pg county

  1. villlythekid

    Issues with PG County System on Openmhz?

    Just checking if anyone else has noticed that a lot of tranmissions aren't even being uploaded to Openmhz for Prince George's county? I noticed this only started either yesterday or Sunday. On the other hand, Montgomery County seems to be working just fine. Maybe there's some way to get in touch...
  2. villlythekid

    BCD996p2 picking up one site but not the other

    My BCD996p2 can not pick up the South site in the PG County System, however it can pick up the North site very well. Any reason why? At the best I can pick up a very distorted transmission on the South site very rarely. Am I simply too far away? I live right on the Montgomery County/PG County line.
  3. villlythekid

    Issues with BCD996P2 and P25 system

    So I scan Prince George's County, MD (Prince George's County Trunking System, Various, Maryland - Scanner Frequencies) police and I noticed that my BCD996P2 scanner randomly goes quiet and doesn't pick up transmissions. I check the online feed for the same exact same system (openmhz) and all...
  4. P

    Looking for audio, 12/23/12 Prince George's County working fire

    I don't have premium so I don't know if its there but I'm looking for audio from the working fire in Lanham on Princess Garden Parkway around noon.