1. K

    Riverside PSEC

    Question about the PSEC system. i just bought by BCD436HP unit a few weeks ago and have been monitoring the system and of course i know that all police agencies TGID's are encrypted, but today i noticed that i programmed it as P25 X2-TDMA, not P25 TRUNK. I have heard clear talk on N/W call...
  2. hotshotmike1001

    Riverside County Public Safety Enterprise Communication Project (PSEC)

    looks like the county is testing the new radio system the old EDACS Networked Standard has no traffic at all Bummer well soon i will hopfull get the new uniden
  3. T

    Riverside County System late/overbudget

    This is what happens when you don't have technically knowledgeable people running a program and then handing the keys to the project to the vendor. RIVERSIDE COUNTY: New radio network late and over budget | Breaking News | - Press-Enterprise BY JEFF HORSEMAN STAFF WRITER December 05...
  4. C

    Riverside County system update

    from: :: Sheriff-Coroner :: Riverside County, California ince 1992, the Riverside Sheriff's Department has operated an 800 MHz analog radio system. In spite of the County's best efforts, the system could not keep up with the demands of the County's population growth and the technical...