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  1. R

    Where to Begin

    Hi everyone. This is all pretty new to me and I am eager to learn more about scanning and becoming a licensed amateur. I have registered for my FRN and will be working on taking the exam shortly. I have some general questions on how to pick up chatter as I cant seem to pick up anything on my...
  2. C

    Uniden SDS100

    I am a brand new police scanner enthusiast and looking to get one of the best on the market. Looks like this might be the SDS100? Question is when I go to purchase it asks me 20 questions about what I want to add, 1 or more counties, various antennas and pgms? I just want to purchase it, turn...
  3. 1


    So i am able to pick up certain frequencies with whislter ws1010 but when i go to the ham frequency here all i get is static every so often even with the squalch turn up, so i do not understand what is the issue and how to fix it
  4. P

    Not picking up any local frequencies on my new BCD436HP

    Hi Guys and Gals, New to scanning here. Just recieved my new BCD436HP today! For some reason though, I can not pick up any of my local radio traffic? I'm trying to listen to police, fire and ems in Lafayette County Mississippi. I don't think I'm an idiot, I doubt our local emergency traffic is...
  5. sundogkim

    New, Hello, and Help

    Hi. I'm totally new to shortwave radio and totally lost. I've bought SW radios in the past and never could figure them out. Today someone bought me the RadioShack Compact Portable AM/FM Shortwave Radio and it seems to be in MHz. All I know is I can never hear a thing but static. Every single...
  6. M

    Client's BCD436HP went from clear to very staticy. Now has almost 0 reception

    Hi there! I am sort of an old hand with scanners - in that I owned everything from some heathkit tube units through some of the nicer 1980s and early 1990s Radio Shack units. Back when they had a paper catalog to drool over, and the cheapest scanners took crystals. Anyway - A client came to me...
  7. T

    Confused about P25 Phase 2 system

    I am looking into to buying a police scanner. The areas I would be using it in (Knox, Blount, and Sevier counties in Tennessee) seem to use the P25 Phase II system. I understand that the scanner would have to be compatible with this system. While researching online I saw that the phase 2...
  8. E

    Need help setting-up and using new portable scanner . . .

    I just bought a Uniden Bearcat BCD325P2. I'm reading through the manual and tinkering with the device, menu, settings, etc. -- but at this pace, it will be three months before I'm scanning. Are there any groups that meet to share tips, etc. "Bear" minimum, I'd like to meet with someone in the...
  9. L

    Separate receiver or computer

    I am interested in listening to ham operators worldwide, local police, fire, aircraft, and marine. Is it best to get a separate receiver\scanner or use the computer by itself. I see that you can access different broadcasts online.
  10. M

    Please help me just listen to one group

    Hi, I'm afraid to post in here because if I post in the noob forum, they'll tell me to post in my local forum, but this is a basic question. I've looked for days and days for the basic information but it will take me forever. I'm sorry if this has been answered but I'm just frustrated and have...
  11. D

    BC75XLT: Uniden BC75XLT Scanner Help (First Time Scanner Ownder)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a uniden bc75XLT scannertoday. I am having a huge amount of problems setting it up. #1 how do I get it off Lock mode? I hit search, but then when I turn the scanner off and on again its still in lock mode. #2 How do I add frequencies? I know what buttons to hit, but...
  12. D

    New User Ottawa Area Looking For Radio Info

    G'day Folks, I am a new user in the Ottawa area. I haven't bought a scanner yet, I was wondering if someone could give me a heads-up on which scanner would be a good one to pick up (and where) to receive EMS and police frequencies in and around Ottawa. Many thanks in advance for your help :)
  13. esalach

    New to the game BC125AT

    Good afternoon, and Merry Christmas to all, My wife got me a Uniden BC125AT for Christmas. After some stumbling around with a half read through the instructions I was able to find the local police department I was looking for. This was a great surprise seeing that they were cut off of Radio...
  14. FireFighterChissy

    Creating a private channel / frequency

    Hi there, I am new to using and programing portable radios. I am a volunteer firefighter and I have recently purchased a Motorola GP338 Plus portable radio, I will soon be programming it to pick up local fire department frequencies. What I was wondering is if it is possible that I could talk...
  15. I

    need help selecting a scanner, Imperial Co. CA

    Hi: I live in Imperial County in CA (specifically El Centro) and am respectfully asking for advice for what type of scanner to get in order to listen in to the local public safety and other traffic. I'm a newbie amateur but I know that the local PS is almost all on the San Diego RCS System and...
  16. M


    Could someone explain to me what P25 is vs UHF. If I program my radio to a P25 frequency at 453.4625 will I be able to hear it? Do you need a special radio? Thanks
  17. B

    Pro-106 Only Picking Up Occasionally in Orange Co., FL

    Shortly after the New Year, I programmed my Pro-106, using the Win500 software and RR data. I'm in Orange County, FL, so there is no lack of conversation coming over the air from Fire, Police, etc. As soon as I finished programming my radio, I began picking up all sorts of calls: Fire, Police...
  18. MetalGear753

    New here! Few questions.

    Hello, I am new here. I have had the interest in scanners for a little over a year now. I currently have two scanners that I am familiar with. The first is a handheld brick Pro-62, and a base Pro-2042. They're both just VHF and UHF as far as I know, I can't pick much up, especially here in...
  19. J

    LED color on pro 197

    How do i program the LED to show a different color for PD, FD, EMS on the pro 197? Also all of a sudden today it's like the conversation cuts out mid sentence? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  20. J

    can't hear my own county?

    I have a pro 197 programmed with the frequencies I want using software from RS. I can hear State Police but can't hear anything from Switzerland county FD, EMS or Police? I uploaded about 20 objects all at once to scanlist 1, did I do something wrong & can anyone help me figure out why I'm not...