1. B

    Mac Compatible SDR Software for Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink

    Howdy all you much more experienced people with this realm than myself! I've recently been trying to scan local trunked frequencies using the SDR Trunk software on my M2 Macbook Pro with an RTL-SDR dongle. I love this software's ease of integration with Radio Reference, but I've been striking...
  2. R

    Uniden SDS Scanner Mac Software Research

    Hi All, I've worked on a simple Mac OS software that allows me to read in my favorites list, easily rename them, edit the departments/frequencies etc... from my SDS100. But it should work on the 200 too. I keep seeing that everyone on Mac is busy installing Windows Mirror and then installing...
  3. M

    Sentinel: Uniden SDS100 Sentinel Software - Mac M1 Chip and Windows 11 How to Install Sentinel

    I was unable to get Sentinel installed on my Mac. I have the M1 Chip. I installed Parallels Windows 11 for Mac M1 chipset and originally was unable to get the Sentinel software to install. I kept getting an error with Runtime. I contacted Parlelles support via chat and they were an excellent...
  4. H

    Motorola APX CPS, MacOS, M1/ARM and Virtual Machines

    In the past when I had an Intel based Mac I would run my CPS on Windows inside of a Virtual Machine (using VMWare Fusion). Now that I have an M1 based Mac (no longer x86 but ARM based CPU), I have been unable to use CPS inside of a virtual machine as the USB connection would not work under...
  5. kilocharlie8

    R8600 New IC-R8600 software, need some testers

    Hi All, My friends and I have been working on some software to control recent Icom transceivers. The software is called "wfview". We have noticed that the IC-R8600 seems to have a similar network (ethernet) protocol to the IC-9700, IC-7850, and IC-705, but to date we have yet to actually test...
  6. Salvatorejrc

    Sentinel Trouble

    Sentinel has been troublesome recently. I have been trying to program my sds100, and when I upload the lists I create to the unit, either nothing gets transfered over, or only a bit gets written. This doesn't just apply to new favorites lists either, but also settings, and list orders that I...
  7. K

    How to ground a Mac

    For some reason, when I have my MacMini connected via USB to a serial port on my Elecraft K3 transceiver, there is a ground voltage variance that is causing havoc with the transceiver and burning out the choke. I have been advised by Elecraft to effect star grounding scheme with the Mac and the...
  8. H

    Program Help

    Sorry if this is not the place or if already posted, I am new. I would like help programing my Radio Shack Pro-651 scanner. I have a Mac and notice the cables and programs people discuss are for Windows. Do they have a Mac version? Secondly if I need local (Indianapolis) help, does anyone know...
  9. N2AL

    Affordable Radio Packet Data Modem

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking a moment to read this thread, and for offering any assistance you may be able to lend. I am looking for an affordable radio packet data modem, but I do not know where to begin. I've found the PACTOR modems, but I am not willing or able to pay close to $1,500.00...
  10. D


    Several Colorado State Patrol Troopers were En-route to Summit County for an Operation and will be switching to "SNOW MAC" anyone know what this TG is or what it is used for?
  11. captmike

    BC250D and Butel software

    I would like to download software to further program my BC250D for my mac. The butel software is only for Win. Anyone have other than butel software for their mac?
  12. R

    Mac OSX Software

    I am thinking of purchasing a 396XT Uniden scanner and want to use programming software. Is there any decent software for a Mac available? I DO NOT use Windows loading software so it has to be specially for a Mac. Thanks
  13. C

    DSD works on Mac

    I'm running Parallels on my MacBook Pro with Windows 7 installed, I've been able to get DSD to run. I went into System Preferences>Sound>Input. Then turned down the internal microphone (built in) completely & turned up the Line In (audio line in port or microphone in) all the way. Went back...
  14. D

    Mac App?

    Hey there, Does anyone know if there is a Mac app for streaming on RR? I'm currently using a WinXP machine, and it will only go for a week max (usually a few days) before I have to reboot. I'll be freeing up an old MacBook and would rather use it instead because reboots will be few and very...
  15. P

    Mac Programming Software

    I have a Pro-106 Scanner and I was wondering if anyone knew of any software that was Mac compatible. Thanks in advance
  16. W

    Scanner Recommendations for Hattiesburg

    I'm looking to buy a scanner that can pick up Hattiesburg and Forrest county. I would then like to provide a feed on Radio Reference. Any recommendations? Also does anyone know if I can provide a feed through by Mac? Or does it have to be through a PC? Thanks
  17. P

    Returned to Scanning After 14 Years with a Pro-106

    Hi all!, I'll introduce myself- name's Derek and I'm coming back to the scanning hobby after a 14 year hiatus. I last scanned in the late 90's with a Pro-46, wow have things changed! Anyways, so I did some research and determined my area (Shreveport/Bossier City, LA) is mostly digital so I...
  18. M

    OddCast alt. for mac?

    I am using OddCast with parallels on my mac but I would like to use a program built for the mac. Does anyone know of such a program?
  19. Zaratsu

    Any scanner software for Apple OS?

    Probably a really dumb questions, but it may be a good suggestion to anyone making software out there. Is there any software to make a scanner work with an Apple OS? I've been using an Apple notebook for my personal PC for about 6 months now, and I can tell you for my needs (97% just web...
  20. B

    Programming Software for Macs

    Anyone know of any scanner programming software available for Macs? I have a MacBook that I use for travel and carrying around. Would like to program in stuff in areas I travel to and be able to program in a hotel room or somewhere. Yes, I do know I can get a Windows laptop and do it anywhere...