1. Yaesu OEM-Style Hand MIC/Speaker (Pryme SPM-602)

    Yaesu OEM-Style Hand MIC/Speaker (Pryme SPM-602)

    I'm selling an OEM-style Hand Mic/Speaker that works with Yaesu/Vertex HT's that have a 1-pin mic jack. It's made by Pryme - Synergy Series - Model #SPM-602. I bought it from HRO for my FT-60R and used it once at Hamcation while walking around. It has a covered 3.5mm jack on the bottom right...
  2. F

    Tytera TYT TH-9800 Keeps Killing Microphones

    Hey all, I've been having a serious problem with my TYT mobile I can't seem to track down. For whatever reason it seems like the microphones keep burning out. All functions on the radio function normally, keypad on the microphone and all side buttons work, backlighting works, I can transmit and...
  3. rvacs

    Beartracker 885 - have to plug in Mic or bad audio?

    So got a used Beartracker 885 - updated the sd card. Got it wired in via cigarette plug for now. Hooked up GPS antenna and a BNC telescopic. Heard transmissions on scanner but were very faint and garbled like speaker was blown. Couldn't figure it out - then plugged in the Mic and all started...
  4. J

    desktop mic for Iphone 7 and up for echolink, etc?

    Greetings, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a desktop- style microphone that will connect to an iphone 7 and after, (no 3.5mm jack), preferably wired, that i can use with the echolink app. My apple earpods don't sound that great in the echotest, and i'd prefer the feel of a real...
  5. J

    Kenwood NX-5700 Mic Spec (Pin 6)

    Hello guys! I am looking for some details about the audio input of this device (Microphone pin). I was searching the datasheet and actually i have this: Impedance Input : 600 Ohm Allowable Frequency : 300 - 3000 Hz Audio Level : 5.0 mVrms...
  6. A

    Turner Plus Three CB Mic

    Hello, I have a Turner Plus 3 that has been converted from 8 pin to 4pin. It keys up just fine but no audio comes over. I have tested it on a Ranger RCI-6900F . I then tried it on a Realistic TRC-432. Same result. On the realistic I am using a 4 pin to 5 pin converter cable , however that cable...
  7. A

    Hytera MD782 10-pin Microphone Connector

    I am looking for the part number of the 10-pin Hytera Microphone Jack if it is available from any connector manufacturer.
  8. H

    CB Radio Home Base

    Hello, I'm new to CB Radio, as well as this forum. I am looking for a CB Radio for a home setup. I'm looking for one with a high output, so I can achieve a good distance signal. I would like it to be below $200 if possible, and I also am looking for a powerful antenna, that I could mount on...
  9. A

    Uniden Mic differences

    Does anyone know what the difference is between similarly-numbered models BMKG0645001 and the BC645? Looking on Uniden's site, they look the same, but the BMKG0645001 ($19.99) is listed for use with PRO505Xl & PRO538W radios, while the BC645 ($24.99) is "Compatible with PRO500 Series CB Radios"...
  10. K

    Uniden 980 microphone issues.

    Has anyone else here had their Uniden 980 stop receiving audio from the stock mic? The radio doesn't even respond to the ptt.
  11. K

    CS700 mic options

    Hello all, I'm looking for recommendations on an external speaker/mic for my new CS700. I've read a lot of good & bad on the subject but no one seems to recommend a model or part number. I don't mind if I have to do some surgery to remove or change a resistor or whatever. My CS700 arrived about...
  12. C

    Kenwood TK5310 Microphone

    Hello all, I have a general question about my Kenwood TK5310 portable radio i have. I have been doing some research on the internet and see that Kenwood makes a Microphone that has the Antenna built on the speaker. The models they have listed are KMC-26 and KMC-49(with RF adapter). Is anyone...
  13. ladn

    Alinco EMS-12 Cable

    My Alinco EMS-12 mic is still in great condition, however the cable has a bad case of rubber rot. I think it's pretty dumb to have to buy a new mic, just because of a bad cable, but Alinco/GRE no longer stocks the cable and even the Chinese don't seem to make one. I'd be happy replacing it with...
  14. M

    mts2000 mic muted on repeaters

    New to the forum, seems there are people here who know what they're about. Here's a conundrum! I have an MTS2000 model H01RDD9PW1BN: flash code 001008-000000-0 (I've attached a .CPG file renamed as .Doc...... so rename back to .CPG (it might work)) ! I have re-programmed mode A with the 8...
  15. wm8s

    Motorola Microphone to Kenwood Radio adapter?

    Is there such a beast? I have a box of nice Motorola desk mics, and I'd like to use two of them on my Kenwood TM-D710As. If I weren't lazy, I could make an adapter (if the mics are compatible with the radios; I've haven't investigated that). But I'd much rather buy something nice that someone...
  16. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Scanning Wireless Microphone & Intercom Frequencies

    Hello all. I have a part time job doing general sound/lighting/maintenance work in a theater. One day over the weekend, out of boredom, I decided to program the wireless mic and intercom frequencies into my PSR-800 via the EZ Scan software. When entering in any of the 12+ frequencies I have, I...
  17. mrfixit49

    Help needed identifying a vintage Remote Microphone

    Hi all, I need your assistance. I am going through some old boxes and came across this Motorola Remote Microphone. I searched all over google images and ebay and cannot find an all chrome one like this or one similar anywhere. My late father-in-law was a motorocycle officer and I am suspecting...
  18. kjvonly1611

    1/4" female to 2 pin male mic adapter exist?

    I've bought my first HF rig... a HeathKit SB-101 and am gathering the necessary hardware to get it on the air. It comes with the microphone plug attached to a clipped wire. I already have a high quality microphone with the standard 3 pin to 1/4" male cord. Does said adapter exist and if so where...
  19. n9mxq

    Sneaking past the handsfreee laws?

    CB style microphone for your iPhone... ThinkGeek :: CB Radio iPhone Handset This should spur some interesting discussion...
  20. S

    XPR6550 - remote speaker microphone

    I've tried the PMMN4025 and PMMN4050 remote speaker microphones. When transmitting, the individuals listening state that I am clear and understandable. However, some individuals are annoyed and stated that it sounds like my voice is muffled a bit and/or sounds like I'm in a tunnel. Anyone...