1. N

    Midland BR180 & Kenwood ProTalkXLS/PKT-23

    I'm replacing old/expensive walkies at work (Kenwood ProTalkXLS and Kenwood PKT-23) with Midland BR180. Both use the same set of frequencies, and codes and I feel like I'm so close to getting them to work together, but I've hit a wall. When I press the talk button on the Midland, the light...
  2. D

    Midland MTX 500 Programming Issue

    I am trying to program my MTX500 and get the following error... Not sure how to fix it... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Model Type is Wrong. Overwrite? PC is MTX5A1 Radio is MTX500 Thanks, Russell
  3. L

    Midland STP105 problem

    I recently bought a pair of Midland STP105 hand held radios and I have been having a problem transmitting on them. I am trying to set up a talk channel between then but when I would program a transmit frequency I would pick it up on that frequency and then on a different frequency. For example I...
  4. tcarro15

    Midland/Odessa Monitoring Questions

    I have just accepted a position as a TV News Assignment Editor & Executive Producer role at a TV Station in the Midland/Odessa area and am hoping someone down in that area can give me a basic 'lay of the land' as to what is encrypted, what is not, what is still analog, what is P25 P1/2, etc. I...
  5. P

    For MURS/GMRS: what type of radio would work best for the job?

    What radio would be very useful and have great transmit and receive for either band; an LMR (type) radio or something cheap like a Wouxun or Midland? ofc both are on the same power levels (2w for MURS, and 5 to 50 watts for GMRS)
  6. C

    Mxt 275 repeater issue

    I have a midland mxt 275 I am having issues with. I am trying to get it on our local 675 repeater with a 156.7 tone. I turned on the repeater function. Repeater channels appear. I go to repeater channel 20. Rt is set to 25 Ct is set to 25. I transmit and it goes through. When someone tries to...
  7. M

    Midland MTX275 mic has to be extremely close to my mouth to TX audio to other handhelds

    Newbie to the Micromobile world, but have radio background being a military avionics tech and pilot, as well as, using handhelds for over 20 years. This might be long, so buckle up, because I have tried Googling every key word and have found nothing close to my issue. For this scenario, I...
  8. B

    Midland antenna issue

    Hello, I have a MXT275 radio and the Midland magnetic antenna mount in the center of the truck cab and an MXTA25 3db antenna and it was all working fine but I decided to reroute the cable and purchased an extension cable but when I fully plug in the cable to the radio I get nothing, when I pull...
  9. City News Support Mobile Radio Scanners 2022

    City News Support Mobile Radio Scanners 2022

    Three Uniden Scanners in custom mount 2 BCD 996P2 1 BCT 15X (Note the 3 switches control the midland external speakers for quick cut when the phone rings!
  10. D

    Midland MRP software issue

    New user here, looking for some help with Midland programming software. I just installed the Midland programming package and have had no trouble with MRFP (firmware) or MRA (adjustments). However, I'm banging my head on a brick wall trying to get MRP P25 to cooperate with the dozens of...
  11. R

    Permian Basin Regional Interoperability Network

    I decided to start this thread due to lots of inquiries about this system. After about 24 hours of logging and monitoring the control channel for the Ector County Sites, there are missing frequencies in the sites, some are not even on the FCC license list, and there are additional talk groups...
  12. R

    Midland County Texas Sheriff

    They seemed to have gone quiet. Have not heard anything on their Primary. Am not noticing anything on the Permian Basin linked system. Anyone know if they just encrypted or migrated over to the Permian Basin Linked System as of yet. Thanks in advance.
  13. L

    Ontario - Southern Georgian Bay Public Safety

    Hi, I've been listening to the Southern Georgian Bay Public Safety stream for several months, and I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the people who keep it going. A few days ago, the stream was down for the afternoon. Thankfully it returned, but the channel no longer streams the OPP...
  14. A

    midland landmobile commercial radio

    A friend of mine just currently got a job with the local animal shelter as the dog warden and the 911 center wants you to talk to them on 39.90 mhz. He has a midland landmobile model 70-0375B commercial radio that will work but when attempting to transmit, it will for about a second and then...
  15. KJ4TDM

    Questions about some old radios?

    I have come accross a few radio that I dont know much about or cant find much about them online. They are as follows: GE Phonenix-SX GE Phonenix-SX w/ Scan Yaesu FTL-7002 (UHF) Midland Model #:70-1340B Any info on these would be nice. I dont know what there programed to. Are they juck or...
  16. T

    Midland County (Dumb Question)

    So I programmed Midland County into my Uniden BCD396T. For some reason I am not hearing traffic (I know there is traffic). Any tips? This system is not trunked is it? Can someone give me a basic compare and contrast of the following terms. P25 Digital Trunked Digital
  17. B

    Midland STP-105B Syntech III P25 Portable

    Have been doing some research on the radio and coming up blank as far as user comments or feedback is concerned. Anybody use them and if so what are your thoughts, and how does it compare to some of the other P25 portables on the market. I really like the channels, user functions and other...
  18. G

    Newbie wants to know?

    Hi i'm completely new to the whole GMRS thing and wanted some info. I just applies and paid for my GMRS license on the FCC website (very easy). Now what do i do, there is a lot of chatter on a lot of channels and i'm not trying to hog anybody's airspace or stumble on any police frequencies. I...