1. N

    Dual remote heads

    is there a mobile radio that can support dual remote heads? i have the tk 7180 can that support a dual head or can it just support a single remote head?
  2. N

    Kenwood Tk7180 program issue

    when your listening to the radio in scan is there a way when you key up the mic it will revert back to your channel to talk on instead of just talking on the channel that already has traffic i have it set to scan with a 3 second talkback i just like to get it where i can key up the mic no matter...
  3. wireless_friendly

    Ham Friendly Kenwood LMR Dealer

    HI all! I am looking for ham friendly Kenwood LMR dealer in US. With ability to ship inside CA state or/and overseas. Ham Friendly means good pricing and ability to work with not a volume orders (but above $100). Please PM or e-mail me: wireless.friendly [at]
  4. SlipNutz15

    2006 Silverado Extended Cab Mobile Setup

    I recently purchased a 2006 Silverado Crew Cab and had to get my radios in it. With the help of my friend and a few hours, this is what I have. Radios/scanner: Kenwood TK880 mounted in the overhead cubby hole. This radio is used for my county's current EMS channels. You'll note the...
  5. J

    Kenwood TK3212 Voice scrambler

    Does anyone know if you can defeat the "Voice Scrambler" function on the newer Kenwood units (TK 3212). What I mean by "defeat" is that you can scan the transmissions with a scanner and hear the message?
  6. R

    Nexedge vs Mototrbo

    Was wondering if anyone has any field testing with both and how they compare to each other
  7. N

    Radio install

    Just purchased a kenwood tk-7180 mobile radio with remote mount head kit. i have a 2010 chevy silverado z-71 crew cab what would be the best installation of the radio? An should i use the remote head mount where should i hide the radio itself any ideas?
  8. N

    Kenwood TK-7160(H)

    Anyone know the model number for the remote mount control head kit for the Kenwood TK-7160? An maybe where to locate the kit on the internet?
  9. Z

    Kenwood TK-360 charging

    I am thinking about purchasing some Used Kenwood TK-360 radios. Can you use an AC adapter and hook it up through the accessory jack and charge it like some Motorola radios such as the Spirit series or are you required to use the KSC line of desktop chargers
  10. N

    vhf mobile radio

    Looking to purchase a VHF mobile radio for my personnel truck any ideas or suggestions on a good mobile radio? I would like to program more then 16 channels an have multiple scan banks? Any feed back would be helpful
  11. duchee

    duluth,mn Ham frequencies

    wheres the best place to find used ham frequencys and repeaters for my area?? i have found misc sites but there not the best and kinda suck. thanks!
  12. M

    Kenwood TK-3180

    Hello, for anybody that works with the Kenwood TK series radio`s i have one that im trying to figure out if its just a display problem or internal firmware update ... the screen use to display just a bunch of the icons that can be enabled (Scrambler, priority, msg, etc) now it just stays blank...
  13. K

    tk-290 problems

    I have a tk-290 that I am trying to progarm. I have some frequencies that work correctly and some that just have a beep that happens randomly when I select the frequency. When I put the radio on scan all get is this random beeping. I know it is not the battery. Any help would be appreciated...
  14. K8CPA

    My Kenwood TS-950SDX Nightmare

    I had a couple of minutes to kill here and I thought I would share with you my personal nightmare. It is my Kenwood TS-950SDX. I got it from a friend of mine's estate; his call was N8OPK. Not in the callbook anymore, He passed away at age 43. Died back in 1996. Massive heart attack, his aunt...
  15. RadioGuyUSA

    Programing Password

    4"]B]I have a TK3173 that I bought used but every time i read the radio it request a password in order to view the radio info, is there a way to go about bypassing the password??
  16. G

    TK-2207G/3207G Software version??

    Does anyone know what version of the programming software that the Kenwood TK-2207G/3207G uses and where i might be able to find it? I'm having a bit of trouble finding the version of software and a vendor. Thanks!! Garrett
  17. J

    Fleetsync PC-side Protocol Documentation?

    I'm on the hunt for the protocol for implementing the Fleetsync protocol from the PC side. We'd like to add a frequency-agile receiver using a TK-981 as a monitoring radio on a repeater system. The basic theory is that using some DTMF tones we can command the TK-981 to either a specific...
  18. F

    Kenwood tk-7150 molex pin out

    Hi, does anyone know the pin out diagram for the 6 pin molex connector on the back of the kenwood tk-7150. I'm trying to install the ignition sense cable but can't find which pin it should connect to. Thanks.
  19. OC05450R

    TK-8180 programming software and cable

    I was looking to be pointed in the direction of a programming cable and the software to do so. I just installed the Kenwood TK-8180 radio with remote setup in my vehicle. I have a buddy with the stuff but I was looking to purchase the necessary pieces to program myself, Any help would be...