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  1. Pro 90, Pro 94, and Pro164 Radio Shack handheld trunk tracking scanners for sale.

    Pro 90, Pro 94, and Pro164 Radio Shack handheld trunk tracking scanners for sale.

    All three scanners are for sale as a package. Pro 90 and Pro 94 (operator manual comes with the 94) are programmable from the key pad and the Pro 164 is programmable from keypad or pc via data cable. The 164 has a glitch with #7 on the key pad but will take programming via PC cable just fine...
  2. T

    pro 164 external battery pack?

    Is there anything like this, use 18650, rechargable?
  3. For Sale - Radio Shack PRO 164 Scanner

    For Sale - Radio Shack PRO 164 Scanner

    I have for sale a Radio Shack PRO-164 scanner, antenna, and power supply. I do not have any battery holders or anything else. Cost is $80 including shipping, payment to be paid via PayPal, local pick up possible. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  4. P

    Pro-164: Whistler 1010 and Pro 164 or Pro 97

    Does anyone know if a Whistler 1010 replacement battery cover and battery holder sold on the Whistler site would fit a Radio Shack Pro 164 or 97?? Images look similar but was wondering if anyone specifically knew or owns a WS1010
  5. 1

    Pro-651 USB Cable the same for Pro-106?

    Hopefully this doesn't sound like a stupid question, but is the pro 106 usb programming cable the same as the pro 651 usb cable? Online it seems they are segregated out and are sold differently, but they look the exact same. I have a programming cable for a pro 164 which is supposed to also work...
  6. F


    Can I use my pro 164 scanner with unitrunker it has triple trunking and modes FM,AM,CT,DC,MO,ED,LT
  7. S

    programing trunking with arc300 for pro164 uestion

    Okay when i import like a trunk system to arc300 and upload it to the scanner it shows the control channels which there are 4 of them but theres like a bunch of talkgroups,are the talk grtoups uploaded to the scanner as well when i hit upload to scanner? Because i just see the 4 control...
  8. B

    Pro 107, 164

    I live in Boca Raton and recently purchased a pro-107 to listen to local Boca PD/FD and PBSO/FD. Turns out the people at Radio Shack have no Idea what they are talking about because 2 Scanners later (They just sold me a pro 164) Boca is a digital trunking network!!! WHAT RADIO SHACK SCANNER...
  9. andrewyb

    Programming Pro-164 with a Mac

    I just got my brand new Pro-164 in the mail. Does anyone know of options for programming if you have a Mac and not a PC?
  10. M

    question about beeps

    Hello! I am using a PRO-164 and scanning conventionally. I am working on learning to program the scanner to scan trunked - but one of my main motivations for doing so is to eliminate the three beeps you get conventionally after transmissions. Will scanning trunked eliminate or filter out the...
  11. R

    Another Pro-164 Trunking Question

    Hey folks, Forgive me for asking, while I've gone through post after post, I guess I'm still missing something here. I picked up a Pro-164 on eBay and am working on programming it for a simple Motorola Type II Smartnet system. I've entered in each of the five frequencies listed on RR. One of...
  12. N2SCV

    ARC 300 and Pro163, Pro-164

    When I download from RR database or enter a frequency manually WITHOUT a pl into ARC 300 it defaults the mode to am. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.
  13. scanthewaves

    Need some analog trunking help in Sarasota

    Just got a Pro 164, I don't have a programming cable yet, I was expecting my old Pro 92 cable to work but it's mono, digital scanner not in the budget yet and I wanted to get back into the swing of the hobby. I read on the wiki that the county freqs are both digital and analog, but mostly...
  14. scanthewaves

    Pro 164 Newb here need some help.

    Hi I'm a long time scanner enthusiast, I started out with a crystal set and worked my way up. My most recent scanner before the 164 was a Pro 92( which if anyone is interested I'm selling for P&R it's on fleaby now but I won't post the link since I don't think that's appropriate, just PM me if...
  15. P

    PRO-164 Trunking setup

    ive had my Pro-164 for almost 5 months, i know that my area isnt big for trunking at all. the local police use regular anolog frequencies but there are some businesses that use trunking from what ive heard. No place i have looked online has any info on these trunking systems in my area. im...
  16. Z

    LTR Mapping

    I have been trying to map several local LTR systems and finding it is a lot harder/time consuming than I thought it would be. I found this reference Mapping an LTR System - The RadioReference Wiki on how to map a LTR system but it's VERY tedious. (Checked RR and FCC ULS, no luck) I am...
  17. sheriff205

    PRO 164 scanner id where to find thelm on radio refrance ?

    hi to all i am trying to find where on this website to find tgids or where to find id for trunked radio freq . for Motorola Type I,II,I/II hybrid, EDACS, and LTR if u know how to find tgid or just the id numbers plese post thanks sheriff 205 .
  18. C

    I Need Help Setting Up My pro 164 Trunking

    I just Bought A Police Scanner From Radioshack, pro 164 And I'm trying To Figure out the Trunking. I need help with setting it up can you help to program this? I wanna listen to some Local police and they use Motorola 2 and I wanna get the on my pro 164 Can you help me out? Email me to help...
  19. D

    RadioScanners Retailers in Georgia?

    Besides RadioShack, is there another retailer in Georgia where I can buy the pro 164 at a good price? And I don't use online website, cuz I don't have a Credit card. Thanks
  20. D

    Pros, cons, comments on the Pro 164 for the Airband?

    Well guys I'm wondering if the RS pro 164 is good for the Airband? Pros, cons, you know sound quality, reception, and range? Besides, I'm new on the Radio Scanner Hobbie and I have a question, and this question might sound silly, but here it goes: It is possible to listen only to one frequency...