phase 2

  1. Mountaineer304

    Needing help with a scanner asap

    Hey there fellow scanner heads I've been wanting to get a nice top of the line scanner for my area I live in Kingwood,WV 26537 but travel to 26505 and up and down i79.. I'd love some thing thats capable of picking up the most it can, from state police to healthnet and local dispatch any help...
  2. panoboy

    H-CPM demodulation using SDR

    Is there any SDR software which can demodulate H-CPM? If not, are there unique challenges which make this difficult or is it due to a lack of interest? Thanks.
  3. P

    What state systems flip between phase I and II and how often?

    title say it all
  4. P

    Is Michigan's Public Safety Communications System Phase I or II?

    I'm VERY confused by all this. The RR Database says phase II, but from what I heard recently that the state uses phase I or most of the state uses phase I. So...what is it?
  5. Mountaineer304

    Looking to get back into scanning, p-25 phase 2

    Hey there title kinda lays it out, I've been wanting to get back into scanning for a while but here in North central WV everything has went digital p25 phase 2... So I'm 100% new to that and need some direction lol any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. I

    Advice on scanners for monitoring Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, & Richland counties

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and have some questions about a new scanner. I would be grateful for recommendations on what would work best for us. Most of our time is spent in the following counties - Newberry, Fairfield, Lexington, & Richland counties. My primary interests are, Sheriff, Police...
  7. BearTracker 885 - CB / Scanner - Used twice

    BearTracker 885 - CB / Scanner - Used twice

    Beartracker 885 - Used twice for project Digital Scanner & CB Works great Still under warranty - will supply receipt / in all box with all NEW.. Non-Smoking Adult home. I will pay shipping / Continental USA only.
  8. Uniden HomePatrol-II  HP-2 - 32gb SSD / Extreme Upgrade / Like New

    Uniden HomePatrol-II HP-2 - 32gb SSD / Extreme Upgrade / Like New

    Home Patrol II Hp-2 * Has the Extreme Upgrade $50 value ** Upgraded 8gb ssd to 32gb ssd - more recording room In the Box / Non Smoker / Adult Owned INCLUDES US Shipping. Paypal or Venmo.
  9. SOLD Bcd325P2 with DMR SOLD

    SOLD Bcd325P2 with DMR SOLD

    like new, comes with everything from factory with DMR already activated. $285 shipped priority
  10. SDS100 For sale or trade for handheld Amateur Radio equipment

    SDS100 For sale or trade for handheld Amateur Radio equipment

    Hello! I am 1 month away from getting my hopefully General Ticket and have no radio gear at all. Portable, Mobile and looking for SW receiver as well. Will be using these at a Science Museum here in Durango as well. Let me know what you have to trade please. Contact by email. I would like to...
  11. Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner w/ DMR/NXDN

    Uniden SDS100 Digital Scanner w/ DMR/NXDN

    The SDS100 is a true I/Q scanner. This is the FIRST scanner to incorporate software defined radio (SDR) technology to provide incredible digital performance in even the most challenging RF environment. The SDS100's digital performance is better than any other scanner especially in both simulcast...
  12. MTL_Emergencies

    UID not displaying in P25 Phase II on patch talkgroup

    Hello, I am monitoring a P25 phase II trunk system (SERAM, site 1) but I am having issues with unit IDs: FD dispatchers use patch talkgroups to combine multiple talkgroups together (the patch name is REGROUPEMENT and patched talkgroups are COMMANDEMENT). In phase I, unit IDs show up just fine...
  13. D


    Has anyone on here ever programmed a Harris radio with P25 Phase 2 trunking for the Arkansas Wireless Information Network? I just bought a Harris XG-75P radio and imma looking to program to listen to the local non encrypted frequencies. There is a lot of information in the database concerning...
  14. Uniden BCD536HP

    Uniden BCD536HP

    I’m selling a Uniden BCD536HP desktop base unit. It’s still currently selling for over $500+ and has the DMR & NXDN upgrade kits installed, which adds another $150 value to it. Has the capability to enter a zip code and finds local channels/trunking from that. It does Phase-2 digital P25 so...
  15. AK4FD

    [WANTED] Uniden SDS100 Handheld

    I am wanting to buy an SDS100 Uniden handheld scanner. Please let me know your price, what accessories it comes with, and photos are a must! Due to past scamming incidents please have your RR username written somewhere in the photo like on a piece of paper or something next to the device...
  16. SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    SOLD - Whistler TRX-1 - Works Great extra NEW batteries / Remtronix Antenna

    Whistler TRX-1. 2 Sets (8 batteries) - NEW External Charger - NEW Remtronix Antenna USB Sync Cable External Ruberized Green Case. Unit works GREAT - very very light screen scratch you have to move to right light to see. No manual - can download from Whistler / Download EZ-Scan from Whistler to...
  17. J

    Uniden BCD536HP PII Not Scanning

    Okay hopefully this is something simple. I just got a new BCD536 and am using sentinel to programming it. I have created favorite lists, assigned my quick keys etc. the favorites appear, I can turn them on and off with quick keys everything appears to be good. With I manually adjust to a...
  18. Updated Pro-668 with loaded SD card.

    Updated Pro-668 with loaded SD card.

    This is a hardly used Pro-886. Comes with pre-loaded 4gb micro sd card. Works great but just bought a Home Patrol 2 and no longer needing it. Also have a fully upgraded BCT-15 (not the x version) for sale as well. Will answer any questions and ship anywhere. Shipping will be quoted to you...
  19. ***SOLD***Whistler WS1088

    ***SOLD***Whistler WS1088

    Comes with stock antenna and vhf antenna. Also comes with TRX type case with green or grey back plate. No box or other accessories $310 shipped in the USA priority
  20. Whistler WS1088

    Whistler WS1088

    Great shape. Comes with upgraded VHF antenna as well as stock antenna. Added case (same as trx). No other accessories $300 shipped in the USA