1. wb9otx

    Pro-197 Indiana Dist 42

    About July 1st or so Indiana Dist 42 and all Ripley county Digital stopped receiving on my Pro-197. I am using WIN 500 programming software. I used it to download the Ripley County database, After it was sent to the scanner it still receives no digital. I was told the Versailles tower went to...
  2. W8HDU

    RS Pro-197 Remanufacture

    The Dayton Hamvention is over, and I heard two guys talking mobile to mobile on 146.52 as they drive home about someone possibly picking up the Pro-197 and making them again. I gathered from the conversation there was some sort of discussion at the Hamvention. I sat this year out. This...
  3. rjvalenta

    SLATER Antenna? I'm in Kirkwood... INSIDE

    I have had a radio shack discone lashed to my chimney for years, and before the rebanding it worked well - too well, I had to put an FM trap on to hear the riots last year. I'm using a Pro-197 on my desk, set to scan with a well shielded line to the roof. Then, the change happened... I have...
  4. rjvalenta

    Tips for the Rookies, please

    hello all, i've been pouring over the various SLATER threads and have seen a few posts about garbled reception, and tried a few things this weekend: first, i'm using a Pro-197 second, i'm using WIN500 and doing a web import third, i started with a new template, imported all the SLATER sites and...
  5. SuperTracker

    UNABLE to hear ANYTHING of Philadelphia Police or Fire on Pro-106 or Pro-197 WIN500

    As far as I know of, being original owner of both a Radioshack Pro-106 and Pro-197, I've downloaded Philadelphia Police and Fire via WIN500 and uploaded them to both scanners and I hear absolutely nothing coming from those active selected lists. I believe both scanners have latest firmware...
  6. T

    SRRCS and the PRO-197 Help

    I am having trouble with the Sac Regional Radio Communications System (P25 Phase I). I have all the correct trunked system frequencies programmed, along with the talkgroups. However, I am not picking up anything it seems like. I can occasionally hear SSD, but not any of the other 10 talkgroups I...
  7. L

    PRO-197 won't recognize talk groups

    One of my PRO-197s has been working fine for over 3 years on a P-25 digital trunked system. I have police, fire and sheriff talk groups programed. There are about 20 others (jail, courts, animal control, public works, etc) that I don't have programmed. Several days ago the scanner went silent...
  8. rjvalenta

    PRO-197 not receiving well - Icom is from same place

    hello all, a friend of mine bought a new Pro-197 not too long ago it seems... it sat on his desk with our local PD in it, he rarely used it... and eventually he called me and said he didn't want it anymore. i live in the Saint Louis (Kirkwood) area, and I thought this was an opportunity to...
  9. R

    PRO-197 losing objects

    Hey, gang! My first post! My scanner keeps losing objects, MOSWIN in particular. I've got it programmed into scan list 10. I've got conventional objects programmed into scan list 1,3,4,6, 15, & 16. I've got Ameren's trunk system in one list (I don't have the list in front of me) but that's...
  10. WX9RLT

    Pro-197 Antenna

    I am looking for a good antenna for my Pro-197 I know I will have to probably pick up 2 different types. I want to monitor the following freq ranges, ranked in order of priority: 800-900 150-160 118-136 I prefer something not outdoors. Any ideas, cheaper the better
  11. T

    Pro 106 and WX same led latch.

    With the Radio Shack Pro-106 (and Pro-197) set to receive WX SAME broadcasts, is there a way to set the LED to quit blinking when an alert is over and the scanner go back to monitoring for the next weather warning? I have found the settings to latch/unlatch the LED for items in scan lists, but...
  12. S

    Noob to scanners

    Hello, I live between Shelbyville, waldron and columbus. Just ordered a RS PRO-197 scanner, should have it in a few days. I'm a retired firefighter from Indy's west side and would like to monitor Indy and all depts PD/Fire on meca. According to my mapping software, I'm 35 miles from Indy and...
  13. J

    Radio Shack Pro-197 Programming Question

    Hello, My son and I received a Radio Shack Pro-197 scanner from Santa last year and we are not able to figure out how to program it. We live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana/70810 and I was wondering if there was anyone in my area that programs these types of scanners for people that are too stupid...
  14. A

    Central AR by County for PRO-106 and PRO-197

    I worked hard to make this program for my PRO-106. It's useful for central Arkansas. AWIN, Pulaski, Faulkner, Lonoke, Saline, Perry, Jefferson, Grant, White Maybe this will save some of you guys time in setting up your RadioShack scanners! Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. I'm...
  15. F

    Need Help with Radioshack Desktop Radio Scanner Pro-197

    Please help. I will pay you to get this scanner figured out via paypal. My son and I have both tried to get it working...the unit works, I just cannot get our local police up on it through the scanner.. This thing is so complicated. You can send me a PM or reply here if you are...
  16. K

    Albertville AL PD

    Can anyone tell me if they are successfully receiving the Albertville PD communications? I believe they have been rebanded in the 800 mhz band. I have a PRO-197 and have programmed it as described in RR but having no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. D

    Pro197 Volume/SQL Potentio

    Anyone know the part/catalog number for Pro197 Volume/SQL Potentiometer ? Where I can get it ? I'm actually outside US. Thanks
  18. J

    Brand New to Trunking

    Hey guys, I appologize in advance if this has already been covered in another thread, but to my best ability, I havent been able to find it anywhere. I just bought a Shack PRO-197. I dont have any software, or the programming cable, because I dont own a PC. I have a macbook, but it appears...
  19. Z

    Talkgroups in Carter County, Tn

    Hello. I am a newbie up front. I have just purchased a Radio Shack Pro-197 and I love it. I have ARC500 PRO software and a premium membership to Radioreference. I have most of my county freqs working but I am having trouble with the Talkgroups as shown in Radioreference. There are three...
  20. P

    PRO197 Changing Scan List

    This will seem like a silly question... but... How do you change from one scan list to another and have it stay on the second scanlist. We have several scan lists built and loaded (from ARC500) and when we try to go from say list 4 to list 5 it just turns them off or on and/or it does not go...