1. alfonzo1955

    Need Cheap Scanner for UniTrunker

    I need a cheap scanner that can listen on 800MHz and is able to be hooked up to UniTrunker so it can drive my PSR-310 to listen to ProVoice. Any ideas? Cheap Scanner -> UniTrunker -> PSR-310 -> DSD
  2. K

    PSR-310 / Win500 Programming Question

    I've been using Win500 with my PSR-500 for a few years now so I'm somewhat familiar with using this combo. A friend just got a PSR-310 yesterday so I assumed it would be a simple matter of connecting it to my PC and dumping my p500 file into it. Nope. All I see is "Nothing Enabled!" after the...
  3. K

    PSR-310 squelch question/workaround

    Hi, I'm new to scanning, I picked up a PSR-310, so far no complaints. I live in Los Angeles and when listening to the County Sheriff dept, I'm dealing with a unique (to me) radio system, from The Sheriff's Communications Center (SCC) is located in East Los Angeles near the...
  4. 6


    Trying to program a 310 for a friend, I have the Radio Shack 20-546 USB cable and have downloaded a few of the demo software programs. None of the programs will see the scanner, I have the USB/com port set correctly (its com7 on mine) and I have tried direct communications (I forget which...
  5. M

    No idea what I'm doing

    Hi there so I used a uniden scanner for many years until it broke and I just got a PSR-310. I love everything about it HOWEVER when it comes to programming a trunked system I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I have read the manual and have read multiple forums online I even tried searching videos on...
  6. GTR8000

    PSR-310/PSR-410 CPU Firmware U1.4 Released

    Firmware U1.4 was released today for the PSR-310 and PSR-410. Changes are as follows (note that 1.2 and 1.3 were never released publicly): U1.1 - Corrects bug found on Attenuator feature U1.2 - Corrects bug related to Attenuator feature U1.3 - Corrects band plan for marine channels U1.4 - Adds...
  7. eagleswings01

    A (Hopefully) Helpful Tip To Any Scanner Owner

    Hi Everyone, Although I demonstrate this tip on a PSR-310, it can apply to any scanner with a customizable welcome screen, which is why I posted this video here. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, but it could save you hundreds of dollars if you ever lose your scanner. I hope it...
  8. GTR8000

    Attn: 310 and 410 users

    If you get the "CHECKSUM FAILURE" error while uploading data to either the 310 or 410, forcing a full reset before it will finally take the new programming, please post in this thread. I've had the error happen to me at anywhere between 0% and 98% of the uploading progress, it seems quite...
  9. oregontreehugger

    First Impressions: GRE PSR-310

    Just wanted to share my first impressions of the GRECOM PSR-310 handheld scanner. As a longtime Uniden owner, it took a little convincing to give a GRE product a try. Years ago I had a Pro-60 handheld, and more recently a Pro-2054 desktop model. My main concern was the potential for overloading...
  10. V

    Help with GRE PSR-410 and Canadian Band Plan

    Hi Guys, I have looked through all the menus and the manual and cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the band plan to Canada? I did a search here and found something on Flex Steps but how do I enable this? I know how to do this in a Uniden Scanner but cant figure it out for this...
  11. T

    Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual

    Just finished (mostly) an Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual. Easier to Read PSR 310/410 Manual
  12. K3DRQ

    How do I set up SAME (PSR-310)?

    Hi, Very much enjoying my new PSR-310, which I bought along with the cable and Butel's software. I was wondering how to enable SAME though; I entered the SAME code for my county into the software, and it is listed properly in the scanner. I wanted to know if you need PriWX turned on for SAME...
  13. 737mech

    GRE PSR-310 V-Folders?

    Does the 310 have V-folders?
  14. Oldglide

    My PSR-310 saga continues

    OK so I thought I would give it another chance. First off, the back-light for the display worked for only 5 minutes, no more.:mad: 2nd: I don't remember who mentioned it in my "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" post but yes, If you press "att" on a channel it doesn't stay.:confused:It stays on my...
  15. J

    PSR-310 some voice channels missing

    My PSR-310 seems to receive only half the available voice channels on a particular TSYS. It receives all traffic but half the time it shows only the group ID and no frequency or audio. I have a PRO-95 programmed only with the VCs for the same TSYS and the PRO-95 produces the audio I cannot...
  16. Oldglide

    GRE PSR-310, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    The Good: The display is killer. The best I've ever seen on a scanner. Object memory OK. Not that much better but better than banks and channels. More software to buy The Bad: Performance not that good. Side by side with my 300 with the same stock antenna, 300 gets 3 hits for every one on the...
  17. wrhenker

    310 Data transfer issue

    Just wondering... Am I the only one who has trouble transferring data from Win500 to the PSR-310? It never seems to work on the first try. The syncing continues according to the Win500 program, but from anywhere between 0-99% complete on the first try, the radio resets. It always works on the...
  18. Northerner71

    Question about the GRE PSR 310

    I want to know if the new 310 can dump control channel info via the usb and if it can, can it do both digital and analogue? I know you can not hear digital with the 310 but I want to buy it if let say I can use it for Trunk88 and see both digital/analogue. Thanx for the help.
  19. shaft

    New PSR 310/410

    GRE will unveil two new scanners at Hamvention next month, the PSR-310 and PSR-410. Discuss away...