1. M

    For simply receiving NXDN digital audio, do I need to use the 'NXDN Trunking System' feature when programming my radio?

    Hello all, I am looking to program my Kenwood NX-300-K radio. I have the KPG-111D programming software. My intentions are to use this radio to receive, not transmit, both analog AND NXDN channels. Does anyone know if I need to use the 'NXDN Trunking System' feature in the programming software...
  2. J

    Kenwood NX-5700 Mic Spec (Pin 6)

    Hello guys! I am looking for some details about the audio input of this device (Microphone pin). I was searching the datasheet and actually i have this: Impedance Input : 600 Ohm Allowable Frequency : 300 - 3000 Hz Audio Level : 5.0 mVrms...
  3. R

    Motorola DMR Interoperable with Kenwood DMR?

    Hopefully I placed this in the right forum. I have a Motorola xpr3500e that I am trying to make work with Kenwood TK-D340 U. I have read the Kenwood and have found that they are running dual slot direct mode on all channels. Even the repeated channels. The repeater is an XPR8400. Why they paired...
  4. sburns1967

    Using NXU-2A to create an IP front end for NX-700

    Seeking information regarding configuration required for communication between NXU-2A and Kenwood NX-700 mobile radio. Use case = NXU-2A is an IP front end for a Kenwood radio. Have software that will interface with NXU-2A to key up radio channel. Only single NXU-2A required. Current issue = it...
  5. amoking

    auto tone decode?

    Hi All, I am returning to the hobby and am more of a 2M/70cm listener than a talker. I often drive long stretches throughout the western states. Is there any new tech out there in the mobile units (Kenwood, ICOM) that allow for auto tone decode when a band scan hits a repeater? I have the...
  6. E

    TK-8302 Horn Alert issue

    Hi, I am soon going crazy with trying to get a few TK-8302's to work with Horn Alert. Previously I have successfully programmed and configured an old TK-868G (with the option cable) and a new TK-D840 for Horn Alert. These radios work as expected - when receiving the correct tones, the Horn Alert...
  7. V

    Kenwood TK-8180 max transmit power

    I finally had time to setup my 8180 as a base station. While setting up the radio I noticed that at high power its uses 5amps. So I looked in panel mode and max transmit power set at 60. Is it safe to raise it to lets say 95 so I am draining 8 apms from power supply? (according to Kenwood at max...
  8. S

    Programming Tk-880 KPG-49D

    Hi, I have a Tk-880 & the most recent version of Kpg-49D I found. When I try to read or write to the radio my computer doesn’t recognize the radio. I am using a USB cable. Is there a programming mode I need to activate ?
  9. G

    Kenwood Nx-5300 programming???

    Does anyone have the KPG-D1N software for the Kenwood NX-5000 series that can program a NX-5300 for me? Being used for a personal radio in Fire Department.
  10. R

    2019 Ford Explorer firewall

    I'm installing a Kenwood NX-700 2-way into a new (2019) Explorer. On this model the cable boot that runs through to the engine compartment is higher, behind the dash instruments. I'm looking for a wiring diagram on this vehicle (for power options). Or, suggestions to access the battery...
  11. kd4efm

    "DMR S-TRUNKING" What is this now?

    For this write up, I am using KPG-D3 for the following information. From what I have been working on and what little I can go by, here is a little primer on the DMR "S-TRUNKING" or Simple Trunk for Tier 2" Basically it is this, SMALL FORM DMR TRUNKING in a DMR Tier 2 world. Is it XPT? IS IT...
  12. K

    Kenwood: Possibly Buying Kenwood TS-440SAT - Feedback?

    Looking at a Kenwood TS-440SAT, has new battery for display (wot?), and new LED's in the display, and also the IC-10 mod and such already. Seller wanted to get their ticket but never did. Anyway, what should I be looking for in terms of red flags and such with the device, as this will be my...
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  14. James_Bond_007

    Kenwood TK-8180 as a link radio connected to a TKR850

    Hi, is there a way to connect a TK8180 accy port to a TKR850 accy port to enable the 8180 to be used as an aux link radio without the use of an external repeater controller? IE: is their a way to enable half duplex on link radio full duplex on repeater? we want to link two GMRS repeaters...
  15. Q

    Wondering where I could get some cheap Kenwood radios, other than eBay.

    So, I have a few Kenwood radios (you would know that if you have seen some of my other posts) I am a radio hoarder, and I was wondering where I could get some cheap kenwood radios and equipment.. does not matter if they are used or not, but my price range is anywhere from free to around $70.00...
  16. Q

    Kenwood TK-880 Questions..

    So, I just got this Kenwood TK-880-1 Ver 2.0 UHF radio, Link to the radio, and I wanted to ask a few questions.. I have a TK-940, and a 840, and they don't transmit, program, or receive. I was wondering if this unit will be the same due to it's age? Is there a function to field program it...
  17. Q

    Kenwood TK-840 Programming Help

    So, I bought a Kenwood TK-840(N) off eBay.. not sure at all what the N stands for, but I have downloaded the programming software, and DosBox. I plugged the programming cable into the radio, and plugged the USB into the PC. I changed the COM port from COM4 to COM2, as it only supports 1 and 2...
  18. A

    Kenwood problem

    I have a Kenwood tk-790 with a tk-890 control head. It receives people talking and I can hear them, but when i want to transmit back it dosen't transmit even though the tx light comes on. I tested this by having a scanner on the same channel I was trying to transmit on. I am fairly new to radios...
  19. K7MFC

    TK-8180 K out of band programming

    Hello, I have a Kenwood TK-8180 K (450-520 MHz) and I am using KPG-89D software to program it. I am able to program this radio for use in the 70cm amateur band; the software gives a "Frequency out of range" warning when entering transmit or receive frequencies below 450 MHz, but the file is...
  20. Q

    Kenwood TK-3200L beeps and flashes red and orange whenever on channel 3+

    My kenwood TK-3200L flashes and beeps at me. I don't know why, I was hoping someone could help me. I just bought it off eBay, and I do not suspect the person I bought it from is lying.. It is tough to turn over to 3, and I don't know why.. someone please help!