phase 2

  1. Uniden BCD996P2 (NO UPGRADES)

    Uniden BCD996P2 (NO UPGRADES)

    Like new BCD996P2 with power cable, usb cable, and stock antenna. Recently moved and simulcast renders this scanner useless on the system I monitor.
  2. N

    Whistler 1098 like new

    Works great, just an extra I don’t use In excellent condition comes with everything it would from the factory Can email pics Free shipping USA
  3. N1DDC

    ARC536: Phase-2 Trunking System issue on ARC-536

    Gommert, I'm not sure if this has been brought to your data engineer people but for some reason when I use ARC-536 Pro to Import any P25 Phase-2 systems using the RR Import it is putting it in ARC-536 as a P25 X2-TDMA system, which they aren't because that was specific to Motorola's...
  4. K

    Statewide P25 Phase 2 Multi-Site Question

    Hi All! I just had a quick question about P25 scanning. I am very new to P25 trunking and I am trying to learn the basics of the systems setup. I don't really understand how the multi-site trunking works exactly. Are all of these towers linked together on one master controller so all...
  5. I

    Phase 2 on DaneCom

    According to RadioReference, "Most Talkgroups on this system are Phase I however there is some Phase II traffic on lesser used talkgroups from time to time." None of the talkgroups in the database are listed with a Mode "T" (TDMA capable) designation. Does anyone know which of the 'lesser...
  6. I

    P1 vs P2 Indication?

    Is there any way to tell whether a received signal on the G5 is using P1 or P2 modulation? According to RadioReference, some of the talkgroups on DaneCom (Dane Co, WI) are using Phase II modulation, however, none of the talkgroups in the database are listed with a Mode "T" (TDMA) designation...
  7. M

    Fairfax County, Phase II Yet?

    I've noticed that Fairfax County radio traffic has decreased significantly on my 396XT (No Phase II) since December. I still hear some police and fire, but not as much as I used to. Does anyone know what the status of Fairfax shifting to Phase II is? I'm not sure if this is the reason I...
  8. R

    P25 Phase 2

    I live in British Columbia, Canada. Our emergency services have/will be switching over to the P25 Phase 2 system. Is there any (portable) radio out there that can successfully receive the various fire departments from Whistler to Chilliwack that uses the P25 Phase 2 radio system? Thanks
  9. S

    MARCS switch to Phase II

    Does anyone know if or when Ohio MARCS is switching to phase 2?
  10. H

    Havasu Police & Fire Equipment Changeover

    In a City Council Meeting dated 9/22/2015, approval was given to Police Chief Dan Doyle by City Council to purchase new radio equipment. In the meeting notes, it is detailed that the following equipment is to be purchased: • 800MHZ P25 Trunked Radio and MCC 7500 Dispatch System • MotoTRBO...
  11. wa3ysu

    Pro96Com Behavior On Astro 7.16 System

    I have been monitoring a very large 700 MHz Motorola P25 phase 2 system since it was first turned on. Pro96com has worked excellent the past 2 years on this Astro 7.14 system, but after a recent system upgrade to Astro 7.16, I am seeing unusual behavior by the program. Specifically, the...
  12. T

    Confused about P25 Phase 2 system

    I am looking into to buying a police scanner. The areas I would be using it in (Knox, Blount, and Sevier counties in Tennessee) seem to use the P25 Phase II system. I understand that the scanner would have to be compatible with this system. While researching online I saw that the phase 2...
  13. G

    Need Advice Choosing Radio Type (Willis,TX)

    My son is a firefighter for MoCo ESD1. I live a stones throw from main station 91 or about an eighth of a mile from I45 on FM1097 west. I'm primarily interested in listening to fire/EMS in my area but I want to be able to pick up as many of the transmissions as possible. Anything out of my area...
  14. J

    Springboro, OH

    Hello! Is Springboro/Clearkreek on Phase 2? Thanks
  15. L

    Shelby County Sheriff Office & Home Patrol 2

    New owner of a Uniden Home Patrol 2. Downloaded the latest database updates from, and have the unit successfully scanning most of the police, EMS, and fire traffic in the area. I upgraded from my Uniden Home Patrol 1 specifically so that I could monitor the Shelby County...
  16. T

    BCD996XT: BCD996XT P25 Phase 2?

    I just want to confirm if the BCD996XT can handle P25 Phase 2?
  17. brian86

    Setting up Trunked Radio To VHF Simulcast

    Ok first off I know that simulcasting would be simple if we used two mobile radios with accessory ports programmed for such however being a volunteer department we are trying to avoid spending $5,000 on a mobile P25 Phase II Radio. We are a volunteer department that is in the process of...
  18. J

    Memphis going P25 (Phase2)

    RFQ # 26892: Professional Consulting Services Procurement of a Public Radio System for Police Services Looks like Memphis is trying to hire a consultant to finally go P25 Phase 2.
  19. M

    BCD536HP: Adjusting Band Defaults Multiple P25 Systems

    So I was reading through the various fixes here on the forum to improve P25 decoding (audio quality). I followed Upmans instructions and changed the Band Default and Default Range. However, I am currently monitoring two P25 systems. Both of which audio quality is lacking. One system is...
  20. W

    Time Delay Affects P25 Simulcast Reception

    For those wanting to know what affects P25 reception see the article in the April 2014 issue of Mission Critical Communication magazine. The article titled "How Time Delay Interference Affects P25 Coverage" describes how simulcast signals sent from different sites can be distorted because of...