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  1. K

    OSHP Control Channels

    Hi, I live in Lake County and would like to listen the OSHP Turnpike TG's and Post 18. Should I enter the Lake County MARCS control channels? I see all the talk groups in the RR database, but unsure of what control channels to use. With the Lake County control channels, I am hearing Post ...
  2. M

    MARCS for Dummies like me.

    I live in the Youngstown area and have programmed MARCS into my BCD996xt. I programed frequencies from several towers. Campbell, Salem, East Palestine, Leavittsburgh. .. all of which I have logged at one time or another. My scanner is not mobile.It is based between the Campbell and Salem...
  3. Katmandu

    Can Pro-95 pick up Ohio MARCS ?

    I have a Pro-95. Can it be programmed to pickup OHIO MARCS ?? I specifically want to monitor the OSP. TIA