1. Lup1n

    How can I know the Address of my Pagers?

    Hello, they gave me 2 pagers, a Motorola GoldLine and an Advisor, in neither of them can I see the Address, I would like to be able to send a message with my SDR equipment, but I don't see it anywhere, at a hacking convention there was a pager that had his address written and we were able to...
  2. R

    Minitor 5 arduino programming?

    I have all the wiring set up and it starts to read through the port but eventually gives a read error when its complete, does anyone know if I'm missing anything or doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Unication G4 Pager with Charging Base

    Unication G4 Pager with Charging Base

    Up for sale is my used Unication G4 Pager. Everything included in this sale is featured in the pictures, what you see is what you get. Everything works perfectly. Not using it as much as I thought I would. Asking price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. PayPal only. My callsign is K4HPD.
  4. Unication G2 UHF-C band with Desktop Charger

    Unication G2 UHF-C band with Desktop Charger

    Unication G2 in the UHF C band (400-470MHz) for sale with the desktop charging dock. This unit will monitor analog frequencies and also connect to any APCO P25 Digital Trunking systems that have Phase 1 (FDMA) or Phase 2 (TDMA) talkgroups. Includes G2 pager, antenna, battery, belt clip...
  5. B

    UNICATION G5, works great.

    UNICATION G5, VHF/700/800 Battery one year old. Holds charge fine. Has the hi-capacity wall wart charger and charger/data interface cable. Works great. Especially good for SIMULCAST systems. $500 shipped to continental 48.
  6. Unication G2 UHF-C band with Desktop Charger

    Unication G2 UHF-C band with Desktop Charger

    Unication G2 in the UHF C band (400-470MHz) for sale with the desktop charging dock. This unit will monitor analog frequencies and also connect to any APCO P25 Digital Trunking systems that have Phase 1 (FDMA) Talkgroups Phase 2 (TDMA). Includes G2 pager, antenna, battery, belt clip, original...
  7. F

    Minitor 2 Reed Filter Positions

    I am trying to verify the A, B & C positions on the Min 2, it's been a few yrs since I had switched reeds & forgot, I looked on Batlabs & was slightly confused with how it said they are while holding the pager in a certain direction, so I'm hoping for clarity here, please. Is slot A closest...
  8. C


    Can a Motorola XPR6550 have a dedicated channel that acts as a pager? I have the qcll set up already. I just need to have a channel only open when the tone is received.
  9. XArkans

    Pager test dane county

    Hi, Does anyone know when Pager Test is in Dane County? Thanks in advance, Jason
  10. jbuchbinder

    Apollo Pilot XP (AL-A28) Programming Cradle

    I've been looking for any engineering or wiring diagrams out there for the Apollo Pilot XP programming cradle (it's actually part of a multi-unit programming cradle, but I suspect it's just different connections to the serial interface) to reprovision some older second-hand Apollo Pilot XP units...
  11. B

    Pager relay

    Hi all, I am trying to find a system that I can set up with a pager to send notifications to my cell phone in audio format. I know there are big company’s like iamresponding, Edispatch and so forth. But I’m looking to add to my hobby and try to put together a notification system from a pager...
  12. F

    Minitor 5 Question

    Hi Everyone. Does being on Wideband in a bank for normal scan make any difference in reception of the channel? It's unchecked on all banks as of now. Ive been getting a lot of static after each transmission too when the carrier drops for just transmissions and not 2 tone pages. Are those...
  13. M

    Unication Amplified Charger Alarm Device 6 Pin Port

    Ok, so I have a amplified charger for my G5, and have it wired to active a light/alarm for 10sec when toned out. It activates just fine but for some reason it wont shut off. it seems to me that the relay dry contact in the charger is not releasing/shutting off. I wish they would have some sort...
  14. nhfdcadet

    WTB apollo vp200 programming cradle

    WTB a programming cradle for apollo VP200 pagers. I have tried to make one myself out of a charger and so far have been unsuccessful, if anybody has one they can part with, OR might be able to tell me what i am doing wrong with making it, please let me know. Thank you
  15. Unication G3

    Unication G3

    Unication G3 dual band VHF and UHF 450-512. This has not yet been sent to Unication for the DMR update. If you want the base charger you can have it but I will not be including a USB charger. It is the standard micro usb we all have 10 of at home. In good shape with some scuffs as I carried it...
  16. Unication G4

    Unication G4

    Eagle eyed readers will remember my previous postings, regarding how many times I've owned a G4. If memory serves, this would be my 5th one. Anyways, I've come to the realization that, I am not using my G4 as much as I thought I would. I take my G4 to work everyday, where I "listen" to it. Thing...
  17. D

    Minitor V Amplified Charger to 12v Bell

    Hi all, I know this topic has been posted many, many, times before, but much of the information is greatly outdated. Especially in terms of broken links, old info, etc. I am seeking some help that I would really appreciate. I recently just got an amplified charger base for my Minitor V. I am...
  18. D

    Wake County Fire Departments Tone List

    Hi all, First time poster and amateur with all of this stuff here. I am looking for the tone-out list for the County Fire Departments, in Wake County, NC. Specifically, for Western Wake Fire Rescue. I am trying to get my personal pager programmed. I saw the earlier forum about this topic, and...
  19. Unication G1 Lowband 43-49mhz

    Unication G1 Lowband 43-49mhz

    Bought and carried for some testing for about a month, has some scuffs below the antenna housing. I understand lowband is becoming a rarity so price reflects that. Will come with the base charger. Prefer payment using PayPal.
  20. E

    Fire pager Frequencies

    Hi there! I was wonder what the spring field fire department pager frequency is. That is Springfield Georgia in Effingham county.