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  1. W2IRT

    Trunk system ID search

    Hi all, I'd like to know how to do an ID search on a big statewide system. Normally I just do ID scans with the TGs I'm always listening to, and for the most part that's great, but I'd like to play around with looking for any new groups on the system that might not be in the database. I can only...
  2. M

    SDS200 Just tried "ID search" for first time, wow!

    I can't believe how many unidentified talk groups there are locally to me. I put my scanner on ID search on my "favorite favorite" (for the first time) and I get more action on the unknowns than I do on the knowns!! I mean it spends more time, slightly more than, half stopped on an unknown now...
  3. J

    What is HP-1 version 2, and do I have it?

    Below is from HP-1 user's manual on line. I'm not sure if I have version 2 or not. Different from HP-2 I have firmware 2.06 dbase 4-30-17 help 12-7-11 esn 36326-038004742-0FF s/n 363z36004742 HomePatrol sentinel is version 2.03, revision 02 My sentinel won't let me change the alert tone from...
  4. L

    BCD396XT: Stuck in ID scan?

    I just got the 396XT and I'm a bit overwhelmed by it. I'm used to the scanners of the '90s which were very straightforward. One of the many features I'm trying to understand is the ID scan/ID search functions. The radio seems to be constantly in these modes at the moment and I can't get it out...
  5. J

    Diff between ID Scan and ID Search

    My scanner (996xt) can switch between ID SCAN and ID SEARCH. Cant seem to find an explanation for those that I actually understand. Can someone help me understand these two options? Thanks in advance.