1. F

    BCD536HP: mototrbo

    Does the BCD536HP can decode mototrbo? Thanks Francois
  2. K

    XPR7550 Programming Question

    I have been programming MotoTRBO for at least three years now and and just been handed some XPR7550's to program for a local Volunteer Fire Department. I have just about figured out all the programming with the exception of Repeater/Talkaround feature. I can't seem to get it to work. I have...
  3. SamAltenberger

    Decoding MotoTrbo/DMR using DSD + Discriminator Tap

    Hello! My school uses a MotoTrbo VHF Digital Trunked radio system that I would like to monitor. By looking at one of the Motorola XPR 4550 (VHF) base station radios in use at my school, I saw the "Unsecure" logo (see below), which I believe means that encryption is not being used and is...
  4. SamAltenberger

    Motorola XPR 4550 desktop microphone button?

    Hello! I work in the security department at a university campus. We use a MotoTrbo digital VHS trunked radio system for communication with our field officers. Officers in the field use Motorola XPR 6350 radios and I use a Motorola XPR 4550 base-station radio with a Motorola RMN5050 Desktop...
  5. Z

    Motorola XPR-7550 LTR

    I've seen from multiple sources that the XPR-7550 comes with LTR trunking built in however it must be activated when purchasing. How do I go about getting LTR enabled if I buy an XPR-7550 aftermarket & how much would it cost. Also, is there a seperate CPS needed to program the LTR trunking info...
  6. Z

    Motorola XPR 7550

    I recently acquired two XPR 7550's. One will not turn on and the other will power on but is stuck on the Mototrbo screen. Any ideas?
  7. I

    small railroad needs help with motoTRBO

    I am a manager at a small railroad in California. We switched to MotoTrbo digital in early 2015 and are experiencing significant issues with missed calls. We operate on a set of talkaround VHF frequencies; one digital channel for park operations, one digital channel for our narrow gauge rail...
  8. C


    Has anyone impemented a hardware based solution to add a voip phone patch to a single site mototrbo system? We've done multiple legacy patches (APP), but have been unable to find a solution that doesn't involve any sort of third party software interface.
  9. C

    Phone patch, MOTOtrbo, and VOIP telephone systems

    I've been searching the internet, MOL, and made a couple phone calls on the subject of creating a digital phone patch with either an XPR, MTR, or SLR repeater. We've successfully integrated a patch into a legacy phone system but are finding it difficult to located information on integrating...
  10. D

    Bowling Green Police/BGSU Police

    Who successfully monitors the Bowling Green Police and Fire and the BGSU Police using a MotoTrbo-capable radio? What brand and model of radio do you use? Bowling Green Police and Fire are on 155.25 and BGSU Police are on 151.205. Do you have any ticks or tricks to share concerning listening...
  11. D

    Holmes County Sheriff/Millersburg PD

    I'm looking for more information, in addition to the frequencies listed in the database, for the Holmes County Sheriff and Millersburg Police. I realize they use MotoTrbo, and I have the radio equipment to listen to them. I just need to know the color code, and group ID's in use on their...
  12. L

    DMR decryption

    Good day, I've worked with decoding DMR using DSDPlus 1.074 , I have got encrypted output (Enc Group call) and information about it such as (Source, ID, Key and algorithm) . I need software that could decrypt the decoded DMR voice. Thank you
  13. D

    City of Toledo DMR/MotoTrbo System

    I'm looking for detailed information on the DMR radio system used by the City of Toledo. Does anyone have detailed knowledge of this system? I know the FCC licenses are KSL252, WPDI783, KTS670 so I know the frequencies. I know the color code is 1. I know some of the group codes to be 10, 11...
  14. Z

    MotoTrbo PL Issue Codeplug Issue

    All, I am having an issue with two of my mototrbo radios in analog mode. They both have PL tones in them but while scanning it interrupts the scan and shows MDC identifiers popping on the screen from a different county that is on the same frequency. I'm not sure what is causing it to do this...
  15. T

    DP4800 power down fault

    Hi all, I have a strange fault that seems to have appeared on my DP4800, Firmware version R02.40.00 After the radio has been on for a period of hours and while scanning all 15 scan members, all of a sudden the radio turns its self Off and then back On again with no intervention from me! once i...
  16. L

    XPR8400 Repeater, no distance when trying to use as mountaintop

    Hello trbo experts. I have attempted this a few different times and I am at a loss. I have a command center. In the command center I have a stack of 3 xpr8400's with three duplex channels. I run a Comprod filtering system and a 5.5db gain die pole antenna. And it works great. However today I...
  17. L

    Mototrbo software developer

    Hello fellow MOTOTROBIANS I am looking for a person/team that has worked with creating a mototrbo software platform. I have all necessary credentials as far at Motorola goes, I am inquiring to see who is out there that want to help create and new and exciting internal use program? Thanks Lindsay
  18. L

    Capacity Plus Enhanced GPS Expert

    Hello there. I am in need of a mototrbo capacity plus expert. I have a unique situation that I want to incorporate capacity plus but I am having trouble wrapping my head around the functionality. If there is an expert out there I would love to connect with you. Thanks Lindsay Wadsworth
  19. H

    New City of Guelph Cap+ System

    This thread is for information on the new City of Guelph Capacity+ System for Transit & Works. The frequencies currently in the Wellington County Database page for Guelph Transit & Works should no longer be listed where they are, since they are associated with the new Trunked system.
  20. K

    XPR 7550 - Quik-Call II Programming

    I apologize in advance if this had been discussed already, but I have been unsuccessful in finding anything with my searches. Moving on: I have an XPR 7550. I've been trying to set it up to alert with QCII tones: I have the correct tone pairs listed under the "Signaling Systems" I have the...