1. SOLD - GRE PSR-600 base/mobile scanner

    SOLD - GRE PSR-600 base/mobile scanner

    I would like to sell my fully functional PSR-600 scanner. I am the original owner and it comes in the box with all the original accessories (including the CD where you will find the full manual), plus a cigarette lighter plug for normally unterminated DC cord. I just checked the blue programming...
  2. Mojaveflyer

    TRX-2: Transferring Files From ARC-600 To The TRX-2

    I'm sure it's been asked but I couldn't find the posting... I just ordered a TRX-2 and I'm wondering how to transfer files I've put together for my PSR-500 / 600 from Butel ARC-600. Any suggestions from the experts on this forum?
  3. T

    Copy data from PSR-800 to PSR-600?

    I have a PSR-800 configured the way I want. I just picked up a PSR-600 and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with moving the data from an 800 to a 600...if that's at all possible. I would like to use the 800 on the road and the 600 to stream as it passes along alpha tags. Any help...
  4. A

    Voice Inversion

    Hello All, I am using a gre PSR-600 and am new to the trunking/digital scanner world. One of my talk groups uses voice inversion, but it seems only on the dispatch side. I can hear replys fine, just the dispatch. I seem to remember seeing somewhere about using the "tune" button to find a...
  5. A


    Just bought a 600 & 800 - like the 600 jury is still out on the 800.... The AutoMove feature on the 600 really appeals to me...but, does it actually "MOVE" the channels within the system? Meaning, after monitoring for several hours/days/weeks will it move the frequencies to the correct LCNs...
  6. rvacs

    Scanlist - ?? PSR-600 - PSREDIT500

    Ok got 2 new PSR-600 models. Got several systems loaded into the scanner from PSREDIT 500 - trunked and non-trunked. Made several Scanlist. Found out to turn on or off (TOGGLE) a scan list while scanning just hit the number. And on double digit like 15 you hit FUNC + 5. But how do you get...
  7. gmclam

    PRO-197/PRO-106 audio issue

    I have a PRO-197 scanner, programmed for a Motorola II 800MHz TRS, that scans just fine. It works great on conventional frequencies, but when it stops on a TG of the TRS there is NO audio. Any ideas?
  8. LESTAT2010

    Need help arc500pro usb cable for psr-600

    Hello. Very new to scanning but can follow directions. I just purchased the gre psr-600 digital scanner and also bought the software arc500pro so i can upload and download frequencies to and from scanner. The gre usb cable that came with the scanner does not seem to work, cant upload or download...
  9. nesnet

    GRE PSR-600 Digital Audio

    A sample of digital audio from the Monroe County, NY (Rochester) P25 system. Starts out digital with the Monroe County, NY Sheriff Dispatcher, reverts to a analog UHF repeater for a school district, and back to P25 for a town PD. GRE PSR-600 digital audio clip...
  10. krokus

    MPSCS base scanners

    The FD I work for is going to be going over to MPSCS shortly, along with the rest of the county. I have approached our chief about purchasing a base scanner for each of our stations, so we can monitor more than the duty radios are going to be programmed for. (We don't need or want to monitor...
  11. J

    GRE PSR 600 Software

    I realize that the cost of computer software for the 600 is fairly cheap, I would like to only buy one program. Besides the 600, I have a BC330T that I am using with ScanControl. Features I am looking for include: ease of use, hit logging, audio recording, and good customer support. I am...
  12. beischel

    GRE500/600 Marine Freq File

    Does anyone have a marine frequency file (VHF and even UHF) that they can send me so I can import it into Win500 to load into my GRE (PSR500 and 600) scanners? Or are the conventional frequency files on RR someplace that I keep missing. Also looking for railroad freqs if you have those also. If...