1. D

    Requesting HELP for Downtown Seattle Fed Mystery

    If anyone that works (or lives) in the downtown Seattle area then please help me figure out who is on 410.9 Mhz. The problem is that you'll need some old fashioned DF'ing to help with this one since it's DMR and encrypted with RAS. It seemed to start in April 2021. It was very quiet after the...
  2. J

    Stumbled on unknown Morse code.

    So Saturday at work my co workers and I stumbled on a strange Morse cod esignal that’s been broadcasting all weekend, it sounds like the same message every time and I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand in figuring this out.
  3. Bote

    Crisp County talkgroups

    Last month on the Cordele/Crisp County P25 system I heard LEO traffic apparently repeated from another system onto talkgroup 38608 which is not listed in the db. I was just passing through. Any idea who this is?
  4. saboken

    Mystery Broadcasts 142.... 143.... ?????

    Mystery Frequency's showing up during Close Call they are all showing up as 143.4875, 143.5000, 142.9375, 142.6875, 142.3875 MHz NFN when the CC triggers i get a full strength signal that sounds like a open mike? no voice just a bit of static like its in a silent room, it stays open for 10...
  5. I

    Opensky? 856.339 Mystery signal

    Monitoring 856.339 in Mooresville hearing what sounds like high bps Opensky channel.....can't figure it would be anything else....MDT? Just wondering if anyone knew what this is? Found similar signals at 856.614, 857.339 and 858.289. Center Freqs may be slightly off (its a 10 dollar HDTV...
  6. R

    Mystery Data ????

    I found this frequency (453.7500) is registered to a local bus company. They have two channels, one for their dispatch and then this channel. Attached is a sample of data that is transmitted on the second channel. I think it is GPS. But can someone tell what it is?