1. M

    NOAA Weather Patch to Mototrbo System

    Working off a XPR8300 and a mix of digital and analog channels is there a reliable way to have a NOAA weather radio transmit (possibly a VOX feature) on the primary channel for when there is a weather alert for the county the system is in? Has anyone tried this type of setup before? Thanks mwuc14
  2. N

    Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum MOTOTRBO?

    I was watching a youtube video earlier and heard the unmistakable sounds of a MOTOTRBO radio being keyed up in the background. Can anyone confirm? Frequency is a 160.425 with a license showing of KNCS622
  3. K

    Unknown /\/\ Voice Type

    First post on the forums after learning most of what I know about scanners and radio systems through the site in the last 6 months or so. Had the 996p2 going on close call in the truck the other day on campus and picked up some sort of digital voice that it couldn't decode from a repeater about...
  4. H

    Havasu Police & Fire Equipment Changeover

    In a City Council Meeting dated 9/22/2015, approval was given to Police Chief Dan Doyle by City Council to purchase new radio equipment. In the meeting notes, it is detailed that the following equipment is to be purchased: • 800MHZ P25 Trunked Radio and MCC 7500 Dispatch System • MotoTRBO...
  5. M

    Mototrbo USB connection issue from PC to Radio

    I am using libusb to send raw data over USB from my PC to Radio . USing vid: pid = 0cad:1022 Interface =1 , End Point Address = 0x81 for IN / 0x01 for OUT I am getting input output error while calling libusb_bulk_transfer ( Error Code -1 ) Any suggestions ? Do i need to do some additional...
  6. beaker7

    Advice when purchasing a MotoTRBO?

    Hey guys hope y'all are having a good Christmas Eve/Christmas day, Although I love the XTS/APX series of radios P25 is not to widely adopted at least in my area and the radios are super expensive. So I want to look into getting into DMR (MotoTRBO) and thought I'd ask to see if anyone had any...
  7. beaker7

    Can I use a Motorola XTS5000 for DMR?

    Hey quick question, can I use a Motorola XTS5000 for DMR or would I have to use something like a TYT or a MotoTRBO?
  8. millrad - DMR and Brandmeister

    The Squelch Tale - Radio for Hams and Hobbyists
  9. dunnmac

    XPR6550 Programming Questions

    I just programmed an XPR6550 UHF1 using the latest version of CPS (13). The software would not allow for the programming of 25 kHz analog. I've read that I can get an EID from Motorola to allow this, but that info was from 2012. Is this still the case? Also, I set scan groups and a scan...
  10. mcjones2013

    Arden Fair Mall - MotoTRBO System

    Here is what I have found, mapped, and submitted to the RR database: Also, doesn't appear they're properly licensed for MotoTRBO, but I may be incorrect in that. Arden Fair Mall - MotoTRBO Capacity Plus One Site System Don't know the callsign, WPZY379 is licensed to Arden Fair Mall and...
  11. S

    Highland Park PD MotoTRBO DMR

    Anyone know the color codes, timeslot, talkgroup info fror Highland Park PD/FD dispatch on 453.150 and 453.600? It would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  12. 5

    DMR CPS frequencies to LCN

    My agency uses a Capacity Plus system with several frequencies and about 20 channels. I have the CPS and have read the radio and I'd like to submit the information to the database. How can I determine which LCN each frequency is by looking at the CPS? I can see all the information programmed in...
  13. XLC_Comm442

    XPR6580 IS Battery Question

    Can anybody confirm if a normal 6550 battery will work on a CSA 6580 IS? I've heard that it requires a special battery only available in Canada. Thank you.
  14. H

    MOTOTRBO TTS Voice Clarity

    Hi all, In your opinion, which TTS Voice is the clearest? Thanks, Greg
  15. SamAltenberger

    DSD+ and MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

    Greetings all, My university uses an unencrypted MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus radio system that I am trying to monitor/scan using a spare Windows 7 computer with a RTL-SDR unit, SDR#, and DSD+. As far as I can tell, my university's radio system has four frequencies across two channels (Channel 1: Rx...
  16. A

    CDM 1250 with Riface using HVN9025 Software

    Hello, I am trying to program a CDM 1250 mounted in a Riedel Riface using the HVN9025. This unit will be using frequencies legally given to me for use on a major TV broadcast. The Riface is fairly secondary to me at this point as i need to program the 1250 and the Riface is working as it...
  17. saboken

    BCD996P2 Scanning NXDN W/SDR Discriminator output???

    I just purchased 2 SDR radios and found I need to have a Discriminator output as to not filter the audio going to one of the SDR radios, I Have a BCD996P2 but cant find any info on where to tap into it to bypass the filter for said output? I found all the info I need to decode NXDN/MotoTRBO Etc...
  18. plaws

    DMR Key for BCDx36HP

    If you hadn't seen this: DigitalMobileRadioUpgrade < UnidenMan4 < TWiki Paul updated the page today and you can now order the key, which I did. You can't actually get the firmware quite yet, but you can spend $50 and get the key. :-) Can't wait! :D
  19. J

    Motorola MOTOTRBO SL300 vs. Hytera PD 365

    I was debating on which radio system to go with. Both are relatively the save price. Just kidding. The Motorola is always more expensive. Anyways, I just want an opinion on what I should get. I will be using these for all types of vacations, travel, and camping/hiking. So I am leaning towards...
  20. romanr

    MotoTRBO System ID

    A recent thread on Public Safety Pool ID requirements led me to read the Title 47 CFR part 90.425 rules on Station ID. This aroused my curiosity regarding how MotoTRBO (DMR) systems meet these rules (non Public Service Pool Systems). As I read the rules, a DMR system must ID every 15 minutes...