1. U

    Kenwood KMC-28 microphone question

    Real simple.. I have this microphone on a Tk-790, it is noise canceling... I would like it to no longer be noise canceling. I'm bad at wiring diagrams could someone point out what I need to change to make the noise canceling disappear. Thank you for your time. I appreciate all of you. Edit: If...
  2. J

    COM Port Issues With Kenwood KPG-111DN Software

    The ambulance company I work for is having me attempt to reprogram out Kenwood NX700 radios in a couple of our ambulances. The vender we use for radios sent me the KPG-111DN software along with the KPG-46X programming cable. I have the selector switch set to USB. I bring up the program and...
  3. KENWOOD TK-890 450-490mhz Mobile (GMRS/FRS) W/Programming Cable

    KENWOOD TK-890 450-490mhz Mobile (GMRS/FRS) W/Programming Cable

    I have up for sale a KENWOOD TK-890 450-490mhz Mobile. UHF Band Spilt Covers Public Safety, and GMRS/FRS. This is a great little unit that I used as a scanner for my 450-490mhz stuff. ALL Lights and Pixels fully operational. See Picture. This is a MIL-SPEC Unit and will take a beating. The...
  4. N

    Midland BR180 & Kenwood ProTalkXLS/PKT-23

    I'm replacing old/expensive walkies at work (Kenwood ProTalkXLS and Kenwood PKT-23) with Midland BR180. Both use the same set of frequencies, and codes and I feel like I'm so close to getting them to work together, but I've hit a wall. When I press the talk button on the Midland, the light...
  5. Kenwood TS-2000

    Kenwood TS-2000

    I am selling a Kenwood TS-2000 in proper working order, in like new condition. This Radio is an All Mode Multi-Band Transceiver. Will shop to 48 continental U.S States. Price includes Shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions. VENMO or PAYPAL ONLY
  6. K

    Motorola XTL to Kenwood TK Interconnect / Patching

    Does anyone have experience linking a Motorola XTL-series radio (J2 connector) to a Kenwood TK-series (25 pin) radio for crosspatching? Have a couple disparate radios I'm trying to patch together. The process has been fairly simple within the same brands, but been running into issues connecting...
  7. T

    P25/Kenwood-Viking Over the Air Alias

    I am looking into the possibility of over-the-air aliases being displayed instead of unit IDs across our Viking VP5000s and VM5000s (some NXDN Kenwoods as well). Currently, we have unit IDs and all mobile/command staff listed within subscribers. Which is more painful to change, hints why we...
  8. Fs/ft; Kenwood TKR750V1 vhf repeater

    Fs/ft; Kenwood TKR750V1 vhf repeater

    I have a narrow and wide band capable Kenwood tkr750 for sale. I can program and tune the front end to your frequency pair. This unit is a V1 and covers 146 to 174 MHz at 25 watts for 100% duty cycle and can go as low as 1 watt 100% duty for driving an outboard amplifier. I'm asking 599.00...
  9. AlbertaWildfire

    How do I get ahold of software for NX1700H-K?

    Hey all! Looking for a dealer to purchase the programming software for the Kenwood NX1700H-K. Have a few that needs programming. If someone can let me know who to get in touch or send me a PM, that’d be great!
  10. V

    TK-5710-K - 3.5MM

    I plan to use the TK-5710-K for streaming, but I'm seeking guidance on connecting a 3.5mm male cable to the radio. Based on my research, it appears that utilizing the 9 Pin ACC is the appropriate method. The connection process is as follows: Connect the Tip (left audio) to either ES1 or ES2...
  11. K

    Proper battery for a TK-2160 that’s appropriate for the KSC-30 charger

    What battery do I wanna use for my TK-2160 radios to work in my KSC-30 charger.? The KNB-57L batteries I’ve got from Amazon dont charge in there. Do I need a special charger for the 57L batteries
  12. SuperChicken80127

    TK-280 Can Receive, Not Transmit, Screen shows all LED Dots

    Hi All, Glad I found this forum. I volunteer with a S&R team and I purchased a Kenwood TK-280 specifically to use with this group. The radio was originally programmed by the person whom I bought it from. Since that person moved to another state and is now fully retired, I programmed the radio...
  13. SOLD  -   AOR ARD300 Multi-Digital  VOICE DECODER

    SOLD - AOR ARD300 Multi-Digital VOICE DECODER

    SOLD ARD300 ARD300 is a digital voice decoder to be connected to a radio receiver’s I.F output. This powerful device offers many great features as follows: Decodes popular amateur digital voice modes from Icom (D-Star), Alinco and Yaesu(*1). Decodes popular commercial digital voice...
  14. reddirtwest

    TK-863g Talk Around question

    Greetings! I have an 863g that's giving me fits. This radio has a "talk around" feature and it's applied itself to every Conventional channel I've set up. I have cleared the radio programming (unprogrammed), etc, to no avail. Kenwood, in their service manual references this as a programmable...
  15. F

    Tk-272G PTT proceeded tone

    I just got an older tk-272g and got it programmed but couldn’t find anywhere in the programming for a PTT proceed tone (like a fleetsync tone). I know this is an older radio but just wondering if there’s a way to make it tone or beep as soon as the PTT is pressed?
  16. daugherh

    Dual Deck Setup Options/Questions

    Motorola guy here thinking about switching over to KW. I've been eyeballing the NX5x00 line because of the ability to do dual deck single head install. The way it is now in my truck I have to remote mount units (one UHF and one VHF) so that I can utilize both bands at the same time monitoring...
  17. S

    Is there a housing difference between the Kenwood NX-5000 and the VP-5000.

    Is there a housing difference between the Kenwood NX-5000 and the VP-5000. I’m looking for the yellow housing kit for the VP-5000 but all I can find is the KWD-YH-5000 on the web and it says it is for the Kenwood NX-5200K2, NX-5300K2, NX-5000K5, NX-5400K2. The housing looks similar but I cannot...
  18. P

    Any Kenwood LMR dealers near me?

    I'm looking for Kenwood LMR dealers in southwest Michigan
  19. L3KDE

    Kenwood NX-5800-K UHF Radio - What does wide-band do?

    I've got an NX-5800-K. It's the version that is 450-520MHz. I bought the wide-band software but I don't want to activate it until I know what specifically I'm getting. With the wide-band software, can I use this radio on the ham bands?
  20. A

    Kenwood TK-790 Programming

    Hello. So I have acquired two used Kenwood TK-790 with the full feature head. I can receive on them both and transmit successfully on simplex. However I don't seem to be able to get into any of my local repeaters. I am unable to find any help files for the software to sort out what these mean...