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    Pro-668 Com Port issue

    Has anyone with this scanner had the com port fail? Used to be anytime I plugged in my 668 to the computer the led light on the scanner would stay on all the time, It was programed to do that under settings. Now when I plug in the scanner to the computer the scanner led never comes on and when I...
  2. B

    Pro668 Error Message after power outage

    Had the power go out while the scanner was plugged into usb power adapter. Dilemma being my pc died & I seem to have misplaced my factory sd card. Can you recommend the easiest method to get up & scanning again? I have two different error codes. The first appeared when the power came back on &...
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    Indoor antenna suggestions advise 800mhz

    Any suggestions on a different type indoor antenna that would pull things in abit better for me. I am able to pickup the Harris Co,* Texas Huffman Tower just great but the Humble Tower is very hit and miss for me depending on where I have my radio in the house. Interior middle part of the house...
  4. K

    Decoding P25 NAC

    Hello, As I look around, a straightforward answer does not pop out... What software is needed to display the full metadata from a trunked P25 system signal? (Metrocrest Quad Cities Public Safety Radio System Trunking System, Carrollton, Texas - Scanner Frequencies) Or really..where does one...
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    Anecdotal Pro-668 Market Value Observations (ebay)

    I spent about 21 days stalking several saved searches and watch lists on eBay and I was looking for the GRE flavor, the Whistler flavor, and the RadioShack flavor. Ultimately the best value by about USD$100 was a RadioShack 668 probably new but had been opened. Total price at the end of the...
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    Pro-668: Pro-668 Software Programming

    So a friend gave me his Pro-668 and i read that the software is within the memory card. I installed it into my computer, and read through the "Easier To Read" for the pro 668/1080/etc but i simply do not get how to put in frequencies into the scanner. I just want to put in the P25 systems of my...