live feed

  1. 32dave

    Appling for streamer

    I am trying to apply to become a streamer, But the system drop down doesn't list what I am going to stream how do I get around this as what I'm streaming doesn't apply
  2. G

    Cleveland Southwest Suburbs police and fire

    This Ohio feed was recently discontinued. Is there any way to find out what frequencies were being monitored and broadcast?
  3. B

    Union township clermont county ohio and osp

    Could someone please make a live feed for union township pd in clermont county ohio and for osp .thanks for any help.
  4. KD7DDC

    Discord for Interactive Streaming and Chat

    I have set up an Online Scanner Radio Chat server using Discord. The service, first intentioned for gamers provides voice and text chat. Over the past month, more "social" servers have been coming online. This week I set up a server to discuss online scanning and talk about live feeds. Over the...
  5. A

    homepatrol-1 metadata

    Does anyone know the steps for adding metadata to the livestream? the program I use is RadioFeed. (sending audio via Line out port), also maybe make this a sticky if there is an answer. just so other people with the same question don't ask again?
  6. K

    Dalton Live Audio Question

    Forgive me if this has been asked, but... I was attempting to monitor radio traffic about an auto accident in Dalton today when the feed was locked up by a ham radio user rag chewing for 5 or 10 minutes, thus making it impossible to hear anything about the accident. Has this concern been...
  7. U

    Perry/Muskingum County Live Feed

    Perry County, Ohio (OH) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on This feed is terrible today. I couldn't find a link on the Live Feed page to submit a problem, so I'm doing it here. Is there a way to contact the person responsible for a certain feed? The feed is skipping and...
  8. M

    Oswego County live feed

    Will the live feed for the Oswego County FD and police being coming back online? If so is there an ETA on having back. I miss it. Thanks Jim V
  9. D

    Pending audio feed?

    I put in for a feed about 4 days ago and was wondering how long it will take to have it accepted?
  10. fwfdengine2

    Raleigh FD Dispatch Feed?

    Could someone put up a feed of only the Raleigh Fire Locution Dispatch channel? Thanks fwfdengine2
  11. fwfdengine2

    Rochester Fire

    Hey, Does anyone think they could set up a scanner feed for Rochester Fire? In Olmstead County? Trunked or Conventional...460.625 is a Conventional frequency for them! Any reply is welcome! Thank you, fwfdengine2
  12. C

    Audio from feed sounds "computerized"

    I dont know how to explain the audio other than it sounds "computerized", which i dont think is actually a word. But hope you catch my drift. What would be causing this? I am using a PCI sound card, not the onboard audio for the audio input. Also, I am using the line-input, NOT the mic in. Here...
  13. Scandxer

    New Norwich Police feed including Plainfield,Waterford,Ledyard,Stonington,New London

    Howdy folks.. I just setup a new feed.. Norwich, CT New London County, Connecticut (CT) Live Police, Fire, and EMS Scanners on Norwich Police and Fire: (includes Police for Plainfield, Waterford, Ledyard, Stonington, New London, and Groton town) Feed Notes Norwich...
  14. A

    Any FDNY Manhattan or Bronx Feeds?

    I joined recently and have been listening to the "New York City Fire Department" live feed. It seems that the only borough that is being streamed is Brooklyn. Is there a different feed for the other boroughs? Thanks.
  15. socom

    Why can I not find a live feed for my city anywhere on the net at all!

    I'm trying to find a live feed for Cuyhoga Falls and or Monroe Falls. Any help would be great thanks. Socom.
  16. D

    New Morris County NJ Feed

    New Morris County Feed: *will have digital up and running soon
  17. D

    New Morris County NJ Live Feed Created

    New Morris County Feed: *will have digital up and running soon
  18. PhillyPhoto

    Philadelphia Fire Department Live Feed

    I just wanted to let everyone know of the new address for the Philadelphia Fire Department live streaming audio. It is We updated it to make it easier to remember, so be sure to update your bookmarks and tell a friend!
  19. K

    Please discuss...

    I'm working on the money to buy a few scanners. If you're interested in helping me decide what to buy, I'll eventually work on getting two. One to set up a live feed for Greenville County/Greenville PD or the highway patrol in the troop 3 posts C and/or D (if it's possible?), then a second to...