1. K

    Logging Software and Hardware Combination

    Hello All, I am trying to use a radio to scan certain frequencies and log the signal strengths at each frequency. I want to scan through these frequencies quickly and have a log that will tell me which frequencies are being used the most and which are being used the least. I currently have the...
  2. N

    SDS100/SDS200: Way to log site/freq signal strength, error rate?

    I have a favorites list I have set up for a certain long drive I make fairly regularly. I'm scanning a statewide trunked system with 10+ sites along my route. The sites and talk groups for each particular area on my route are controlled via GPS so I can minimize unnecessary scanning of sites...
  3. W

    ProScan: UID Logging

    I've searched on this, but only found one similar question here with no response: https://forums.radioreference.com/threads/uid-question-bcd996p2.329499/ Running an SDS200 and I have the Detail Display Mode turned on, so UID is always shown on the display but after several weeks ProScan hasn't...
  4. CopperWhopper67

    TRX-1, Wildcard Help & Logging Radio IDs

    What's the purpose of a Wildcard, and how do I use it effectively? The manual is kind of vague about it. In the EZ-Scan software there is a section under each trunked system labelled Radio IDs. What's the purpose for this and how do I log IDs into the system? Thanks for the help!
  5. Spitfire8520

    DTRS Table Mountain Site Verification Needed

    It turns out that Table Mountain (3-043) is no longer licensed for the database listed primary control channel and is likely using a new one. The old WPOY442 license was modified this past year to remove Table Mountain (and several other locations) from the license entirely and this included...
  6. teknishun

    Unitrunker not creating log files with PSR-800

    I have had Unitrunker about 3 years and I have never been able to make the logging function work. I am using a PSR-800 scanner with the USB connection to a desktop pc running Windows 7 Ultimate. I am using the current version of Unitrunker which is v I have checked the logging box on...
  7. M

    Identifying idle frequencies

    I am running ProScan software on a bcd996T. The logging tab shows me a running list of the frequencies that have hit at least one time. Is there a way adding to that list the frequences or TGID's that are not "hitting". Maybe I am too far away and am just wasting time scanning by them.
  8. K

    New Streaming, Logging and Recording Software

    Hello everyone, I have a new software package available to record and log streaming audio as well as input from a scanner or radio. Right now the software will decode and log MDC-1200 and GE-Star signaling, and will be expanded to log QuickCall-II, FleetSync and Motorola Tactical Public Safety...
  9. D

    Radio Recorder/Logger needed for Fire Department

    Hi, I am head of the IT division of our fire district and am working on putting together a system that will record our radio traffic 24/7 for post incident review. Ideally, I would like to monitor and record three channels: our main talkgroup (dispatch and routine incidents), our secondary...
  10. M

    New User BCD996Xt-----Question???

    I have just got the BCD996xt and the ARCXTPro Software... I am learning it daily. Its a great scanner but you have to be patient in learning it!! I have the Fire Tone Out set up to 0 on the A&B tones and it works Great! My question that I can't seem to find the answer too is: In the Virtual...
  11. K

    Stream Live Feed Data to Website

    I've been on RR for years now, mostly just listening with the occasional forum browsing. Love the site. Finally decided to be more active and provide some feeds and play around. I'm a web developer and love to tinker with anything electronic. I like to integrate and match things that aren't...
  12. K

    Software for master search/slave record receiver set up

    Good morning. I've been evaluating the Signals Intelligence software Commander IX and like some of the features but there are too many downfalls to it. I am looking for something that can run one or two master search receivers with multible slave record receivers to record what is active. SC IX...
  13. ProScan

    ProScan: Official Software Thread

    ProScan Version 1.7 Build 2 includes the RadioReference Imports feature, improved Scanner Over IP, and bug fixes. Supported scanners are the BCD996T, BC796D, BC785D, BC780XLT, BC296D, and the BC250D. I'm thriving to make this the best Computer Aided Scanning program and suggestions are very...