1. Engine79-7

    MDC-1200 to Broadcastify

    I utilize the standard Broadcastify software ScannerCast for my feed, and I also have been messing with WinMDCD. My question is, is there a way to broadcast MDC identifiers over Broadcastify? If so how?
  2. dennisondenatalie

    APX APX7000 Oddities and Issues

    I have some questions regarding a new purchase of a used APX7000 UHF R2/7-800 FPP. I purchased the radio to start learning the CPS for that particular radio, and plan on using it for mostly ham stuff, as well as listening to a few local fire departments. Thus far, I've done all the programming...
  3. nhfdcadet

    D1N ID List Generator

    I'm not sure if something like this exists already, I know there is one for motorola...but I was tired of typing and typing IDs from a spreadsheet into D1N, so I made a spreadsheet that I can paste the IDs into, and it formats them correctly to be pasted directly into the ID list. Please give it...
  4. F

    Unication G Series Receiving MDC

    So I know my Unication G3 can decode MDC, but it'll only show IDs if they're programmed into the pager with aliases. Is it possible to show the ID itself without having to program it in? Just like a Motorola does. For example, say a radio transmits the ID 0311. That's the ID I want on my screen...
  5. FoxMcCloud

    MODAT, and MDC-600

    Does anyone know what Motorola radios come with the MODAT signaling? I know the ASTRO Saber is one one of them. But are there more. Google didn't have any answers for me. What Motorola radios come with MDC-600? I know of none.
  6. D

    Spillman CAD Sounds

    Does anyone have the Spillman CAD sounds? I am looking for all the ones they have... I've seen previous posts about them but they are closed and over a year old. Thank you for considering my request.
  7. FoxMcCloud

    MDC Tool

    I'm new to MDC and Motorola. I have a few HT1250's and a GMRS license. There's a video on youtube describing the MDC Stun feature . What program is this? Where can I get it? What will I need for it? Are there any easy and cheap alternatives? Sorry for asking all these questions but Google did...
  8. T

    Zetron MDC question

    Our Town is almost done with the new police station/communications building project. They are in the radio programming/testing phase, they have installed a new zetron system. The company they hired to program the system has told the Fire Chief that the new system wont display radio identifiers...
  9. Danny37

    MTS2000 MDC problem

    I recently got an MTS2000 model 1 radio. I programmed some frequencies for MDC and it mutes it just fine but it sometimes doesn't display ID's on the screen. I thought it could just be a repeater problem etc but when I put it side by side with my xts5000, I noticed the xts would display ID's all...
  10. CopperWhopper67

    Good MDC Decoder Software?

    Does anyone know of a good MDC1200 decoder that I could used with either SDR# or on its own? I can't seem to find one. There seems to have been a mobile app for it, but any DL links have since disappeared or rotted away.
  11. AK4FD

    HT-1250LS question

    Good day all, A few days ago I purchased an HT-1250LS UHF handheld, was excited to get it, hooked it up to CPS & much to my dismay discovered that it doesn't do MDC-1200 (which I rely on heavily for Radio ID's and repeater functions & such...), it will do MDC-1200 in LTR Trunking mode but not...
  12. zacsharpe

    XTS MDC Decoding

    Does an XTS model radio require "Enhanced Digital ID Display" to decode and display MDC on the screen on an Analog Conventional channel? Thanks in advance, Zac
  13. Q

    [HT1250] Any way to increase max no. of signaling systems?

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but a cursory search didn't turn anything up. Looks like the maximum number of systems per signaling type is four on the HT1250's. As the title states, wondering if there's any way to increase this limit? Particularly interested in adding several...
  14. SlipNutz15

    APX decoding MDC1200

    Ok, I'm not new to radios but am still learning the APX CPS. I had a CDM1550 that would decode MDC1200's and would show an Alias on the display if properly decoded; do the APX series do this, too? If so, where in the CPS is it?
  15. P

    MDC on APX7/7500

    Howdy folks. Another long time lurker, and first time poster -- a good sign if every one of my questions can be answered without needing to create threads! I have a rack of commercial equipment as the in-house nerd for my company, and am trying to integrate two radios into our simple MDC...
  16. F

    Multiple MDC codes in one radio

    Hello, I have an issue when programming my radios for the departments I am with, So I have a HT1250 UHF radio and I have programmed 2 zones in it, one for my volunteer dept. and one for my job. I have 2 different unit numbers and I am trying to program the radio to where depending on what zone...
  17. DylanMadigan

    Can I get MDC1200 installed on my Baofengs somehow?

    I have 35 Baofeng BF-888s Radios I wish to have an MDC1200 preamble on. I found one guy who said he can install a chip that he can program for me, but he was very shady, I don't trust him lol. Basically what I want is it to give off an ID and have that second of tone that keeps you from...
  18. P

    MDC1200 EOT burst muting

    Well I'm sure this isn't a new thing but hopefully there is something to do about it now or soon...Our county swears by EOT MDC Id's and I'm one of the few that has BOT. I've figured out how to mute out the data burst from the few people with the BOT ID but is there any way yet to quiet the...
  19. F

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC

    2015 Dodge chassis Braun ambulance MDC HELP PLEASE Hopefully this is the right place to put this... My department recently took delivery of a 2015 Dodge pickup chassis Braun ambulance, which came with a RAM mount for our MDC (Mobile Data Computer). After having it installed by a local up...
  20. D

    Motorola HT1250 signaling question

    Hi to all of you! I have 2x HT1250 radios and despite all the efforts I cannot program them to: 1. call eachother when I pres a call-designated button (so not at the beginning or the end of PTT, it is anoying to do that all the time) 2. have an ID listed on the screen when the call is received...