motorola xts5000

  1. qc

    XTS 5000 Programing Services on Ebay

    Hi, wanted to ask if anyone has used patriot_digital Motorola Programming service? MOTOROLA PROGRAMMING XTS 3000, 2500, 5000 TRUNKING AND CONV PROGRAMMIN | eBay I was thinking of buying one of the XT5000 he listed XTS 5000 700 / 800Mhz FREE TRUNK PROGRAMMING ALL ACC | eBay there is...
  2. K

    XTS5000 III XTVA portable base linear amp problem

    I have an XTS5000 type III and an XTVA portable base with 50 watt linear. In theory I should just put the radio in and it will boost the 5 watt radio signal. But it doesn’t work. It’s a brand-new, old stock XTVA that was completely unused (kept in reserve) so there’s nothing wrong with it. But...
  3. Danny37

    Proud Owner of a Motorola XTS5000

    I recently picked up a XTS5000 Model 3 UHF Split 450-512 Radio on eBay in a bidding war. The lister who listed it didn't tag the sale as most people would with the model number and split, he just put xts5000 in the listing. To my advantage there was only 2 biders including myself, I won the bid...
  4. D

    XTS 5000

    So I have a lot to learn about the 2-way world but I have an XTS 500 and I am needing to have it programed. Looking for someone local that might be able to program this radio. NOT LOOKING FOR SOFTWARE!!!!
  5. S

    Astro25 voice announcement not auto

    Is there a way to setup the radio to only play the voice announcement if I press a dedicated button? question #2 Is there also a way to remove the BEEP sound after the announcement plays?
  6. B

    XTS5000 DPL Squelch Crash

    My XTS5000 has a squelch crash about 50% of the time on channels with DPL, no issues with PL. Unmute/mute is set to And/Or. My XTS3000, JT1000, and HT1000 do not have any issues with DPL at all on these same channels, they always mute at the end of transmissions and create no squelch crash. Is...