1. cakers900

    NX-5000 DMR Tier III Trunked Radio Talk Group Scanning Priority

    I am in the process of deploying a public safety DMR Tier III Trunked Simulcast System. I have nearly a million dollars worth of NX5000 subscriber equipment sitting in my shop that I am not ready to deploy because Kenwood has yet to enable the ability to select a priority talk group during talk...
  2. KI5UFO

    G5 priority option

    I won’t be considering getting one or a few of these till probably a good year in the future, but I do have one question. The priority function, does it act just like a run of the mill scanner as when you have a priority channel, and have that momentary skip in audio when it checks for any...
  3. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Not possible to toggle Priority for Channel right?

    Just wanted to confirm that while holding on a channel there is no way to toggle Priority on/off for that channel. The only option is to go through the menu and edit the channel right?
  4. E

    BCD436HP: Can you Prioritize Priotrity channels?

    OK, so my history of scanning goes way back (8 channel crystal days), and the newer tech is a bit baffling to someone who just moved up. I *think* I understand that Priority DND in the 436 means that the scanner will NOT check for Priority channels if ANY other channel is being received (i.e...
  5. saboken

    BCD996P2: Drop Out Due to WX and PRI scanning

    I know this issue has been mentioned I thought it was just having Priority Scanning on that was doing it but when I turned it off it got better but didn't go away until I turned the WX scan off! I just purchased a BCD996P2 for the S.A.M.E feature but the dropouts make the feature unusable. Is...
  6. A

    BCD996XT: priority assistance

    Hey guys, I need help learning how to use preemptive priority with this scanner (BCD996XT). The easy to read users manual didnt help me much. Basically I have 1 system, in that system is 2 TG's...local police and local ems. In my police talk group I have 2 channels (8782, 3776), in my ems talk...
  7. T

    SC230 Race System Priority Scanning Question

    Hey all--getting ready for racing at Kansas Speedway in a couple weeks and I picked up a SC230 over the holidays to really get serious. It replaces my old Uniden BC95XT. I've spent a few months loading both racing and conventional systems on it and both work fantastic. So now, I'm getting it...
  8. G

    Priority Delay: 396XT vs PRO-95/97

    Just curious if there is a quick fix or if this is just a Uniden quirk. I've read other posts in regards to P25 delay time, but I'm currently only scanning conventional systems. When Priority is enabled on the 396XT, I always get a minimum 1-second pause while the scanner checks stored priority...
  9. P

    Priority id scan not working.

    Been trying to use pri id scan for the 396xt on a motorola trunk system but something seems to be wrong. One tgid is flagged as priority and the group quick key is enabled, yet when I try to toggle pri modes the scanner says no channel... Pri id scan is enabled in the system options. Missing...
  10. S

    BCD396XT trunking priority says no channel...why?

    I want to monitor a single talkgroup ID in a Motorola Type II system using the Priority Plus option, so I can quickly switch to monitoring only that single ID. I have turned on priority for both the site and the particular channel, but when I turn on Priority Plus, it displays Priority Scan No...
  11. del1964

    Priority ID Scan BCD396XT

    I did do some searching around thru the forums here and apparently it's definitely true. I have tried everything I could think of and I cannot get priority ID scan to work on the Indiana SAFET system. I tied turning off and on the system settings priority scan function and off and on the...