Kenwood TK370G UHF 450-470 MHz 128 channel 4W Narrowband radio. Radio has some minor scuffs and scratches from normal use but does not effect Operation. Radio comes with Kenwood speaker mic, charger, antenna, speaker mic bracket, and brand new battery that I installed on April 15th. Battery...


    Have For Sell a Relm RPV599A Plus Narrowband VHF 99 Channel Portable Radio. Radio covers 148-174 MHz. Radio is chipped On both sides but does not effect the operation. Radio comes with brand new battery that was installed on April 15th, charger, kenwood speaker mic, and antenna. Battery fully...
  3. C

    BC355N vs BC355C frequency question

    I have a frequency of 152.850 however my BC355N only programs to 152.855. My BC355C on the other hand will program to 152.850. Will this make a difference on the BC355N if it is on 152.855 vs 152.850? Will there be clarity difference? Isn't 152.850 a valid narrowband frequency? So why won't...
  4. J

    Wide or Narrow band (eternal question)

    Hi! I've read a lot about Wide vs Narrow band. But I didn't really understood what is it... I put my handheld to 162.55 (NOAA 7) and I get a louder sound on Narrow. On Wide it's quieter. My understanding of it is that a frequency on 162.55 MHz on narrow band is +/-2.5 KHz (162.5525 MHz) and...
  5. SlipNutz15

    Centre County 9K20F1D emission

    Ok, I seem to have run into something I can't find. There is a new paging channel for Centre County 460.6125 that has emissions of 11K0F3E, 9K20F1D. I know that 11K0F3E is NFM...but what is 9K20F1D is for??? I see it says Zentron based alpha-numeric paging. Does that mean this frequency is...
  6. C


    I have been programming vertex standards for some time but I have never asked this question. Looking in the software how do I make sure my radios (that are capable of course) are using 12.5 step. For example I mostly work with the 4200/820 software. Any guidance would help. Thanks. I have been...
  7. B

    kenwood tk790 question

    I need to know if the Kenwood tk790 with serial number 20400169 is narrowband compatible. Thanks!
  8. Q

    Narrowband Issue with VX 824

    So I have a few (3) VX 824-G7-5 that are doing some odd things when I program them into narrowband. The radios worked fine in wideband and are part of a larger grouping of radios 45+ all same model. When I program the radios into narrow they tx fine but they do not rx at all, they rx nothing...
  9. Danny37

    Do any yaesu HT do a 6.25 step narrowband

    Does anyone know if there is or "in the works" yaesu ht that does 6.25 step for the mandatory narrowband change of 2013. It's hard to believe that cheap Chinese market radios do this step but others don't, whats the deal?
  10. M

    PSR-800 and Narrowbanding

    Is there anything I can do to improve the audio of a narrowband signal. Our Sheriff's Department went to narrowband. The signal is good but it sounds all digitized and is often difficult to understand. Thank you.
  11. T

    Motorola CPS Updates

    For those who are Official Motorola CPS software owners/subscribers and stay up to date on your software, the latest releases of Professional Series (R06.12.08), Commercial Series (R05.17), CP110 (R03.01), CP185 (R02.03), and PR860 (R01.04) will NOT allow you to program ANY frequencies in...
  12. Mtnrider

    Greene County NY narrowband Change over

    I was told today that the Complete change over would be November 26th and 27th 2012 Just a FYi
  13. W7FDX

    Lycoming County Narrowband

    Does anybody know when lycoming county is going narrowband and what the freq will be for fire dispatch? Also any info on the surrounding counties would be helpful.
  14. callahanfirebuff

    What does narrow band mean? Are any HAM radios made narrowband capable?

    What does narrowband mean? I am looking to purchase either a base tranceiver or mobile transceiver(VHF/UHF). I would like the radio to be narrowband capable. Do you have any suggestions? I am an ARES member and would like to use the radio to monitor public safety(that will be narrowbanding per...
  15. mycall911

    Whelen Storm Sirens

    Our community purchased and installed (8) Whelen storm sirens around 2003-2004. These sirens have a VHF transmitter/receiver that decode the DTMF activation tones and other commands and then can "talk back" to the system reporting the "status" of each individual siren. According to our vendor...
  16. kc8mln

    Is use of narrowband allowed in GMRS or only wide-band

    Ok, I now know that the narrowband requirement does NOT apply to GMRS,...BUT, what I'm asking here is: Q: Is the use of narrowband ALLOWED in the GMRS service, or is ONLY wide-band allowed for use in GMRS? (ie, can I use a radio that is on a GMRS frequency and set for narrowband TX/RX on that...
  17. kc8mln

    Narrowband question about how it works

    I know that the change from 25 to 12.5 is what narrowbanding is all about, but what is that in terms of? Say we use a given frequency of 462.725 (repeater output) and a standard offset of +5Mhz for a repeater input of 467.725 When narrowbanding is completed on the repeater will a radio that...
  18. kc8mln

    EF Johnson Challenger Narrowbanding compadable?

    Does anyone know if the EF Johnson Challenger series of mobile radios are narrowband capable?
  19. kc8mln

    Fairfield County Narrowbanding Updates

    Does anyone have any updates on the narrowbanding for the Fairfield County area for the public safety frequencies? ...I know that all VHF & UHF public safety/service has to be narrowbanded, so any updates to the narrowbanding for the Fairfield County area would be appreciated in this thread.
  20. kc8mln

    Motorola Narrowbanding capable radio list?

    Does anyone have a complete list of which radios (both mobiles, handhelds and repeaters) that WILL be capable and will NOT be capable of narrowbandiing? I have heard people make mention of the dates when the radios were made, but what I'm looking for is an actual list of which radios ARE and...