id scan

  1. L

    BCD396XT: Stuck in ID scan?

    I just got the 396XT and I'm a bit overwhelmed by it. I'm used to the scanners of the '90s which were very straightforward. One of the many features I'm trying to understand is the ID scan/ID search functions. The radio seems to be constantly in these modes at the moment and I can't get it out...
  2. K4EET

    BCD536HP: Stuck in "ID Scanning..." Mode

    Well, I'm stumped again and I cannot find the answer in neither of the well known User Guides nor by searching the forums. I am in the "ID Scanning..." mode and can't get out of it. :lol: How do I permanently get out of this and back to "normal" scanning of my systems? :roll: Thanks in advance...
  3. B

    BCT8: BCT8 No "ID SCAN" after firmware update

    BCT8 No "ID SCAN" after firmware update - Montco PA Updated firmware on two BCT8's as per instructions to follow a rebanded mot2 800 system. Now i can not get scanner to ID SCAN. Have tried manually inputting rebanded systems as well as using ARC8 with same results. Although uniden...
  4. J

    Diff between ID Scan and ID Search

    My scanner (996xt) can switch between ID SCAN and ID SEARCH. Cant seem to find an explanation for those that I actually understand. Can someone help me understand these two options? Thanks in advance.
  5. del1964

    Priority ID Scan BCD396XT

    I did do some searching around thru the forums here and apparently it's definitely true. I have tried everything I could think of and I cannot get priority ID scan to work on the Indiana SAFET system. I tied turning off and on the system settings priority scan function and off and on the...