1. O

    Base/Mobile Antenna Suggestions

    I am planning on purchasing two of the Kenwood TM-D710G Dual Band transceivers to use in my storm chase vehicle and at my house, and would like to hear any suggestions for base and mobile antennas that can transmit and receive the entire frequency spectrum the radios use. If possible, when you...
  2. F

    NX-5200 Programming

    Our department has received 6 NX-5200 radios on a grant, traditionally we have utilized Motorola's so I'm not too familiar with these radios. They continuously break squelch and all throughout the night our firefighters are woken up by the station identifier beeping away in Morse code. None of...
  3. G

    Kenwood: Echolink (sysop mode) & kenwood th-v71a - no audio to radio

    I have a Kenwood TM-V71A and I am trying to create a internet gateway using Echolink in Sysop mode. My problem is that although the system is connecting and disconnecting okay, I am hearing nothing either through the TM-V71A speaker(s) or through the hand-held's speaker that I am using to get...
  4. T

    Updated List Of BC Highway logging channels

    I recently had my Icom IC-5023H stolen from my truck which came programmed with all the channels needed in BC. Highway, logging, resource roads etc. I have a Kenwood TK--7180k with the programming software but the radio shops refuse to give me the list they use to program the radios they sell...
  5. E

    Kenwood NX-5800K

    Hey guys! Just had a quick question, my city I work in just switched over the radio systems to a P25 digital system. I found a used Kenwood NX-5800K that I was looking to buy. The seller told me that it is NXDN/Analog capable but I’d have to purchase a P25 upgrade option for it. Just out of...
  6. K2NEC

    Kenwood radio's Pros and cons

    I am completely new to Kenwood. Never owned one (or even used one) before. I was thinking about getting either a TK380 or a TK3180. Does anyone have any information to these radio's as well as pros and cons? Is there one radio I should get over the other? I would like to also have Fleetsync I...
  7. F

    SJ-180 software

    Does anyone know where I can get the sj-180 software to program Kenwood tk3180. I'm willing to pay but I can't find it anywhere
  8. B

    Kenwood TK-2312 random STUN

    I have a TK-2312 that randomly stuns and this radio is legit and was bought by my FD . My FD has several of these radios and for some reason this is the only one that has seen STUN on the display. Now i am able to read the pager on the software and write it back, and the radio will work but...
  9. N

    NX-800 and Setcom Headset Intercom

    I am trying to program the radio for use with a Setcom intercom system. The instructions they have are as follows. -Mic In: Pin 6, "MI2", default gain setting -PTT: assigned to pin 12. "AUXIO7" -COR (muting):Pin 20, "AUXIO5", ACTIVE LOW I can program the second 2 but can anyone help me with...
  10. S

    Kenwood NextEdge/Icom IDAS for Conventional Networked Systems?

    So I know that running conventional, the radios are compatible and that the trunking systems are not. However, what about the conventional networked systems like the Icom IDAS LinqRepeat and LinqRepeat+? Same for the Kenwood Conventional IP Network system and the Subscriber Voting feature on...
  11. matty909

    Kenwood TK-380 programming

    Hello i have a tk-380 k1 (450-490mhz) i need some help getting the radio to accept a few LTR trunked channels that are in 507-511mhz. I can write the information to the radio however when attempting to transmit the radio starts beeping as if BCL is on or the channel is only programed to rx with...
  12. G

    Kpt 20 programming

    I have a KPT-20 Programer, I dont have the cable for programing a tk-820. does anybody have the cable wiring diagrams so i can build one myself as they are not being made anymore. Or a picture of the cable. Not sure if it plugs into the mic jack or some connection inside the unit thanks
  13. E

    Ambulance Radio Options

    Hey all- An agency I work with is specing out a new ambulance and there were talks about buying new mobiles with it. We have an analog VHF simulcast system with two repeater sites. We use Kenwood TK-790's for primary communications, with the dual head kit. One head in the back, one in the cab...
  14. M

    Programming TK-361

    I have some Kenwood TK-361 radios I would like to program with different frequencies but not able to connect with the lead I have. It is for Kenwood radios but for models like the TH-F7 so I suspect it is wrong. I am using a laptop with windows 7 pro and using DOSbox 0.74 which opens the KPG34D...
  15. S

    Kenwood: Kenwood TM-D710GA Will Not Beacon Out

    Need some troubleshooting help here. I've had my TM-D710GA for 2 years. Last year I had the TNC replaced as it was throwing errors under warranty and everything has been fine since. Now the radio will not beacon out. Last beacon was 2 weeks ago as I've been troubleshooting for the past week...
  16. UnHumanReactions

    Kenwood Fleetsync End of Transmission Tone?

    My local fire department uses Kenwood radios with Fleetsync. The Fleetsync sound is transmitted at the beginning, but there is also another sound transmitted at the end. I've never heard this sound anywhere else except for my local fire department. I'm wondering what it is and what does it do...
  17. scott

    How to program dual band ham as Uniden BCD996P2 scanner

    I want the ability to use a ham radio primarily as a P25 scanner. Has anyone found a way with a dual band ham radio? I'm not limited to a certain brand. I'm just curious if it's possible. I recently came across this Kenwood TM-D710G and a similar ICOM P25 radio. Would I be able to program...
  18. wcoriston

    TK890H Will not allow read or write.

    Good afternoon all. I have a peculiar read/write issue and I'm flat out stumped. Our rescue engine has a Kenwood TK890H drawer with dual full function heads (One in the cab and one at the pump panel). No matter what I do I cannot successfully read or write to the radio. Every attempt gets about...
  19. E

    TK-890/TK-790 PL Issue

    Hey all- I'm currently running a dual-band TK-790/890 radio in my vehicle. I upgraded to this after using a single-band, remote-head 790 for over a year. To upgrade to both bands, I got the entire (dual-band, single head) setup used, and had my local Kenwood shop upgrade the firmware in both...
  20. S

    TK-2312 VHF

    Hi all! New to getting a radio for fire service. My Mo V pager is not up to getting great signal, and I need something future proof, as we may be responding to calls directly or need to communicate with dispatch. I have the radio, programming cable, and latest software. I have only limited...