1. NicksTechTips

    TK-250 Programming and free radios!

    Hello, I have a few Kenwood TK-250's, I would like to get the current programed information from the radios. Most of the batteries are not good. I do not have a programing cable and I am not interested in keeping the radios. I can send you two radios with one somewhat working battery + 2 bay...
  2. M

    XTS 3000 What Control Towers do I need to program into CPS for Bell Fleet Net Peel EMS too work

    Hi, I am from Canada I am trying to listen to Peel EMS and not sure what control towers I need to program into CPS for it to scan but if someone could help me that would be great. I have an XTS 3000 VHF.
  3. L

    Kansas Statewide Interoperable System

    I have a Uniden BCD536HP scanner that I'm having trouble getting it to scan the Kansas Statewide Interoperable System. I use the Sentinel program to load the information on the scanner. When I first got the scanner, I had it setup to scan and the Counties and departments I wanted to listen to...
  4. M

    Enabling Channel announcement on XTS 5000r

    Hi I was wondering if I can enable Channel announcement on my XTS 5000r on Astro 25 Portable CPS 20.01.00. I have never actually programmed a radio in CPS before so is this something if I do wrong I can brick my radio or screw something up?
  5. T

    APX4000s Recent Call List

    A bit frustrated trying to program our APX 4000. I added the RCNT menu option to our radios, which from my understanding logs any radio traffic for instant replay. Below is a video of the feature I'm mentioning. However, when I check and go under RCNT a "No rcnt calls" message appears. This is...
  6. M

    Pager Channel for Motorola HT1250

    Hi, does anyone know how to make a pager channel for a Motorola HT1250, s then the channel will only be open if it receives an alert or tone?
  7. L

    Baofeng DM-5R aka BF-5R Radio ID Help Needed

    Radio in Question: Baofeng DM-5R CPS version: 1.1.5 H Version: 1.0.3 Software Version 2.00.9 While I have enjoyed using my previous 5R's, this one is something all together. Manual that came with it does not appear to be for this version and I have yet to find a corresponding manual. Biggest...
  8. R

    Astro cps r20.01.00

    Does anyone know where I could find a PDF of the manual for R20.01.00?
  9. E

    i have it programed, now what

    Hello all, I'm really new to all of this. My family had a scanner from the 80s that we used everyday until a few months ago. I got my dad a Uniden BCD996P2 for Christmas. I just got the premium membership so I can easily find the frequencies and everything for my area. I uploaded them to the...
  10. D

    XTS 5000

    So I have a lot to learn about the 2-way world but I have an XTS 500 and I am needing to have it programed. Looking for someone local that might be able to program this radio. NOT LOOKING FOR SOFTWARE!!!!
  11. E

    west virginia sirn programming freq

    does anybody have a list to share of countys on the system I got my xts5000 back from 911 center and they forgot to program some counties in my portable any help or links would be great
  12. H

    Trouble Programming :(

    Hi all, I have an XPR7550 and I am trying to program it via cable, but having no luck. Cable says IMPRES Accessory when connected to the radio, and connects properly to Windows 7, but I cant seem to read or write to the radio. At a loss, any help appreciated!
  13. T

    Understanding ARC-XT

    Thanks to everyone who have been answering my beginner questions. one more, as I try to get my arms around the Qkeys, Group Keys, etc. Two questions tied to my attached ARC-XT screenshot of my programming. Using a BCD-396-XT ****** Do the 3 yellow highlighted areas represent the same thing...
  14. T

    Motorola Radio Programming Computer

    Long time lurker seeking advice: (my apologies in advance if the is the wrong place for these questions) A few hours ago i came across this listing on ebay: Motorola Radio Programming Computer | eBay The seller clearly states the legalities, but i'm curious as to the software. Would it be...
  15. T

    Programing MCS2000

    I am looking at acquiring a MCS2000. Still waiting to hear if it is UHF. I have called Lakeshore Communications and they won't/can't/don't, program these radios. What other company in the GTA area do programing as I am looking for a rough cost as I am going to have it programed for use at my...
  16. 2

    In a talk group, where CRKs (multi-key encrytion) is used, how many can I add?

    Thanks for everyone that helped me out with my first thread. THANK YOU :) I'm programing up some handhelds and the customer asked, " How many CKs can each radio manage?" I'm assuming the want to know when multi-key encryption is used, how many can be used in a talk group. Any suggestions...
  17. 2

    Back in the field after 12 years, same programing issues.

    I’m finally back into the Motorola radios again after being away for 12 years. I loved this when I was a tech back in the day working on the equipment, setting it up and configuring it for our customers. I recently started a position as a field Engineer and am amazed on how far the technology...
  18. T

    BC125AT Won't Communicate with FreeSCAN

    Hey all! Been a while since I was last around, but I got a question for you. My grandfather bought himself a BC125AT recently, and I offered to program it for him (he only ever used the service search on his older RS handheld). I downloaded and installed the USB driver successfully, but it...
  19. M

    Kenwood TK-2180 and TK-3180 Programming

    I'm a volunteer with the Sky Valley / Scaly Mountain Volunteer Fire & Rescue. Our fire district covers a portion of GA (Sky Valley) and NC (Scaly Mountain). The Rabun county GA fire frequencies are VHF. The Macon county NC fire frequencies are UHF. Thus we end up with two sets of radios for all...
  20. A

    HP-1 programing help

    I am trying to find a police dept. (thats not on the database because the recently changed freq.) I have a strong feeling they are on 769.53125 and 799.53125. They said they run Conventional with digital audio(?) What I am wondering is if the Homepatrol with the extreme update will allow me to...