1. A

    New software: Rocket Broadcaster (Win, Free)

    Hi guys, I know some of you broadcast via Icecast and SHOUTcast servers, so I figured I'd drop a line here to let you all know about new internet radio broadcasting software I've just released: Rocket Broadcaster. Download it here! (free) In a nutshell, it's like Edcast, BUTT, or SAM...
  2. Deziel0495

    DMR live audio feeds

    Just curious if any new DMR live audio feeds popped up since the release of the DMR upgrade from Uniden and Whistler, or are people waiting for the bugs to be worked out. Anyone still prefer SDR over the DMR upgrade?
  3. M

    Website developer API for live audio streaming

    Hi there, 1. How should one get accepted to get a domain key for web development integration with live audio streaming ? I've applied but I didn't receive any answer. I desperately want to use this API. 2. What is the price for API keys ? Thanks, Safi
  4. S

    Lander County LIVE FEED now broadcasting 24/7

    I hope you all enjoy my LANDER COUNTY, AUSTIN, BATTLE MOUNTAIN, police, fire, EMS, and highway patrol live scanner online.
  5. T

    LIVE Watch San Jose State Spartans vs Bowling Green Falcons

    LIVE STREAM: Hello! USA College Football Fan's.. Why Miss Your Favorite MILITARY BOWL, LIVE San Jose State Spartans vs Bowling Green Falcons College football Team PLAY??? Watch today’s exciting College football MILITARY BOWL, Game on your PC/LAPTOP/Mobile/Tab/i phone in High Definition. This is...
  6. T

    Quick Question About Live Stream...?

    hello everyone. I'm new to RadioReference so please do not judge me or anything. I have a quick question regarding listening to live audio. Is there a limit on how long you can continuously stream a stream and if so how long is that limit before it cuts off?
  7. brizzle22

    Old Live Audio Archives

    I have a bit of a dilemma. One of my friends was shot and killed and I was wanting to listen to the police scanner on the date that it happened but it has been over 30 days. Is there any way to retrieve these archives? It is very hard for me to believe that they are "deleted" and I am hoping...
  8. C

    New Users * Mobile Phone Stuff

    F.N.G. (campbellts) here looking for help/support/info etc related to live feed scanning on mobile cell phones. Im using a zte android 3g. Seems the Adobe flash player is NOT supported on this make/model. Any workarounds out there? Im using a gordon edwards scanner/player that is working...
  9. I

    Auto Club 400 Live Stream TV Link

    Hello Fans, Watch NASCAR Auto Club 400 Live Stream Auto Club Speedway online in March 25, 2012 at 02:30PM ET. Just follow our streaming TV link. Enjoy Auto Club 400 Auto Club Speedway live stream Free NASCAR Game Online HD on your Pc. Ensure that you must be 100% satisfied in out service so...
  10. D


    We would like to restore our live scanner feed on our website. We originally had a Motorola DeskTrac that was being used, but has since moved on. Is there anyway way that the CDM1250 can be used to stream to our website? Any and all input is greatly appreciated!!
  11. NFR85

    Las Vegas Fire Feed

    Does anyone know where I can find Las Vegas Fire Feed only?
  12. shortbus91

    live audo

    how long it take too get approved to brodcast ur scanner
  13. N

    Columbus Police Live Audio

    I know there is a Zone 1-5 audio, a Zone 2 only, and a Zone 5 only. I'm trying to listen to Zone 1. Is it possible to get a feed without all 5 zones but that includes Zone 1?
  14. SShuster221

    LiveFireFeeds Updates

    ALL, I wanted to let everyone know were working very hard to add some new feeds to the ranks. I have a third feed coming online for AACO... Right now it is going to be BWI, unless someone in this thread can help us decide whatelse to throw on it. Fire Radio (iPhone) app was updated and now...
  15. R

    Problem with Mobile Live Audio

    ok soo i go to the website with my mobile phone and i click the listen icon and it pops up as unsupported content type. the phone i have is the metropcs samsung freeform. Suggestion: if ya'll dont have it set to support this fone can ya'll soo i can listen on the go. purdy plz
  16. Humancell

    Suggested Scanners for Live Audio Providers

    First off, it is great to see such a great site, and project, dedicated to feeds! What a great idea, and community. Now that I have found it, I want to add my local county and city feeds to the network. I'm really curious about suggestions on the "best" scanners to use to provide live feeds...
  17. 2

    Greene County

    Greene County TN listeners, I currently have a live feed @ Greeneville and Greene County Police, Fire, and EMS Live Scanner Audio Feed The scanner feeding it is a Bearcat BC350 run into a Dell desktop running Windows XP Media. Utilizing the personal bank, I have 20 channels. I was thinking...
  18. w2lie

    Live Feed: Listen to the Ball Drop - From Behind the scenes 2009/2010

    Due to last year's feedback, and that requests are already coming in for this year, I'm pleased to announce that a new tradition has been born. "Listen to the Ball Drop - From Behind the scenes" returns for another year, and will continue to do so each and every year! That's right -...
  19. S

    NEW Central Coast Live Scanner Stream

    Hey Guys/Gurls, Central Coast Online Scanner Stream is now ONLINE... Scanning the follwing Frequencies and Talkgroups:- NSW GRN(NSW RFS,SES,RTA,Railcorp,Hunter Water,Corrective Services & More) NSW RFS - Gosford and Wyong V.R.A (Volunteer Rescue Association) Central Coast Squad Local Shopping...
  20. w2lie

    Special Feed: NYC Marathon 2009

    This Sunday, November 1st, is the NYC Marathon!! will be streaming activity from NYPD, Media, and Amateur Radio on my "SPECIAL" Feed. A full list of frequencies will be posted later tonight, and the feeds will start EARLY on Sunday Morning. If anyone has any special requests for...