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  1. J

    BCD996P2 Programming Help Wanted - Wake County

    Got my dad a BCD996P2 for Christmas. He wants to listen to Wake County police, fire, and medical. I tried programming it myself, including by combing through forums, but I have very little knowledge in this field, and have been unsuccessful. Can anyone help?
  2. R

    Scanning the North Carolina VIPER System

    Hello, everyone! This is my first post, I wanted to ask for some advice getting my scanner (BCD 996P2) programmed with the VIPER system for North Carolina. I have ProScan as well and it is activated, and am a premium member of RR. I have programmed the system extensively before, but the VIPER...
  3. J

    NC Forest Service tac channels

    I'm aware each district of NCFS has their own VHF repeated ops channels then 3 VHF tac channels per each district - example "D12-Tac 1" Has anybody seen or have the districts 700mhz digital simplex channels, and know their use? Believe there is 4 of them per district. Thanks!
  4. H

    Mooresville, NC Police Dispatch 10 Codes

    Does anyone have a current list of 10 Codes for Mooresville, NC PD or Iredell County?
  5. J

    Recommendations for best scanner

    Hello. I have been reading through the forums but figure I will ask my question. I have been listening to scanners since I was 15 (now 48.) I have been using a Radio Shack Pro 43 but finding it doesn’t catch too much. I am looking to upgrade but not sure best option. I want to pick up the...
  6. AK4FD

    Lincoln County database page update...

    Hello all The Lincoln County, NC database info is slightly out-dated by a few years, so I am going to update you on it. I have verified this information with my own eyes & ears, radios & scanners... I will make a chart below of what is currently on there, and below that I will make a chart of...
  7. AK4FD

    Lincoln County Fire Tones

    Hi guys & gals, I have compiled a list of the Fire Station tones for Lincoln County Fire agencies. I will begin on working on Catawba County tomorrow. As far as Lincoln County, the tones are Motorola QC-II type. The tone frequencies are in Hz frequencies & I will also list its...
  8. T

    NC VIPER 800mHz and 700mHz and FreeScan

    So I am looking a getting a Uniden BCD396XT scanner. The frequency range that this scanner covers fits what I need (Northeastern NC and Southeaster VA (Hampton Roads area)). I am using the FreeScan Software to start setting up systems and groups for it, so once I purchase the scanner, I can...
  9. W

    Plymouth Domtar TRS

    Last week I started mapping the Plymouth Domtar TRS. I think there are three sites (I'm hearing three control channels) of five channels per site. The one site I think I mapped out is: 938.9750* 939.4000* 938.5000 939.4125 939.3875 * Confirmed control channels These are the talkgroups I've...
  10. N

    NC VIPER Listings

    I have a Uniden Home Patrol, I downloaded all the NC VIPER tower frequencies and stations in my area (South Durham) that I think the scanner will pick up . In general, VIPER activity in my area has been very weak, at best. But I did notice some messages coming through. Unfortunately my HP-1...
  11. S

    Wilmington, NC - Law enforcement agencies encrypting radio trasmissions

    Wilmington, NC - "The advent of mobile apps and websites that allow more people than ever to listen to police radio chatter prompted two local law enforcement agencies to follow a growing trend across the country – encrypting police radio traffic." Full story: Law enforcement agencies...
  12. A

    Uniden BC60XLT-1

    I have just purchased a Uniden BC60XLT-1. It is used and I am trying to program it to Sampson County fire, sheriff, and police. Also, N.C Highway patrol. I can put in 7 digits and a decimal. Where can I find thee codes please? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
  13. M

    PLEASE! Need Help Monitoring Cabarrus

    Can anyone please tell me how to program and monitor Cabarrus CO. Sheriffs Dept and Concord PD on my Uniden HP1? Thank You!
  14. J

    Lexington PD -North Carolina- Live Audio Feed

    Hello all, I am thinking of swapping one for my live audio feeds from monitoring Davidson County EMS to monitor Lexington Police. Since very few people listen to the EMS, since most traffic is also broadcasted on the Fire frequency which is already a live feed. Let me know if you think this is a...
  15. S

    Anyone Near Wilmington, NC?!?

    Does anyone near Wilmington, NC offer any on-site consultative services? I'm brand new to "scanning" I have a huge antenna, a radioshack pro-197, and arc500pro software and I am struggling a good bit. I am a quick learner, I have pretty good computer skills, and ca$h. Please let me know if...
  16. NFR85

    Wilmington NC on Proscan

    Does anyone know the server IP or name for Wilmington NC for Proscan Client? It was there couple days ago and I keep refreshing with no luck. Thanks
  17. EP204

    Coast Guard Frequencies for NC?

    Does anyone know then for the NC area? Especially for Fort Macon, near Morehead or any in Wilmington. Thanks, for any help, I am still new to RR but already it has been a great site.
  18. nate1992

    Asheville, Buncombe Co. area feeds

    Hi I in the past hosted the feeds for Buncombe Co. & Asheville, i am considering putting them back up on RR but i would like to know what the interest in them on RR is first So please give me your thoughts!!
  19. E

    Programming Uniden BCT8

    Hello, I got a Uniden BCT8 yesterday. *My main purpose is to monitor my local police dept* Eastway Division. I had read all about trunking prior to purchasing a scanner. SO i just pulled it out of the box and tried to search manually. When I got some generral action on the scanner I tried to...
  20. pstox

    VOA Greenville – Fifty Years of Shortwave to the World

    Apparently the VOA Greenville, NC site B location is scheduled to be shut down due to US budget cuts. This article is a nice look back on it's engineering and history. VOA Greenville – Fifty Years of Shortwave to the World