1. Salvatorejrc

    Uniden Scanning

    In the link I posted below, the scanner is recieving and playing transmission after transmission with absolutely no pauses in between. Is this because the user is in an area with multiple sites going at once with heavy radio traffic or is there some kind of setting or mode that enables...
  2. E

    collect multiple streams into one?

    I simultaneously monitor multiple frequencies and would like to place them in one stream. They are low use but when they are used, they all are used simultaneously. Think rural public safety; long periods of no traffic but then a car wreck and fire, police, rescue, EMS all have traffic at the...
  3. L

    Mobile scanning

    OK. I am new to Radio reference. I love monitoring my scanners and have 4 of them. I have read many comments/posts here about having 1 scanner with two antennas. Everyone seems to disagree on if this is a good thing (unless I just don't understand). What I would like to do is hook 2...
  4. D

    Double-checking equip needed for multi- Unitrunker+SDR#

    I have Unitrunker & SDR# running great for the local Smartnet II system here. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see an easy way to change between 'favorite' talkgroups in Uni. Like, sometimes I want to listen to Fire/EMS. Sometimes Sheriff. Sometimes different districts of each, etc. So...
  5. M

    Proscan Multiple Scanners remote over IP

    I want to control a bcd996xt and bcd996t at a remote location using two PC's using ProScan. (One pc and two scanners at the remote location, and one Client PC) I already saw a thread showing that I can control the two scanners with ProScan. Link...
  6. jhal94

    Multiple site Edacs on PRO-164?

    I'm not sure if other people have this same issue but here it is: I Know how to program a single city edacs system and I did it for Clearwater, Fl and it works flawlessly. However I am stumped on how to program in multiple site edacs systems into the same bank, is this possible or no? Edit...
  7. nate1992

    pending feed & questions / multiple countys

    Hi i host a feed and i have another one pending the one pending has been pending for about 3days now i requested it under state wide as it covers multiple county and town/city fire dispatches along with state fire ground & us forest service fire ground which leads to my first question Should...
  8. w2lie

    Multi-Site scanning on a BC796D

    I don't live in an area where I can test this, but is it possible to load multiple trunk sites (not systems) into one bank on the 796D and have it trunk OK (assuming I'm doing Motorola Control Channel only)? I know there is a "trick" with the Radio Shack scanner that if you separate the trunk...
  9. B

    looking for handheld scanner to record multiple fm frequencies

    Hello, I am David Jansen, a PhD student in animal communication. For my research I am hoping to use audio collars to record vocalisations of banded mngooses. I have the collars. They transmit the sound using a fm frequency. Untill now I have used several ICom scanners to recieve the transmitted...
  10. M

    HT1250 scan lists

    is there anyway to program one channel to be in multiple scan lists???
  11. F

    Run 2 Online Feeds from 1 Computer, Possible?

    Ok, So I am good with computer (Work part time as a Tech) but I just dont know if this is possible. I want to run 2 Online feeds off of 1 computer, MABAS 7 and ICOMM (IL) but dont know much about audio inputs on computers. I have not ever messed around much with audio on a computer, I just fix...