1. K

    Kenwood: Kenwood FM Dual Bander TM-710GA

    Hi This is interesting. We all know there is a chip shortage. And there is a shortage of new Kenwood's. I think The DTMF chip is part of Kenwood's problem. The TM-D710GA is being sold again BUT serial number B8610000, and above no longer has the DTMF decode ability so the wireless remote in...
  2. S

    TK-5220 Backlight

    Does anyone know how to enable the auto backlight on the TK-5220. I have the latest programming software from Kenwood. But under the Optional Features 1 tab -the auto backlight selection is greyed out.
  3. amoking

    Benefit 200W amp for mobile 2M Simplex?

    Hello All. I was chatting with mmckenna about this a couple days ago and thought I would take it to the masses: I have a Kenwood TM-V71A in my truck. NMO mounted Laird 5/8 antenna with an SWR of 1.1 on 146mhz. Install is as tight as a drum. As it pertains to 2M SIMPLEX will I get any...
  4. I

    Kenwood TK-5270

    Greetings, First time posting. Our agency has two tk-5720 in our cruisers. Since the past summer, the units have been resetting themselves (power down and back on), at random times. They have been sent back to Kenwood and "reprogrammed" with no success several times. Is anyone else having...
  5. nhfdcadet

    D1N ID List Generator

    I'm not sure if something like this exists already, I know there is one for motorola...but I was tired of typing and typing IDs from a spreadsheet into D1N, so I made a spreadsheet that I can paste the IDs into, and it formats them correctly to be pasted directly into the ID list. Please give it...
  6. K

    TK-8180 Firmware Update Help Needed

    Hi, I am hoping somebody can help me. I just purchased 3 TK-8180 K-2s, used on Ebay for my ham radio use. We use the 7180s at my VFD, and I love everything about them, so the UHF version made sense to me. I tried to program it with the VFD's computer and it comes up "USE SJ-180!". I understand...
  7. K

    Kenwood TK-840 "UNPROG" Issue

    Hello. I have recently purchased 4 Kenwood TK-840 radios on ebay, I am able to program 3 of them but the 4th powers on and flashes "UNPROG" and I can not figure out how to get it to go into program mode from either the software or the radio itself. Any suggestions? Is the there a special key...
  8. Sold: Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig

    Sold: Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig

    ** SOLD, thank you ** For sale is one used Kenwood TR-7950 2-meter mobile rig with great audio and a decent display. Kenwood quality. Excludes microphone, tone board, power cable, VHF antenna or 12V/13.8VDC power supply- only includes what’s show in the photos. All front switches and keypad are...
  9. P

    Kenwood TK-2312

    I'm looking to buy a good to excellent condition Kenwood TK-2312, with accessories. I'm in Canada; will PayPal. Thanks.
  10. Deziel0495

    Kenwood Viking Series Gang Charger

    In the coming days we're getting a shipment of VP5430's with the KNB-L2 batteries and the KSC-Y32K intelligent chargers. We're looking to order extra batteries as spares and since the chargers do not have an extra charging slot for the battery I was wondering if Kenwood has a gang charger that...
  11. jmedinac

    Kenwood NX-800 Programming Help Please

    Hello All! My tiny local radio shop went out of business because the owner passed. The owners kids put all the stuff for sale in an estate. I acquired 4 Kenwood NX-800's that are read and write protected from the estate sale. I do have the "Engineer" version of KPG-111D v1.40, I am just unaware...
  12. Kenwood NX-300 UHF-L Analog/NXDN

    Kenwood NX-300 UHF-L Analog/NXDN

    Searching for a Kenwood NX-300 in good condition in a UHF Low split. Must have battery, charger not required.
  13. Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

    Kenwood TH-D74A Tri-Band Handheld

    Up for sale is a Kenwood TH-D74A handheld 2M/220/70cm tri-band radio, packed w/ lots of features and the advantage of having analog and D-STAR as well as APRS function on analog. It features a color TFT display that has excellent visibility during the day or night. Also includes built-in GPS...
  14. SpectralContent

    Kenwood NX-3720 wanted

    Looking for a new or used NX-3720. Message me if you have one you would like to sell/trade! Email: Thanks
  15. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  16. ks4ec

    Bad transmit audio using 1 Head Dual Deck with 1x NX5700 - NX5800

    My company just purchased a bunch of NX 3000 and NX 5000 radios. These are brand new, with the latest firmware updates. I have a single deck in my office (5800), and a dual deck (5700 - 5800) in my vehicle as well as a portable. These 3 all are all set up for Commercial NXDN, and Ham Analog and...
  17. K

    Kenwood NX-1000 series

    In the Kenwood catalog, there are versions of the NX-1000 series, one under business radios designated as NX-P1000 (ProTalk), and one under land mobile radios designated as NX-1000 (no P in the model name). I’m wondering what the differences between these models are, if any.
  18. Kenwood TK-3173 UHF Radio

    Kenwood TK-3173 UHF Radio

    Have for sell a Kenwood tk-3173 4 watt uhf radio. Radio covers 450-490 MHz and supports conventional and LTR trunking. Radio can hold 128 channels. Radio comes with high gain antenna, Kenwood battery that holds a great charge, Kenwood charger, and Kenwood speaker mic. I can program radio before...
  19. M

    Kenwood NX3820

    Good afternoon, Is there a way I can program a Kenwood 3820 to still scan with one of the channels in the bank being NXDN with Site roam? What we have is on our main bank is below: 1. Analog 2. Analog 3. Analog 4. NXDN with site roam 5. Analog etc. When we made this program it...
  20. T

    NX-1200AVK2 programming issues

    Anybody else have the new NX-1200AVK2 radio (the analog version)? I just purchased a bunch of them along with the KPG-D6N program software since the TK-2312s are being phased out. My issue is whenever I go to read or write to the radio, I get an error message "Ensure that model name and market...