1. H

    Oklahoma County and Custer County Programming

    I can benefit from a scanner but lack the knowledge to program one correctly. Can anyone help me with a file I can use to upload the frequency information into my BC125AT scanner for Oklahoma County and Custer County Oklahoma? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. rvacs

    OKWIN P25 Phase 1 - Tulsa (Simulcast?)

    @peterjmag @KI5IRE @b1tr41d Guys just curious...Is Tulsa's OKWIN P25 Phase 1 (Tulsa Site truly Simulcast)? I am hearing it may be but I didn't think it was. I know in past with Simulcast my WS-1065 did horrible in the Austin area(simulcast)...but it does great in Tulsa along with my TRX-1. Of...
  3. R

    How to listen to Oklahoma Police from a handheld scanner?

    I am new to this radio thing, I have a UV-5R and have played with that for awhile but i am interested in how I can listen to the Oklahoma City Police Department dispatch channels on a handheld radio. I know the UV-5R cannot do this but what is a radio that would allow me to listen? I think they...
  4. S

    Oklahoma P25 ID’s

    I see where Ottawa County has recently gone to p25 but I can’t locate any ID’s. Anyone happen to know what they are or tell me where I can find them? Looking for Ottawa county and the city of Miami, OK Thx!
  5. xerb1962

    Dispatchers Wanted

    I know this is an old video, dispatch has been totally revamped since this was made. Regardless, the City of Guthrie needs dispatchers. Would be good for semi retired. Apply online here: City of Guthrie
  6. K

    Bct15x preprogrammed

    I just got a bct15x. How do I sear only the Oklahoma preprogrammed numbers? I'm not ready to manually program it yet. The YouTube video had me changing a lot other than the state. I hope to find what is preprogrammed. Thanks
  7. S

    OKLAHOMA, TULSA rebanding/trunking issues

    Tulsa Oklahoma/Pro 107: My radio was programmed with the software and radio reference a few years ago. I was able to receive TPD/TFD radio frequencies, conventional and trunking. Special tactical channels etc. Everything. Then I noticed in the past few weeks, it was receiving less, mainly just...
  8. S

    Texas County Sheriff

    I was wondering if anyone could put up a feed for the texas county sheriffs department. 155.19000 KKG704 RM 123.0 PL Texas Co SO1 Texas County Sheriff Dispatch FM Law Dispatch If you can, that would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  9. M

    Garvin County

    Hi everyone. I thought I would try listening to Garvin County on their new frequency ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 151.08500 WQNU202 RM 244 NAC Garvin Co SO Garvin County...
  10. ke5aqn

    POTT County Oklahoma

    I live in POTT county and having trouble figuring out the system. I moved here from sapulpa and had my pro-160's both working great there. I have put in all the listed frequency's in shawnee and Tecumseh with the wanted talkgroups. I hear nothing. I suspect that I have the wrong frequency's...
  11. C

    Is the Home Patrol Worth getting in my area?

    I live in claremore oklahoma and i am currently using the Uniden BCT-8 to broadcast my feed. But i am thinking about ordering the Home Patrol-1. Now i am wondering if there is any benefit in my area to getting/Using the Home Patrol-1. My immediate area is on the LTR network (Claremore Police)...
  12. C

    Claremore police, E.M.S, and Rogers Co Sheriff Dept

    Claremore police, E.M.S, and Rogers Co Sheriff Dept are now online. If there are any channels missing please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance for listening!!!!!
  13. C

    Anyone Interested in listening to Rogers County

    Hello, I am a new member to rr. I will be a subscribing member tomorrow and i am just posting this to see if anyone would be interested in listening to the claremore area pd and fire. I know there is tulsa and surrounding areas but its mostly tulsa and i am wanting to hear mostly claremore and...
  14. S

    problem with XTS2500 & XTS 5000 "site Trunking"

    all of our radios mobiles base stations and handhelds all say site trunking and are not allowing the users to transmit on them. When the base station radios are moved to the repeater channel they work with no problem however no other radios work in the system. It is also a problem city wide...
  15. W

    Western Oklahoma & Vance AFB?

    I am looking for anyone who has the ability to monitor Vance Air Force Base and parts of Custer County Oklahoma. I am hoping to get feedback on some frequencies that may need to be updated in the Radio Reference database. I have been using a PRO-107 and a cheap RadioShack discone antenna for...
  16. mam1081

    New State P25 system online!

    While traveling through eastern okie land this week, I found a few P25 data channels and some associated TGIDs active! Whoa. I had no idea this was online...is there anyone around the Muskogee/Tahlequah area that can watch this system as it grows? Here is my db submission: The new State of...
  17. M

    Ok Statewide Trunking Tables

    So working with WIN500 I managed to change something on the trunking tables setting and need to know what the setting should be set to. My options are Default, Splinter, and Custom. I did a Win500 web import from RadioReference.com and imported the OKlahoma City transmitter(s)/frequencies along...
  18. C

    Sallisaw Feed is now LIVE!

    Sallisaw, OK Police and Fire feeds are now LIVE! It is being monitored by a RadioShack PRO-136 at 155.790 and 154.995. If the wife will allow I will soon be acquiring 2 more scanners that will monitor Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop C.
  19. M

    Looking for a mac broadcast software....

    Hi everyone, I just started a new feed on RR "Oklahoma State DPS" but I actually use a mac and would like some broadcast software for it. Thank you.
  20. C

    Incident in Stillwater this morning?

    Moved to breaking news