1. K

    XPR 7550 - Quik-Call II Programming

    I apologize in advance if this had been discussed already, but I have been unsuccessful in finding anything with my searches. Moving on: I have an XPR 7550. I've been trying to set it up to alert with QCII tones: I have the correct tone pairs listed under the "Signaling Systems" I have the...
  2. W

    Introducing "USA 1776" DMR Talk Group

    MITCOM™ is pleased to Introduce USA 1776 The “USA 1776″ (English preferred) Talk Group will be distributed worldwide to DMR networks upon request. The spirit of "1776" is to continue the Amateur Radio tradition of international friendship and to push the boundaries of technology in the new...
  3. BamaScan

    Hale County MotoTrbo

    Picked up tonight 151.2875 a MotoTrbo Signal and looked it up in the FCC Database and it may be Hale County. It is not here on Radio Reference Database. Can anyone confirm that Hale County is using 151.2875 ? ?
  4. L

    Can you scan a capacity plus channel while using a simplex channel?

    I have a separate simplex frequency from my capacity plus repeater pair frequencies and was wondering how can I scan a capacity plus set of talk groups from a simplex channel? I can scan the simplex channel while on the capacity plus channel but not vice versa because it's not showing up on my...
  5. D

    Toledo Refining

    I'm looking for detailed information on the DMR radio system used at Toledo Refining. Does anyone have detailed knowledge of this system? I know they use color code 1 and I know they've used group codes 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, and 27 and maybe more. It seems...
  6. RRR

    EID recovery

    I have a subscription to MotoTrbo CPS, and received the 25khz entitlement key (HKVN4046A) several months ago. I just downloaded CPS to my new laptop, and need the EID so I can continue to use 25khz frequencies. How do I recover my EID from my MOL account? Thank you
  7. R

    DGR 6175

    We recently upgraded our repeater to MOTOTRBo DGR 6175, but it is a single user config and can't make it multi user as was our old one. Looking for a tone panel that would be able to work with this model to make it a community repeater.
  8. C

    MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect Design?

    Hello all, I am in my 3rd week at a Motorola radio shop. I’ve been out of the Two-Way radio scene for over 10 years. My how things have changed!!! MOTOTRBO seems to be the big hitter now. IP site connect options are very interesting. We have many customers that use this. I’m having issues...
  9. P

    MotoTrbo mobile shack.

    Picture of a VHF and UHF Motorola MotoTrbo stack. This is a mobile setup and is stacked near the transmission hump. A dual band antenna and connector box is used with these. Anybody else use MotoTrbo in the Pacific Northwest?
  10. P

    MotoTrbo Capabilities

    Hi, im new with MotoTrbo. I need to build a system, but i don't know if it will be posible to do. I need to receive signal from different channels in the same band as the MotoTrbo, and i need to get to know the RSSI value of the signals MotoTrbo is capturing. Is that posible ? Then i need to...
  11. daugherh

    XiR vs. XPR MotoTRBO?

    Hi all, Just a quick question as I can't really find a definitive answer. What is the major difference(s) between Moto's XiR and XPR series (as well as any others I'm not aware of) of TRBO radios? Thanks in advance.
  12. mkewman

    Apple (yes that apple) Building Bi-State MotoTrbo System

    Well, it looks like the boys and girls at 1 Infinite Loop have licensed several frequencies in Sacramento, CA, Santa Clara, CA, Alameda, CA and Travis, TX. Yes, you read that correctly, Not Travis AFB, CA... Travis, TX. According to their recent Licensing activity, in December 2012 they were...
  13. T

    C200 Tone Remote Handset Alternative

    We have several of these GAI-tronics handsets and they are starting to fail regularly. Is there an alternative product to using these or having them repaired? It is cheaper at this point to just buy handheld radios to replace them. We are running MotoTRBO and using the XPR 6550 for outside work...
  14. C

    ClearTalk MOTOTRBO Connect Plus TRS

    I'm hearing a new Connect Plus 800 MHz system in Normal and Congerville. These are on frequencies licensed to Illinois Cooperative dba Clear Talk. There is always a constant control channel and then other TRBO voice channels that occasionally transmit. Initially, I put these control channels...
  15. B

    DSD / DMR Decode Assistance Request

    I'm working with DSD and DMR Decoder and seem to be having an issue determining if the MotoTRBO frequency I'm monitoring is using encryption or not. Based on the information I've read here I seem to be missing a vital bit of information from DMR Decoder regarding the Service Type and I have...
  16. T

    MotoTrbo in/near Orange County

    Hello, I think I discovered a MotoTrbo system in/near Orange County. I am listening to them using DSD (digital speech decoder) on Ubuntu 12.04 and am getting the audio to work using AlsaOSS package. The radio I am using is a Icom ID-880H and I rigged up the discriminator tap using the ground...
  17. B

    Baldwin County now streaming.

    Baldwin County Fire Rescue is now Streaming our Dispatch Talkgroup from our Trunked MotoTRBO system in order to provide the public a means to montior thier local fire department. We also provide call info over Twitter (@BaldwinCoFire) and Facebook (Baldwin County Fire Rescue - Local Business -...
  18. Stavro35

    MOTOTRBO is a Motorola digital radio

    Is it just a matter of time before there is a scanner capable of monitoring MOTOTRBO Motorola digital radio ? I recall when a lot of agencies were on UHF and then in a year or so were suddenly on 800mhz trunked systems. And there were no scanners on the market to monitor those type systems...
  19. radioscan

    Pataskala Police going digital

    Perhaps even MotoTRBO. New license issued for emissions 7K60FXD and 7K60FXE as follows: PW WQON728 PATASKALA POLICE [WE ARE A GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY PROVIDING POLICE PROTECTION.] Control Point 1 - 430 SOUTH MAIN ST, PATASKALA OH 740-927-5011 (link) 11/30/2011 License Issued 1 - 11409 BROAD ST...
  20. RyanRox099

    Busch Gardens Mototrbo

    Any one else see that Busch Gardens Tampa are using Mototrbo for the park admin staff. The 900mhz system is being used for everything else. I think the system is on UHF. On 467.85, 462.1125, and/or 461.7125. What do you guys think?