1. T

    Scanning "Tennessee Homeland Security District 7 NXDN System'

    Looking for a way to listen to an NXDN system (NXDN NEXEDGE 4800, Tennessee Homeland Security District 7 NXDN System) with some nearby sites without breaking the bank. Is a used Icom F4161 with cable and software a possibility?
  2. B

    NXDN trunking Kingman area

    hello all, I have found what appears to be a NXDN trunking control channel. My scanner cannot decode NXDN so I was wondering if anybody has any info on it in the Kingman area. I am curious who the users ar of this system. Control frequency is 464.300, and coming in full scale from my location...
  3. K

    Looking for NXDN "expert"

    Looking for a NXDN expert to answer a few questions about setting up in house programming for nx300 and nx800. Thanks. K4KQD
  4. T

    BCDx36HP: Any word on the status of NXDN support?

    NXDN? I have a 536 and I am looking to get a hand held to go with it. Much as I want to get the 436, it is really beginning to look to me like Uniden has abandoned NXDN altogether. Like they really just don't care. I may have to go with the Whistler. I don't want to, but Uniden is leaving...
  5. E

    NX300 audio tool and NXDN setup

    Hi, everyone! I´m trying to perform a radiocommunications link between a racing car and the crew member in boxes. Since we have successfully performed communications in analog mode, it´s my intention to try the NX300 in digital mode, and improve the audio quality with the Motorsportaudio v1.2...
  6. F

    Two Tone Detect like functionality?

    Greetings, I'm not sure if it would have been best to post this question here, or in the Kenwood forum, but I figured I would start here. Recently, agencies in my area have switched from conventional systems to Kenwood NXDN. I've been listening to the NXDN traffic with fairly good results...
  7. M

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1?

    Uniden BCD436HP or Whistler TRX-1? I'm in Nebraska. My last scanner was the Radio Shack Pro-34. Most of the buttons on it don't work and I haven't yet desoldered the board from the antenna connection to remove it and see if I can just clean the contacts or what.. But,... Considering my...
  8. T

    Kenwood & ICOM NXDN Compatibility Issues

    Hi there, This is my first post here, but I've acquired some excellent knowledge while scanning through the site. Meanwhile, I'm getting closer and closer to thinking that the idea of "NXDN Interoperability and compatibility" between brands is nothing more than marketing nonsense from both ICOM...
  9. K

    Have System Key, cant read radio

    Need help with the programming. I need to reprogram about 300 radios due to a programming error. I have the system key file, but it keeps erroring out, saying "No system key file having the same system parameters as configured for NXDN Trunking System Zone was found" We are using the same...
  10. Muffin

    Pro-668: Upgraded software to come?

    As anyone with one of these scanners is aware, there are several systems that the PRO-668 just isn't capable of monitoring (where other scanners are). ie: GE's Pro-Voice, Motorola's TRBO, ICOM's NXDN to name a few... Has anybody heard if there will be any kind of software/firmware upgrades...
  11. skyview

    NXDN Programming on Icom 3160

    I have installed the digital board on my Icom 3160. The question is, now do I program to receive a non trunked NXDN format channel to receive. Is it as simple as just programming the frequency as digital? Again, this is for receive only in the railroad band, have the Icom programming...
  12. saboken

    BCD996P2 Scanning NXDN W/SDR Discriminator output???

    I just purchased 2 SDR radios and found I need to have a Discriminator output as to not filter the audio going to one of the SDR radios, I Have a BCD996P2 but cant find any info on where to tap into it to bypass the filter for said output? I found all the info I need to decode NXDN/MotoTRBO Etc...
  13. Z

    NXDN Trunking on DSD

    Is there a way to tell the difference between type "C" trunking (Kenwood) and type "D" Trunking (IDAS) in DSD Plus. I put the 3 system frequencies in the scanner and there is no continuous control channel data stream & the bottom of the window where the talkgroup information is shows "NEXEDGE48...
  14. H

    DSD+ 1.101 works on all systems but this one!?!

    Hi all, I have a successfully configured DSD+ install using a RTL2832u + R820T SDR stick. All other systems decode successfully when I have a strong enough signal, but not this one. The problem is not with noise, as the signal is way above the floor. Based on my experience, it sounds like a...
  15. V

    NX 300 priority scan NXDN while on conventional channel

    Here is what I'm trying to do for a customer with an NX300 radio.... We have a NXDN network that is up and running. The customer will have 1 ID/channel and will use it for emergencies. When not on the NXDN emergency network channel, the radio will be used at different sites talking on...
  16. J

    BER Mapping with NXDN & 8800S

    Hi, Has anyone successfully mapped BER with NXDN radios and a AeroFlex 8800S ?
  17. danman_0627

    NX-5300 Manual DTMF dialing

    Hi all, Has anyone had any problems with using the dtmf keypad on a NX-5300K6 on a conventional NXDN channel? Mine works fine on analog channels but on the NXDN conventional channels it doesn't. I have "manual dialing" checked under personal features in the conventional nxdn zone but its still...
  18. A

    Transmitting Interferes With Scanners

    Hello all, I do not know too much about radio installs so please bear with me if this is an obvious problem. A group of myself and others work together in a photography business, and we recently decided to take our operations efficiency up a notch by renting a radio system. We are utilizing...
  19. M

    BCDx36HP: NXDN Transmissions

    I have tried several times to hear my local police and fire dept. to no avail. I am sure that they are using NXDN but all I hear is the control channel noise. Am I doing something wrong or am I wrong in assuming this scanner should pick up the frequencies?
  20. K

    NXDN Kenwood NX-220 Help

    I am trying to program a new Kenwood NX-220 for the sole purpose of listening to these frequencies Scott County, Indiana (IN) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference that are running NXDN. I have the Kenwood software (KPF-141D) and programming cable. I entered the frequencies listed...