1. KB1IZV

    Problem Monitoring Collier County, FL

    Hi, this is my first post. I live in Naples and have a Uniden SDS100 and when I purchased it I paid for programming Collier County Sheriff and Naples PD. I know the County uses the EDACS system and for the life of me, I can't get any radio transmissions from either the CCSO or NPD. I can see it...
  2. W

    Yupiteru MVT-7100 can't change mode, stuck in FM

    10 years ago I had one of these scanners. I got good use of it and it got a bit worn. I stopped using it when I was unable to change the mode from FM to AM. Recently I have wanted to resume scanning. Since the Yupiteru still has a reputation as a really good scanner I bought one on eBay. To my...
  3. R

    Sentinel software problem

    Hello When y open sentinel software the error message appear: Reconstruting full database failed. mismatch file format version And Database could not be read. BCDx36HP sentinel installation might be corrupted. Please reinstall BCDx36hp sentinel. Mismatch file format version I reinstall...
  4. M

    Gaps In Archived Feeds

    Lately there are numerous times during the day when you have gaps in the recordings. You can easily observe this by looking at the time ranges. You can see where they are shorter than the typical 1/2-hour-long recordings you normally find listed in the archives. This isn't just with my feed...
  5. johnfeher

    Unitrunker voice receiver drops a lot of transmissions?

    I have recently discovered the possible benefits and exciting potential of inexpensive SDR hardware. I installed the latest version of Unitrunker and I am experiencing the same issue as aspicer posted on a different thread, back in 2014. Since I can't tell whether the issue has been resolved I...
  6. B

    newbie HI & HELP

    Hi ALL I have been registared for site for 2 weeks and have been reading alot before my 1st post, firstly thank you and big hello for acceptance and very good site /forum and alot of good info/reading. now for the problem i have not a great start i bought the new Uniden BCT15X scanner...
  7. marksroberson

    APT Image Problem

    I Have tried to receive the NOAA APT satellites on the 136-137 MHz range but i can never see the picture (its attached) i use MultiPSK and use a TYT TH-9800 Quad band radio can anyone help!
  8. S

    Minitor 4 Problems

    I am wanting to verify some info before try this repair. Actually, I have 2 minitor 4's, with issues, but what I'm gonna describe is only happening on one pager. The main problem I have is continuous squelch, when monitoring radio transmissions, and when I squeeze the pager, frt & back together...
  9. W

    Scanner cast RR configuration won't configure.

    Scanner cast configuration where you log into RadioReference will not load for me everytime I try to start me feed it says the program has failed to inialize. I am not sure what my problem is I have updated Frame works I have gone onto Scammer casts website its self and updated the program. I am...
  10. Y

    Yaesu VX7R: Suddenly Almost No Ouput

    Hello. I have a VX7R which has suddenly decided to produce milliwatts of TX, regardless of the TX power setting. It still transmits, and the audio is good, but the power is non-existent. I haven't had a chance to put it on a meter to see just how puny it is, but it's as if the PA doesn't...
  11. NFR85

    Problems with 800 Mhz Antenna

    I live in Nashua,NH and I have a Uniden BCD99XT. I have several telescope antennas I believe are 800 MHz and 1 mobile 800 MHz Antenna that can plug into the back of the scanner. My problem I'm having is when Nashua tones out I do not hear it. I thought they stopped using the tones so I...
  12. B

    Motorolla Radius M1225 issues???

    Hello there, new member here, i have a Motorolla radius M1225 radio, it used to work, i came across it again cleanin out the grage it now does not, when i que up the mike, it "resets, and the dispay goes out and back on, all symbols on the display and it keeps on doing this till i turn it off...
  13. K

    Mcminn Co Frequency Are Wrong

    I dont know if this is happening to anyone else but the Mcminn Co frequencies are wrong and makes me doubt the site...For example Englewood city is really County and the County Frequency doesnt pick up and the Etowah FD is really the PD..... Does anyone know how often they update this and if...
  14. E

    Pro 97 scanning not receiving

    Hello, I just bought a used Pro 97 fairly cheap with hopes that it may be an easy fix. The scanner turns on and other wise functions fine however it does not stop on any frequencies. I thought that this may just be due to the antenna connector becoming loose from the board. Any ideas? I was...
  15. S

    Injured and ailing people wait as dispatch problems slow LAFD

    Los Angeles, CA - When the machine swallowed her hand, slicing off one finger and mangling the rest, Tania Wafer's co-workers tried frantically to stop the bleeding as a supervisor dialed 911. Read more: L.A. Times
  16. brian86

    PG X2-TDMA & Antenna Choices

    Posted in Wrong Spot Moved to....
  17. R

    Problems with Vertex Standard VX-231 EG6B-5

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm sorry to be abusing your hospitality straight away with a problem but this is what brought me here in the first place. Recently (9 or 10 months ago) our company acquired 6 Vertex VX-231 Two Way radios. Everyone was very happy with the radios until recently...
  18. C

    minitor v difficult problem

    ok so ive been looking around recently online to find a solution for the problem but cant find the problem im having and the fix to it. so the m5 i bought off a friend will alert on the closed alert channel and opens for x amount of seconds. seems to be when there is a break in dispatch it...
  19. G

    Another BCT15 firmware difficulty, need help please

    So I opened up my BCT15 scanner today and checked the firmware it's v 1.03.04, so I need to update it. I checked the link I found on this discussion board and doenloaded the installer and the firmware update. Useing a RS USB to Comm cable w/driver I attempted to load the firmware. I seemed to...
  20. M

    Weak receive on 996t - help!!!

    I just purchased a used 996t and it has very weak receive. Local freqs that usually show full signal strength only show 1 bar on the s-meter and the receive is scratchy. The attenuator is not turned on. I did a factory memory reset with no help. It will not receive anything with the telescopic...