1. K

    Incorrect Location Showing on Hotspot

    I have a DMR simplex hotspot with a 3.2" screen running Pi-Star. When I transmit on my HT, my location is shown as Guantanamo Bay on the hotspot. I have the correct coordinates and grid square in Pi-Star and my location is correct in the Brandmiester self-care. When the hotspot receives, the...
  2. T

    Unidentified signal at 462.000 MHz

    Hello - I have been detecting a continuous signal at exactly 462.000 MHz. While initially I thought this was GMRS, the GMRS channel plan starts at 462.5625 MHz, and does not appear to include 462 on the nose. I am able to pull DCS codes from the signal, however, they are non-standard codes...
  3. C

    APS ID 4816

    I've programmed in the frequencies and IDs on the APS SmartZone Trunking system found here. But, I turned on ID search and I keep seeing ID 4816, which seems to be very active and very clear. Does anyone have any idea what this talk group is for?
  4. Bote

    Identify NAS Key West talkgroup users

    I need Milcom experts to help identify who is using what talkgroup at NQX Naval Air Station Boca Chica/Key West, Florida. Ideally, if you have worked at a Naval Air Base it would be most helpful, but anybody who can identify the general ground operations would be helpful. I examined the...
  5. recon20

    Identifying wildcard hits in Utah

    Hello everyone, I've got a pro-197 that I recently purchased, and I'm finally starting to get somewhat comfortable with it. I live in SLC, and I've programmed most of the police, fire, etc. When I get wildcard hits, how do I identify them? Is there a list of them by radio I.D.#? I've got...
  6. A

    Can anyone identify this GMRS repeater?

    They operate on 462.600 will a output PL of 151.4. At the begining of every hour, the station automated voice gives a time check. I also heard an automated voice say New york, New jersey, Connecticut. I dont know if this is a grandfather business, but its barely skimming me in Northern Brooklyn.