1. K

    Portable Radio Transmits But Dispatch Can’t Hear

    I’m using a Kenwood NX-1200 AVK that I programmed to use on duty with the ambulance service I work for. I’m available to receive transmissions from dispatch and I can hear myself on the radios of other units when I transmit, but it seems that dispatch can’t hear me as I get no response when I...
  2. ks4ec

    Bad transmit audio using 1 Head Dual Deck with 1x NX5700 - NX5800

    My company just purchased a bunch of NX 3000 and NX 5000 radios. These are brand new, with the latest firmware updates. I have a single deck in my office (5800), and a dual deck (5700 - 5800) in my vehicle as well as a portable. These 3 all are all set up for Commercial NXDN, and Ham Analog and...
  3. K

    Kenwood NX-1000 series

    In the Kenwood catalog, there are versions of the NX-1000 series, one under business radios designated as NX-P1000 (ProTalk), and one under land mobile radios designated as NX-1000 (no P in the model name). I’m wondering what the differences between these models are, if any.
  4. Kenwood TK-3173 UHF Radio

    Kenwood TK-3173 UHF Radio

    Have for sell a Kenwood tk-3173 4 watt uhf radio. Radio covers 450-490 MHz and supports conventional and LTR trunking. Radio can hold 128 channels. Radio comes with high gain antenna, Kenwood battery that holds a great charge, Kenwood charger, and Kenwood speaker mic. I can program radio before...
  5. M

    Kenwood NX3820

    Good afternoon, Is there a way I can program a Kenwood 3820 to still scan with one of the channels in the bank being NXDN with Site roam? What we have is on our main bank is below: 1. Analog 2. Analog 3. Analog 4. NXDN with site roam 5. Analog etc. When we made this program it...
  6. T

    NX-1200AVK2 programming issues

    Anybody else have the new NX-1200AVK2 radio (the analog version)? I just purchased a bunch of them along with the KPG-D6N program software since the TK-2312s are being phased out. My issue is whenever I go to read or write to the radio, I get an error message "Ensure that model name and market...
  7. M

    Kenwood NX3300 K2 site roam

    Good morning, I am working to program some new radios, but I am new to the "site roam" world. Local dept here is using a roaming system and we would like to add their frequencies to our main bank (we have permission) but when we do the radio does not display their channel name. Instead it...
  8. G

    Kenwood: Programming a TM-281 Was: I need help with my kenwood radio

    Hi, I work in forestry in BC, Canada and my contractor has in the past always "rented" us these ICOM truck radios. This year we have to provide our own so I bought a Kenwood TM-281a. It seems like a really good radio but I'm very confused. With the old ICOM, to use repeaters i would just...
  9. H

    Kenwood DMR Tier 2 configuration problem

    Hello, this is my first post here and indeed my first time to ask a question concerning DMR with which I am very much a newbie. As a part of a large construction project a client has installed two Kenwood THR-D810-E repeaters for use with some 30 or so Kenwood TK-D340 handhelds for security...
  10. M

    Kenwood NX300k Help

    My department is in the process of switching our "beloved" Motorola HT1250's out for some new-to-us Kenwood NX300 and NX800 radios. These radio were purchased from a local police department and we are doing all the programming in house. So far, we haven't had many issues, but I am getting a lot...
  11. G

    Most Current Software and Firmware for Kenwood TK-5820?

    Later today I have to program 2 Kenwood TK-5820's. What is the most current software/firmware? I have KPG-112D v2.01 and KPG-112DN v2.33 Should either of these work? I am unsure about firmware on radios but they are fairly new. I deal with Motorola much more often and rarely do I program...
  12. E

    Are Kenwood Digital Radios compatible with the Mototrbo Standard?

    I know over analog, these would obviously be compatible, and I'm pretty sure that Kenwood is the only brand that uses NXDN, but Motorola is not the only brand that uses Trbo. In simpler terms, do the Kenwood Digitals have a Mototrbo mode or is it only NXDN?
  13. OldRabbit

    Kenwood TK-3401D Decoding (with DSD+)

    Hi, I am very new to Digital Voice decoding - but have used SDR# & Airspy for quite some time. I just purchased a Kenwood TK3401D digital PMR - and am attempting to decode digital voice using the guides found for SDR# and DSD+. Unfortunately, DSD+ does not appear to react to transmission from...


    Kenwood TK370G UHF 450-470 MHz 128 channel 4W Narrowband radio. Radio has some minor scuffs and scratches from normal use but does not effect Operation. Radio comes with Kenwood speaker mic, charger, antenna, speaker mic bracket, and brand new battery that I installed on April 15th. Battery...
  15. S

    Kenwood: Kenwood TM-V71A Programming

    Setting Up Your Kenwood TM-V71A Many people are confused about the bands (VHF and UHF) and the two sides (A and B) of this transceiver. I want to clear up this confusion and tell you how I set up my 71A for maximum convenience. Let’s clear up the first thing. The V71A has two sides, left and...
  16. L

    Kenwood Site Roaming Setup Repeater locks in TX Mode

    Over the weekend I experienced a problem with our or Kenwood NXR-710 repeater sites connected to site roaming. The area that was affected called and advised that they could not transmit and they were not receiving any radio traffic. Looked at the system had it showed all sites up and running...
  17. M

    UHF Mobile repeater setup

    Good afternoon, I work for a local FD in the middle TN area. Just as a little background we cover 620 Sq miles and have 5 tower sites on an analog UHF system (yes, we are behind). With that being said we have many radio dead spots where are portables will not get out. We have had some sites...
  18. M

    For simply receiving NXDN digital audio, do I need to use the 'NXDN Trunking System' feature when programming my radio?

    Hello all, I am looking to program my Kenwood NX-300-K radio. I have the KPG-111D programming software. My intentions are to use this radio to receive, not transmit, both analog AND NXDN channels. Does anyone know if I need to use the 'NXDN Trunking System' feature in the programming software...
  19. J

    Kenwood NX-5700 Mic Spec (Pin 6)

    Hello guys! I am looking for some details about the audio input of this device (Microphone pin). I was searching the datasheet and actually i have this: Impedance Input : 600 Ohm Allowable Frequency : 300 - 3000 Hz Audio Level : 5.0 mVrms...
  20. R

    Motorola DMR Interoperable with Kenwood DMR?

    Hopefully I placed this in the right forum. I have a Motorola xpr3500e that I am trying to make work with Kenwood TK-D340 U. I have read the Kenwood and have found that they are running dual slot direct mode on all channels. Even the repeated channels. The repeater is an XPR8400. Why they paired...