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  1. P

    Pro-164: Whistler 1010 and Pro 164 or Pro 97

    Does anyone know if a Whistler 1010 replacement battery cover and battery holder sold on the Whistler site would fit a Radio Shack Pro 164 or 97?? Images look similar but was wondering if anyone specifically knew or owns a WS1010
  2. W

    Pro-97 Antenna for Airshows/Military

    Hey everyone, forum lurker on here. Wanted to chime in and ask for some suggestions as I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of antennas that are out there and frankly, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to what's good or bad in the least. I have two Radio Shack Pro 97s that I use at...
  3. M

    Delay Time

    I know there is no way to actually set a delay for conventional frequencies like you can trunked. But, is there a way to, sort of, trick it to basically be the same as being delayed. Would it work to set the same conventional frequencies in multiple banks in the same channel or in different...
  4. W

    New User - Pro97 Question - Pro97 Programming

    Hey everyone, I'm a new scanner user working with a Radio Shack Pro97 Scanner. I programmed the scanner using Win97. I'm computer proficient, but new to the scanning world. It looks to me like it's programmed properly, but I'm not picking up anything. At first I thought the scanner might...
  5. G

    Do I need a Digital Scanner

    Hello and Good Day! Yes, I am new to Radio and radio communication. I work at the El Paso Times and have been advised to monitor the police scanner, to be on the look out for any news worthy material. Thought the Times has a couple of police scanners, the one at the office is old...
  6. E

    Pro 97 scanning not receiving

    Hello, I just bought a used Pro 97 fairly cheap with hopes that it may be an easy fix. The scanner turns on and other wise functions fine however it does not stop on any frequencies. I thought that this may just be due to the antenna connector becoming loose from the board. Any ideas? I was...
  7. I

    pro 97 Motrola II trunk programming I am missing somthing doing somthing wrong

    I have read several how to, and my man. but am missing something. never programmed to trunk track have been trying but always just get control audio and scanner opens up on control chan. the system i am trying to program is as follows. 867.87500c Primary control Ch. 867.36250a...
  8. J

    Pro 97 charging batteries in black case

    My Pro 97 charges (I think probably short circuits them since they get so hot) my batteries when I have it plugged in even with the black nonchargeable battery case. I put a meter on the two connectors, where the battery connectors meet the radio, when it was plugged in and got about 9 volts...
  9. R

    GRE PSR-500 any good for me?

    OK, so I know what the PSR-500 is capable of in terms of trunking, digital modes, freq coverage and so on. However I have a hesitation about purchasing one based on my current experiences with a GRE made Radio Shack Pro 97. My concern centers around the sensitivity & selectivity. Here in...
  10. M

    Leawood EDACS?

    Hey friends, I just got my RadioShack Pro 97 from ebay yesterday and I've been storing what's left of the Johnson County Motorolla trunked system - I'm trying to add Leawood which uses EDACS in the same bank and I'm getting nothing but the typical crazy noises from the control channel - what am...
  11. A

    Programing order in the Pro-97

    I have been reading the various posts regarding programing trunked systems into the Pro-97 but have not been able to find an answer to my question. Sorry in advance if I have overlooked the answer in a different post. I am attempting to program an EDACS group and the database lists 2 different...
  12. T

    Pro 97 error message

    Received a Pro 97 for Christmas. Have been trying to learn how to program it. Have Win 97. Finally was able to find a RS data cable. Before the cable, the scanner worked fine. It is used, and who ever had it first prrogrammed in a lot of police/fire channels, which I was able to listen to with...
  13. B

    Lake Oswego help?

    Hello, i am somewhat new to scanners and such but i would say i know the basics, any way, i have a pro-97 scanner. I would like some help getting good frequencies/ TG's for LO (lake Oswego). Most of you are thinking to redirect me to those database things, but i have spent HOURS on those and can...
  14. U

    PRO 97 Programming Trunking

    Yes I am very new to scanning. I recently purchased a Pro 97 and am trying to program a local frequency. The primary control channels are 854.61250c 856.73750c 859.73750c. I have programmed these in and changed the mode to MO. On one of the control channels, I see the MOT: Sys-4210 95%. Every so...
  15. S

    Trying to program pro97 with win 97 for talk groups

    I am trying to put in Montgomery county, Maryland Police talk groups using the web import--->trunked systems in the win 97 menu. Once I get them imported into win 97, I then choose to upload to scanner. ( See Screenshot ) They appear to load fine. But I can’t seem to scan the talk groups. If I...
  16. bballjh

    Changing Pro-97 Bank names

    I have a Pro-97 from Radio Shack and I do not have the software or cable because I program it all on the scanner itself. I know how to change the alpha tags on the scanner itself but I wanted to know if it is possible to change the bank names without connecting it to a computer, and how it is done.
  17. L

    Pro-97 skips out

    My pro 97 will skip out enough to be annoying, especially when I am trying to hear an address and i'll only get part of the information. I might have it set incorrectly because my friend has a very basic RS scanner, I placed them side by side and when a call came through every few seconds mine...