1. Unication G1 Lowband 43-49mhz

    Unication G1 Lowband 43-49mhz

    Bought and carried for some testing for about a month, has some scuffs below the antenna housing. I understand lowband is becoming a rarity so price reflects that. Will come with the base charger. Prefer payment using PayPal.
  2. E

    Fire pager Frequencies

    Hi there! I was wonder what the spring field fire department pager frequency is. That is Springfield Georgia in Effingham county.
  3. SlipNutz15

    ICORRS counties fire and ems dispatch

    For those counties part of ICORRS, which counties are still using conventional paging for Fire and/or EMS services? Armstrong - Fire was low band but shows deprecated. Are they using alpha pager or a different voice paging? EMS paging still 155.2200? Fayette - Fire dispatch still 155.1900...
  4. F

    888s as backup fire pager?

    Looking into the baofeng 888s as a budget friendly fire pager/scanner for a VFD. Price point and lack of features (aka buttons for people to press and mess something up) are very attractive. We have no dealers nearby to program and I'm familiar with CHIRP on the uv82 and have a good prog cable...
  5. W

    USAlert Pager Programming

    Is there a online programming software I could download? Thanks.
  6. BlueDevil

    Quik-Call II Delayed Alert

    I am setting up a CDM1550LS (VHF Model) to operate as a base station radio and station alerting system. I have all the tone information I need and have successfully programmed the radio to decode the tones. My issue is that the radio does not sound the Alert Tone until after the carrier has...
  7. D

    Motorola Advisor II

    I recently got an Advisor II pager and I have no idea on how to program it. I was hoping someone here could help me program it to go off for certain department frequencies/tones. Thanks, Matt
  8. E

    UV-82HP Fire Tones/Paging

    I recently got a Baofeng UV-82HP radio. I'm new to this whole programming thing to be honest. I volunteer with my local fire dept and work for an EMS agency. I purchased the radio to one radio that would work with both as each agency doesn't program the other in the radios. The main problem I...
  9. N

    Minitor 6 Reception Issues

    Hello All My department bought 15 Minitor 6s a few months ago. Some were placed in service, and Im now starting to get complaints from members that switched from the M4 and M5 that the M6 has some reception issues. 1 member who lives in town and has a perfect line of sight with the repeater...
  10. M

    BCD536HP: Broadcast Screen 'Pager'

    What frequencies does 'Pager' in Broadcast Screen actually ignore? The frequencies do not appear to be described in the manual, and may not be relevant outside the USA.
  11. L

    SunTelecom T4 pager programming

    Hello all. I am searching for a programming dock/cable for the Sun Telecom T4 pager. Anybody know where I could possibly get my hands on one? I've looked for a while with minimal luck... JL
  12. S

    Palm Beach County Pager Frequencies?

    Hello, I am interested in monitoring / decoding radio pager messages (POCSAG, FLEX, etc.) I am wondering if anybody knows of any frequencies used in Palm Beach County. I already know of 453.1500, which is what Palm Beach County Fire Rescue uses for their POCSAG pager dispatching, but I was...
  13. AlaskaRadar

    Missoula Digital (pocsag) paging

    Looking to see if anyone has a list of Capcodes used in Missoula County for the digital pageing. I have one Capcode but it only seems to be used in Missoula city. I have Some Ravalli capcodes as well but would like to know if there is a list someplace. Thanks
  14. B

    Scanners with Fire Tone Out

    Hey, I volunteer with a fire dept. And as you know, our pagers get damaged and lost very easy due to the job. Well turns out I've lost/broke to many, and now no longer have one. Can anyone tell me a good alternative scanner/pager that won't break the bank. The scanner could be a desk top one...
  15. G

    Programming XPR for Quick Call II

    I have some XPR 6550 portable radios. I would like to have one channel act as a pager for Quick Call II calls. I have programmed HT1250 and CDM radios no problem, however the XPR series does not act in the same fashion. Does anyone have feed back on this would be great. Thanks Graham
  16. D

    Chester County Alphanumeric Fire Pager

    I know there is a list of the alphanumeric fire pager tones for Delaware County, PA, but does anybody know or have a list of frequencies/cap codes for Chester County, PA?
  17. SlipNutz15

    PSR600 cuts out during pager tones

    I've noticed that certain quick call pager tones get cut out halfway through the second tone while others I can hear the entire tone. What's the deal?
  18. C

    Minitor V stored voice

    Hi, I have a Minitor V Stored voice pager. I was wondering is there a way to disable the stored voice function. I really do not have a need for it and it gets annoying when the tones are set off and all you hear is squelch till someone decides to talk. Thanks, Cody
  19. C

    Motorola Minitor IV Pager

    Hi, I have a general question in regards to a Motorola Minitor IV pager i just bought. On the back of the pager is shows the model # and the Frequency programmed into the pager currently. My question is can thaqt frequency be changed. The current frequecny is 453.750, i would like to change it...
  20. C

    How a pager operates question

    Ok i want to program my motorola advisor to recieve my fire departments pages i know the frequency our county pages on but do not know the cap code if i just enter this frequency and no cap code will i recieve all the fire departments in the county pages and the pager will just not go off or...