1. kd4efm

    900 Mhz NXDN

    Well, going to break the interwebs again! From KC1LSN, he has managed to take a NX-411 and work it with a MMDVM hotspot for NXDN! Congrats Rob! cut and paste with hopefully more to come! It is working! Very excited to have my NX-411 able to do NXDN through a duplex hotspot. Using WSPD if it...
  2. ***SOLD***Icom IC-R8600 Communications Receiver

    ***SOLD***Icom IC-R8600 Communications Receiver

    Selling it to fund my next ham radio purchase. Radio is in excellent working conditions, nothing scratched, rusted or burned out. Radio comes with DC cables and AC adapter. Please note the condition of the AC adapter cable. When I bought it, the previous owner had it terminated in such a way...
  3. L

    Affordable NXDN radio for EMS?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a UHF (400-470Mhz) NXDN capable handheld that won't break the bank? My sibling is at a private EMS service that provides 911 coverage. Obviously access to a working handheld can be a matter of life or death for both patients and pre-hospital providers...
  4. *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    *SOLD* Uniden SDS-100 in Box w/Accessories NXDN/DMR unlocked / Remtronix Antenna - Free Shipping

    Uniden SDS-100 in Box All Accessories included UNLOCKED DMR/NXDN - big savings having that already done. Upgraded Sandisk Ultra 32gb SD Card for more recording time Upgraded Remtronix Antenna better for 700/800Mhz. (include original) Full Size - Color Printed Manual No scratches on unit...
  5. Uniden BCD436HP w/DMR, NXDN, and Weinke GPS Mod

    Uniden BCD436HP w/DMR, NXDN, and Weinke GPS Mod

    ***SOLD*** Hello, To generate some $$ for other equipment I am selling my BCD436HP scanner. It has the DMR and NXDN upgrades installed. It also has the internal GPS mod that was being done by John Wienke until recently. The GPS works superbly but requires an external power source in order to...
  6. P


    Does Kenwood offer some sort of pseudo-trunking similar to DMR? I have plans to set up a similar network on my next property and I would like to know if Kenwood has a similar system for NXDN?
  7. R

    Can I program a Motorola XPR6550 in digital with NXDN codification?

    Can I program a Motorola XPR6550 in digital with NXDN codification? I have the programming list to program in digital, but I cannot figure out how to program with channel Type NXDN, including the Ran Decode 10 and Ran Encode 10. Can anyone help me? Thank you. Ricardo.
  8. daugherh

    Dual Deck Setup Options/Questions

    Motorola guy here thinking about switching over to KW. I've been eyeballing the NX5x00 line because of the ability to do dual deck single head install. The way it is now in my truck I have to remote mount units (one UHF and one VHF) so that I can utilize both bands at the same time monitoring...
  9. M

    GPS NXDN digital conventional

    Hi, Is it possible to have a dedicated channel for GPS data, and a second channel for calling on NXDN digital conventional? In our set up we have two NXR-5800 repeaters and several NX-3320 radios, we are currently using only one repeater for calling, and would like to use the other...
  10. BinaryMode

    Have you heard DMR or other modes on itinerant channels?

    When I first got my Trucktracker V capable scanner I programmed it with ProScan (great program) and created a "system" for itinerant channels, i.e. FRS/GMRS/Marine/MURS/Business channels. When I did that I set the modulation type to "all" because I was too lazy to tick each box for analog only...
  11. P

    TRX-1: Can do other types of digital trunking?

    I know that whistler never bothered to pay Motorola and Kenwood to trunk track for DMR/TRBO and NXDN 48/96 systems so it never came included on the scanners. But, in the TRX-1 programming software, it apparently has the ability load DMR and NXDN type C and D trunking systems, but from what I...
  12. K

    Icom F62D Won't send Tx ID

    I just recently got a Icom F62D and cannot get it to send an ID when transmitting. I've programmed for hours and can't figure it out. It is being used on NXDN conventional to communicate with Kenwood units. Voice communications work well but the Icom will not send an ID or an Over The Air Alias...
  13. Uniden SDS100 DMR, NXDN, Provoice, EBC100, Extra Battery, R/S 800 Mhz Antenna*SOLD*

    Uniden SDS100 DMR, NXDN, Provoice, EBC100, Extra Battery, R/S 800 Mhz Antenna*SOLD*

    Selling my Uniden SDS100 with extras. The SDS100 comes with its OEM antenna, hand strap, battery, SD card. Additionally, the extra battery with external charger. Both batteries are the longer capacity type, accordingly, no short door. All batteries hold their maximum charge consistently, time...
  14. A

    NXDN and DMR emission designations on single licensed frequency

    Hi all, Why would a single frequency have both NXDN and DMR emission designations assigned to it? Do some entities actually switch between the two or is this more of a "we selected all the things just in case" type of situation? Here is an example...
  15. daugherh

    Pickens County Upgrades

    Hey guys. Just saw where some licenses have been recently granted (12/22) for Pickens County, SC. See here. Looks like normal FM and NXDN emission designators. I was getting ready to buy some XPR5550s for ham use and monitoring local but am wondering now if I should look into something like a...
  16. N

    SDS100/SDS200: NXDN LCN finding/see results

    I analyze a NXDN trunked systems and let it find the LCN's when completed I click save. Does that allow me to go and review them in the programming of my favorite lists? If not how do I or can I pull the data from the analysis?
  17. R

    Doubts about GPS in NEXEDGE

    Hello friends, I have a question about the NEXEDGE related to GPS data, I have captured a signal that gives me this information: In the events window: 2023/02/02 15:40:10 RAN=12 LOCN; Tgt=1 Src=67 37.35875 -5.86354 59mASL 4kph 225° In the CC.bat: 2023.02.02 15:40:09 Sync:+NXDN48 CB DATA...
  18. Kenwood NX5000 Lot

    Kenwood NX5000 Lot

    I have some NX5000 items that I am looking to sell. Includes the following: (All items listed as used, but in excellent condition. Lightly used. Some items were even dealer demos that never saw use outside of an office.) 1 - NX5800K 450-520MHz (Analog and NXDN....Includes DMR upgrade)...
  19. Uniden BCD436HP – DMR/NXDN/Provoice Upgrades Installed

    Uniden BCD436HP – DMR/NXDN/Provoice Upgrades Installed

    This BCD436HP comes from a non-smoking household and has all three digital upgrades installed ($160 value). The scanner has a ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protector installed. Price included shipping via UPS. Includes: DMR, NXDN, Provoice upgrades installed OEM SMA antenna SMA-BNC Antenna...
  20. K

    DSDPlus DSDplus not decoding

    Hey y'all I need some help, I'm new into everything to do with radio, I got my RTLSDR last month so I don't have a good grasp on everything. I have been trying to decode digital voice for a while, and I have had success once, the image attached has the frequency I am trying to decode. I have...