1. N

    Programing Help bcd 996t

    OK, I know I've aged since I programed my 996xt but I just picked up a used 996t and cannot for the life of me remember how to specify, in the Database, which freq's I want to download and program. The list that shows for Ventura county, CA has a lot of stuff I don't want or need to listen to...
  2. U

    new area new systems, got to love it

    so i just recently moved to norfolk VA not to long ago, im stationed here till i finish my pipeline for my rate, but i recently got my old BCT8 sent up to me and i started off with the motorola type II for the city system and got it programed in about 10 mins. but now im working on the naval...
  3. A

    Quick App Maker Studio L - Free IDE for develop Cross-Platforms Gui databases applica

    Hello Quick App Maker Studio L - Free IDE for develop Cross-Platforms Gui databases applications. Quick App Maker Studio is new multi-platform IDE for creating applications for JVM. Gui designer suport drag and drop object into Forms. Supports databases access (SQLite for Now), SQL language...
  4. M

    pro-106 w/Win500

    Was wondering if there was a way to log GPS data into Win500 activity log while mobile, would allow for general location of frequency hits while trveling at 50mph +/-, for later use.
  5. C

    RadioShack® PRO-197 Digital Desktop Scanner Programing

    We are attempting to program a Pro 197 scanner to receive MARCS for Muskingum County (Zanesville Ohio) area and have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have the programing we can "dump" into the scanner. Thanks
  6. M

    Alright...Whats DPL?

    Sorry the title should say DPL!....Hey guys im trying to program my radio to 422.475......026 DPL and my radio specs say it can do DPL but in the programing software im not seeing it i have a thing call "DQT" Im guessing that means digital quit talk and the only opition i think i have is if i...
  7. M

    Programing Opitions?!

    I have a few questions im trying to program a radio and i have all these options and i was wondering if some one could maybe give me a short definition of what each means. Please see the attached PIC. Many thanks anything will help! Also i dont think this is the best software to program this...
  8. C

    Houston wrecker driver needs help with programing

    Im a wrecker driver in the houston texas area.... I have a bearcat bct8 trunk tracker and would like to know if anyone from my area has the ability to program my radio for me with all of harris county trunking system. I am willing to bring my radio to you and pay $$$ for your help. My mobile...
  9. M

    "Spacing" Question?

    Ok, sorry if this question seems stupid but i need to know how far some channels are spread apart i know 460.55 (141.3 QT) is "Channel 4" So what would the others channels downward be .15 off? I'm pretty sure we are narrow banding if that matters. Also would QT or CTCSS change with each channel...
  10. M

    Help with programing?! (CTCSS)

    I am going to buy this radio UA300 Compact Programmable UHF Radio Uniforms & Accessories Warehouse - Security Uniforms, Law Enforcement Badges, Lightbars and i am going to have them program it to 460.55 and apparently i was told by my boss i need them to add 141.3 for CTCSS now..i dont know what...
  11. D

    GP 900 Programing

    Hi I got 2 gp900 radios, and using rss 6.06 software using an old dell laptop, the software is reading the radio and sees all the radio data etc, first when I try to save the data to C:\ is states too long or too many, I can save it to floppy a:\, I have tried shortening the name which is...
  12. S

    tk-272g software

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone knows the name of the software that can be used to program my radio. I have a Kenwood tk-272g. I am hoping that there is a free download somewhere that someone can share with me. I would greatly appreciate your responses.
  13. D

    Radio Shack Pro 94 handheld

    how do you program txwarnp25 codes into a Pro 94? I did just like the manual said, and nothing. after programing all the 800 #s I hit trunk and search, and nothing. Confused, where should I go to get the right info?
  14. RyanRox099

    Hillsborough TRS Question

    On the Hillsborough TRS do I program both the East, and West system into the same bank? Or do I use two banks. Thanks
  15. C

    I Need Help Setting Up My pro 164 Trunking

    I just Bought A Police Scanner From Radioshack, pro 164 And I'm trying To Figure out the Trunking. I need help with setting it up can you help to program this? I wanna listen to some Local police and they use Motorola 2 and I wanna get the on my pro 164 Can you help me out? Email me to help...
  16. W

    Uniden bc346XT

    Is there a way to program Radio Unit ID alpha tags into the 346xt in an EDACS Standard system? I have a list of all the Radio IDs and their alpha tags, and I see that I can have the numeric ID show up by going to Menu - Settings - Disp. Unit ID. I'm wondering if I can add the alpha tags to this...
  17. Q

    VX-3000 Programing Issue

    When I try and download data from the radio onto the computer, I get the please wait screen and then nothing happens. I have left the radio connected for 10 minutes just to see if it was a slow download but nothing. The CE19D has not frozen because I can hit esc and it will cancel the function...
  18. Z

    HT-750 programing issue?

    hey i just got all the stuff to program my (new to me) ht-750, i run the program, radio shows up and i can edit all the frequencies, although when im done and i write the radio, none of them seem to work, ive checked and db checked, all the numbers and PL tones are right, any one have any idea...
  19. Northerner71

    Lost!! Mt1000

    I have a MT 1000 and do not know what to do with it. I was wondering if I could reprogram it to monitor Fleetnet control channel, so I could use it to just to run trunk88 or unitrunker. It is a MT1000 with the keypad on the front, it is VHF and is programmed for 153.080 right now. I have no...