom made 6-foot extension cable for the mic with right-angle plug Heil FS-3 foot switch Heil trigger TX switch 2 spare desk...
  7. GraniteScanner

    What happened to low band VHF for licensed business use?

    It seems most of the systems sold today that still use radio technology instead of POC or sat technology are only high VHF and UHF. I know icom still sells a HF transceiver but it appears that companies such as Motorola had sold low band VHF equipment for business use at one time. While there...
  8. VOXScanningYT

    Icom: Is the Icom ID-4100A a good dual band beginner radio?

    Hello all, I am looking to get into the amateur radio hobby and I have been looking for a good dual band radio. The price on the ID-4100A is pretty good and so are the reviews. I also like the D-STAR feature. I was wondering if anyone recommends this radio, and if not, what are some good...
  9. A

    iCom IC-F62D Programming

    Just received new iCom IC-F62D radios that will be used as pager activation for FD as well as TX/RX on other frequencies. Two questions that can't seem to figure out: 1) Department operates on "Page Channel" and "Ops Channel". Pager is activating for tones on "Page Channel" but automatically...
  10. PrivatelyJeff

    Programming emergency button

    I have 6 ICOM F4100 radios and while I was able to get the frequencies and PL tones set, I’m trying to set one of the side buttons to trigger an alert tone that is broadcast on whatever channel we are using and I can’t figure it out. I programmed the button but when you press it, just that radio...
  11. KC3SNR

    Icom: icom 207 programming offset manually ? UL 2m / DL 70cm...

    Trying to get this 207 to transmit on 2 m and receive on 70 cm. What am I doing wrong I thought all icom's were generally programmed the same. T/UL - 145.990 R/DL- 437.800 When I get to that point in the menu.. there is no option to split the frequency manually ? You cant just turn duplex off...
  12. K

    Program Scanning in F-3061T

    Hello, My first post on the Forum. I'm failing to understand how to program scanning into my 3061t. It is analog, running software ver. 1.7. Tried following tips from a 2002 post and the limited info in the factory manual. Anyone point me to more detailed/explanatory sources or provide an...
  13. vagrant

    Icom: ID-RP2C Factory Reset?

    I do not know the existing password of this used unit. I know what the manual says and it is very unfriendly if the password is forgotten, such as using the word "impossible". Anyways, does anyone know if there is a factory reset option for the controller? I emailed Icom and hoping to get a...
  14. KQA726

    ICOM IC-PCR100 Start From Scratch

    Just purchased an ICOM IC-PCR100. Tried the Wiki, but broken links trying to get software to operate it. Was suggested to try and run PCRAnyWhere software, don't know if the unit is a dog or even works yet. First of all, assume I'll have to use a serial to USB adapter for Windows 7 or W8...
  15. S

    Vehicle Setup - ID5100a with two antennas

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a ID5100a. I have an 880h now and looking for some more options when scanning/transmitting. I have a 3/4 ton truck with about 9" of clearance to the top of the header board going into the garage. A friend of mine recommended some Stico antennas citing they were...
  16. Icom IC-R8500

    Icom IC-R8500

    ***SOLD*** Selling used Icom IC-R8500 receiver. Receiver is in good condition. I am the second owner and know the original owner personally. This radio has been well cared for for its lifetime thus far. Will come with AC power supply, jumper to make that function properly, a short 12VDC cable...
  17. Icom IC-R30: Updated Listing, Now $375 (SOLD)

    Icom IC-R30: Updated Listing, Now $375 (SOLD)

    UPDATE: 4/5/2021: SOLD! UPDATE: 4/5/2021: Sale pending. UPDATE: 4/3/2021: Price is now $375. Includes shipping to you in the United States (or free pickup if you're in Phoenix, AZ). Hello folks, I recently sold my Uniden SDS100 here, but divorce lawyers are expensive so I'm down to selling my...
  18. R

    Icom IC-F5021 35W output instead of 50W

    Hi folks. I picked up an F5021 that seems in good shape, other than the output power appears to be limited to 35W rather than 50W. Anyone know what would cause that problem, and what might the troubleshooting steps be? I have seen the same issue on other commercial equipment from time to time...
  19. tweiss3

    Icom: Is the IC-9700 worth the money?

    In my shack I currently have a TM-281A for VHF and a TK-8150 for the little bit of UHF I do. I was looking to update my VHF capabilities a bit, and get something that will make logging a bit easier (N1MM) when I do some contests. I was also hoping for an easy way to do PSK, RTTY and FT8 on 2m...
  20. W2GLD

    Icom F7010 series P25 Subscriber Radio Information

    This thread is to highlight accurate and detailed information related to the latest Icom F7010 series P25 subscriber radios. All F7010 series radios are official DHS CAP certified as of October 2019. The following models are included in the F7010 series: IC-F7010S Limited Keypad VHF 136-174...