1. D

    Need a good scanner antenna for Whistler WS1040

    I have a Whistler WS 1040 scanner and my antenna that came with it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been looking for a good antenna but I’m having trouble since I don’t know anything about antennas or frequencies. I live in NYC and I would like to listen to the FDNY and NYPD. Do you have any good...
  2. K

    NYC DOITT 800 been quiet during pandemic

    I was expecting a lot more activity on the NYC DOITT 800 system given all the medical/hospital talk groups. On the 400 system, I'm only hearing traffic on the EMS Hospital Notification talkgroup. Does anyone know where a majority of operations are dealing with the pandemic?
  3. Dispatrick

    Open Carrier Med-10 for over a week now.

    Open carrier on Med-10 for over a week now 462.9750 with a PL of 146.2. I'm posting this here cause I live in Bergen County, however it could be originating from NY or CT. A check of the database shows no user with that PL. Any Ideas?
  4. emcomm

    NYC - looking to hire a radio installer

    If you're in New York City and you have experience installing ham/commercial radios in cars, please message me, I have cash. Thank you.
  5. emcomm

    NYC OEM MOT Type II SmartZone scanner...

    Hey guys, I'd like to monitor NYCEM (OEM) which is on a Motorola Type II SmartZone system. Any recommendations for a scanner (name/model). I'm gonna make a purchase today. Your tips and advice are always welcome. many thanks
  6. N2SCV

    NYC Feds

    Hearing encrypted comms on 169.650 P25 4F9. Nothing in NY & NJ db.
  7. Danny37

    Fdny ems & nypd

    Does anyone know what police precincts are covered by FDNY EMS channels? Since 4 of the boroughs are split into 2 or 3 frequencies, can anyone list what police boundaries are covered by each EMS frequencies. For example, EMS Brooklyn North to my knowledge covers the 94, 90, 84, 88, 83, 81, 79...
  8. Danny37

    NYSP Large Presence In NYC

    Anyone know why there seems to be a larger presence of state police in NYC, most notably in upper Manhattan and the Bronx? Talked to a cop friend of mines and he said they don't get along with the NYPD. Also do they use their own state Troop talk group or do they have access to the NYPD system?
  9. Danny37

    What are my chances of hearing NYC Freqs in Philly?

    I might be moving to philly sometime this year. I grew up and lived most of my life in NYC and scanner listening was on of my hobbies. So what are my chances of hearing NYPD SOD and FDNY in philly with a decent outdoor antenna? I'm glad there's live feeds but nothing beats the physical gear. 90...
  10. T

    NYC Transit Authority

    Hi everyone, I am thinking of programming a MTS 2000 i have for the New York City Transit Authority system. I would be doing this for the next time I take a trip to NYC. Does anyone know if the info in the database is still current for this system. Also, what kind things are discussed on this...
  11. A

    New York City 70cm Repeaters

    Hi All. I'm trying to find active 440 repeaters for my commercial UHF radio in New York City. I have been looking at different sites, collected over 60 repeaters data. When I programmed those in my radio, only 16 out of those 60+ are responding. Does anyone know some popular UHF repeaters in and...
  12. N2SCV

    NYC DoITT Uhf: DoITT Ch-5

    Was being used last night by people at The Westin at Times Square and The Sheridan sending buses to Barclays and The Hammerstein. No ID what agency.
  13. Danny37

    Reception in the NYC Metro Area.

    Just thought this may interest some, being located in the NYC Metro Area I mainly Monitor NYC public safety, Recently I've tried to see how far I can receive on my Homepatrol-1 with a Diamond RH77CA antenna attached. This is stationary at my desk at home located in Brooklyn, NY on the 4 floor...
  14. N2SCV

    F/A - 18 Hornets Flyover GWB

    Weather permitting, Two F/A - 18 Hornets will conduct a flyover, traveling JFK-GWB & back to JFK at 2500 feet on 8/28 at 9:30 AM.
  15. M

    DSNY Snow plows ops?

    Hello, Anyone know what is going on with DSNY Snow Plow operations? Did they move to new frequencies? I tried using the ones listed here on Radio Reference during the other day and heard very little activity. I live a few miles from Staten Island and could not get anything substantial, even...
  16. N2SCV

    Blue Angels will fly over Hudson River Dec 13
  17. W2IRT

    NYC Transit subway crew radios

    Hi all, I have a few questions about the crew radios used by train operators and conductors on the NYC Subway system. The last time I visited this topic most crew portables were older Bendix-King bricks channeled out for just the three road frequencies (in repeater configuration, separate TX and...
  18. Danny37

    NYC and Severe weather

    Hurricane season is around the corner and that means more severe weather coming. The potential for flooding, damaging winds and tropical weather is high this year. Seeing that I'm probably not going to be out volunteering like I did during sandy and Irene, I thought I can put up a list of PS...
  19. Danny37

    Chaos on NYC/LI ham repeaters, whats going on?

    It's starting to sound like cb on these repeater as jammers are using fake or stolen callsigns and are jamming, cussing and playing music. I remember scanning these bands a couple years back and it wasn't like this now i locked this band on my scanner as its disappointing to hear. It's the hams...
  20. Danny37

    What are some TRISTATE public safety frequencies that easily make their way into NYC

    Please list your counties and the service they provide. For example, Nassau county FD and westchester county easily makes it way into NYC. I know it depends whether you have a portable or mobile or what antenna gain you have and also your location. But list the frequency you heard outside of...