1. S

    Any interesting DMR or NXDN systems to monitor in the Bay Area?

    Using an SDS 100 and picked up the DMR and NXDN upgrades. I've added Radio Guys, Silke, Signature, Fisher TeamTalk, and TelePath from RR database but hear very little traffic on them. Wondering if anyone here has any interesting systems (commercial or other service types) I should add to take...
  2. V

    SDR for NXDN/Brodcast

    I have a SDR that I would like to use to broadcast a system that is NXDN. I have yet to find a way to decrypt NXDN and broadcast it to the internet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also if you know, can I have more then one feed broadcasting from the same computer at the sometime?
  3. rvacs

    Most Popular Upgrades for Texas - NXDN/DMR/ProVoice

    Just wondering as I travel in Texas a bunch. What are the most important upgrades to get in Texas? Ex: SanAntonio uses ProVoice .. .... ..... When driving with GPS want to purchase upgrade(s) that are used the most for Public Safety (aka Police) Dallas/Ft. Worth area I know has a...
  4. S

    ICOM F3261DT programming question - REV #'s

    Hello all, I recently bought a ICOM F3261DT. Arrived and proceed to program it. It took some time to figure out it needed the railroad software. The radio's REV number is 4.6.4 and my software is 4.6.3. I was able to read from the radio but before writing, I wanted to ask if the software being...
  5. AK4FD

    NXDN system on FRS???

    Hey guys, So I am sitting here at home in the Maiden area (Catawba County), scanning all the GMRS/FRS/MURS channels like I always do everyday and just a few minutes ago I hear Control Channel-type activity on FRS Channel-7!! I went to my recording and confirmed it. It's on 462.7125 and it's...
  6. R

    NXDN Gen 2 Signal Issue

    Question regarding Gen 2 NXDN Type-C Trunking system. Has anyone come across a site suddenly losing signal? 2 Site System will run great 3-4 Days then suddenly The service will drastically reduce until you perform an update to the system and change the control channel. This is a 4 Channel...
  7. M

    TRX-1: Best Way to store NXDN Railroad freqs/and digital settings for them

    Hello everybody, I will be taking a railfanning trip later this week to a familiar area (first time railfanning with the TRX-1)..now I would consider myself an intermediate guru, owner of the trx1 for 7 months, this is my 4th digital trunking scanner of multiple brands, I know my way around...
  8. R

    HELP w/ NXDN on BCD436HP

    Owned a mix of approx. 10 scanners over my lifetime - even back in the day when you had to punch everything in manually.... NOW, have a BCD436HP that I am trying to get an NXDN trunk on https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=8654 and it will not happen no matter what I try. Yes, I HAVE...
  9. K

    NXDN Calculator V3

    For those of you who have seem and used my nxdn calculator, I've updated it again. It now has the original section where you need 2 channel and frequency pairs in the SAME bandplan, then it will give you the Step size and the Base frequency. Then you can enter either a channel or frequency and...
  10. V


    Please Note NXDN NXCOre servers for Kenwood nexedge and Icom IDAS repeaters have been setup, and are also intergrated with the new mmdvm NXDN system for VK NXDN systems countrywide. New high speed servers have been setup in Sydney. Audio quality is exceptional. Please email vk4tux regarding...
  11. K

    Central Oregon NXDN?

    I have recently upgraded my Uniden BCDx36HP scanners to the new NXDN offering. It seems to work quite well, but I am not seeing much activity here in Central Oregon. I have located one NXDN trunked system which so far has a grand total of two talk groups. I am just wondering if anyone is...
  12. Airboss

    North Georgia NXDN

    Looks like one of the far North GA counties (best guess right now is Union) maybe setting up a new NXDN 4800 repeater system (50 RAN). So far all I have observed is unit 100 testing only - no IDs. Definitely not part of the Clay Co NC NXDN family of PS services *they use a NXDN 9600 system with...
  13. petrol88

    Uh-Oh--UPMan Strikes, Again

    New Avatar Games appear to have started.
  14. icomuser

    BCDx36HP: AAR Channels + NXDN

    For those of us waiting for NXDN, it is interesting to note that in the Sentinel Software, the AAR Channels #307-487 which are AAR NXDN Channels now have the modulation listed as "Search", where I believe some time ago, they were listed as NFM. Now why would that change occur unless something...
  15. B

    Future of NXDN

    Icom seems to have stagnated in further IDAS development. Kenwood is now offering DMR. Is NXDN destined to go the way of the Dodo in the USA? I'd like to hear opinions regarding continued investment in expanding a trunked NXDN system is worthwhile or change direction to a build a trunked DMR...
  16. V

    SMART Train NXDN

    Good afternoon. I'm tying to listen to SMART Train Communications. According to Radio Reference it is NXDN. I think I'm listing to a control channel and that is is NXDN 48 - Correct me if you think differently. Sample of what I'm talking about...
  17. W2GLD

    Who has the best prices on the NX-5300's

    I am seeking price quotes from dealers on a new NX-5300 as well as a matching NX-5800 mobile radio. I've seen some commentary around the Internet that in general, I should be able to get between 20-30% off the list prices, which I've also seen several places around the net. What I am seeking...
  18. B

    NXDN SACCH Decoding

    Hi, I am currently writing a C/C++ code to decode voice and control channels of an NXDN4800 trunked system. I have successfully decoded sound frames but i am having problems on obtaining call information, namely SACCH decoding. I get RTCH voice frames with full VCH(4x72 bits) without a problem...
  19. S

    Kenwood NextEdge/Icom IDAS for Conventional Networked Systems?

    So I know that running conventional, the radios are compatible and that the trunking systems are not. However, what about the conventional networked systems like the Icom IDAS LinqRepeat and LinqRepeat+? Same for the Kenwood Conventional IP Network system and the Subscriber Voting feature on...
  20. IdleMonitor

    NXDN NEXEDGE in Bancroft

    CHP859 - 4K00F1ENN - NXDN 6.25 kHz digital voice (IDAS, NEXEDGE) 163.6650 BANCROFT, ON (965 BRETHOUR RD.) Ridge Communications Analog 164.5800 BANCROFT, ON (965 BRETHOUR RD.) Ridge Communications 165.7050 BANCROFT, ON (965 BRETHOUR RD.) Ridge Communications Although I...