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    Ottawa EDACS Activity

    I added the Ottawa EDACS system to my TRX-1 and I see no activity (24-25 June). Lots of activity on P25. Any ideas? The settings were downloaded using the EZ Scan software. If someone is using a TRX-1 to monitor Ottawa EDACS, could you please share your settings? .. Thanks
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    Ottawa Sirens

    I have been trying to find ottawa’s siren frequency so i can get Two time/DTFM/FSK in my siren videos. Anyone know Ottawa siren frequency, or can some one help me get it?
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    BCD325P2 and Ottawa P25

    Quick Question. Would the Uniden BCD325P2 be sufficient enough to monitor most of the agencies which are migrating from EDACS to the P25 system? Thank you. Bob
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    Direct Access frequencies

    Hi, Does anyone knows what frequencies direct access is using for their short term rent radios. I know they have different options (LTR for bigger gig, analog simplex for the smaller one). Industry Canada is giving a couple pairs of frequency (probably used for LTR and/or repeater analog) but I...
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    Ottawa to Kingston Radio Service?

    Hello. Would anyone know of a radio service/system that a group could rent/lease for a very short term in order to provide continuous radio communications between Ottawa and Kingston? This is for an upcoming event. Although I do realize that HAM and Ares may provide such a service, would...
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    Ottawa scanner Frequencies

    I read another thread a while back last active in 2011. The thread had conversation about Ottawa Police using Pro-Voice or something similar. There was debate on not being able to monitor the police, even on a digital scanner due to the type of encryption. I am hoping this is no longer the...
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    New User Ottawa Area Looking For Radio Info

    G'day Folks, I am a new user in the Ottawa area. I haven't bought a scanner yet, I was wondering if someone could give me a heads-up on which scanner would be a good one to pick up (and where) to receive EMS and police frequencies in and around Ottawa. Many thanks in advance for your help :)
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    Newbie: BCT15X Howto - Scan a Particular Trunked Service

    Hello, first I apologize if this isn't the right place to post this question (please feel free to suggest a better location). I have the BCT15x and I'm fumbling my way around the system trying to learn how to use it. I have downloaded a trunked set for Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) Public Safety...
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    First Post - Looking for a scanner recommendation

    Hi there, Just new to the forums, but I'm a pretty technical user however I feel out of the loop with current technologies. I currently own a BC92XLT (Nearly Identical to the BC95XLT) and I'd like to get a new scanner that will allow me to hear a few more stations. I'm primarily interested in...