1. GRE PSR-500

    GRE PSR-500

    For sale: Used GRE PSR-500 scanner. With antenna, alkaline and rechargable battery holders, and programming cable. I have added a Motorola spring type belt clip. $100.00 plus $15.00 USPS S&H to the USA only.
  2. W

    500/600 mounting bracket and knobs

    Maybe you have a PSR500/600 and have it vehicle mounted using the DIN sleeve option, leaving you with a mobile mounting bracket and knobs that you don't need. I am looking to purchase the 600 bracket and knobs. Can't find a vendor in the net. Thanks. Terry
  3. V

    Mountain Home AFB, ID

    I programmed my GRECOM PSR500 for all trunked frequencies in the area. I noticed that MHAFB Security Forces transmissions are unintelligible. I am able to hear others on the networks such as POL, aircraft maintenance, etc. but these particular transmissions are unintelligible. My question is...
  4. SlipNutz15

    PSR500 decoding P25 issue?

    I'm not sure if it's an issue with the scanner or the system that it's not completed but here's the situation. When the console transmits on a Talkgroup the scanner does not decode the transmission unless there is a radio (mobile/portable) selected on that channel somewhere on the system. Ex...
  5. SlipNutz15

    2013 Chevrolet Malibu Install

    I recently bought a 2013 Malibu and after a few weeks of not having any radios or scanners in my car and it driving me nuts, I took the plunge. I don't have pictures of the trunk lid liner removal but it was simply removing the plastic rivets and the plastic handle used to close the trunk...
  6. poppafred

    Manually Rebanding a PSR-500

    I have a PSR-500. When I left for vacation, I did not bring my programming cable. when I arrived in Ft. Worth, Texas (damned hot!) I found out that they and the Tarrant Co. system had rebanded. :mad: I have the control channel frequencies and found the settings on the rebanding wiki. Now...
  7. qr25det

    Helpful Hints?

    Hello, My name is Scott, I'm from the Halifax area and after a lot of reading a research, decided to go with the GRE PSR500. I ordered it about 5 minutes ago complete with rechargeable batteries, wall charger and car charger :D. I have been sifting through the other forums, but I am not sure...
  8. Northerner71

    Pirate Radios?

    I run Trunk88 24/7 and have been since last July. I periodically check my logged radios to delete radios without Talkgroups. (I am assuming that these are bad reads) But I have noticed that there are two radios that always appear and are not attached to any talkgroups, right after I delete...
  9. Northerner71

    Trunk88 Mode Question?

    I have been running Trunk88 for over a year now, I love all of the amazing updates and can not say enough about the program. My question is, on the top of the screen it says mode: data monitoring. Are there other modes? Thanks in advance.
  10. Gadgetman728

    Multi EDACS sites on PSR500

    I'm trying to load McPherson Co. Kansas EDACS system in Win500. This system has 3 sites, they have 5, 5, 4, frequencies in each site respectively. Since these need to be located in LCN, do I have to create 3 TSYS entries so the Freqs. are in the right placement? These 3 sites are listed as...
  11. Northerner71

    Trunk software idea

    I do not know if I am alone in my way of thinking but I would like a piece of software to act like unitrunker but show all the info like trunk88. I love both programs but would like to have it all in one package. I know both programs are free and I should not look a gift horse in the mouth...
  12. Northerner71

    OPP Pagers

    Anyone know what freqs these would be on? Are they even scannable? Just curious, thanx for any info.
  13. T

    PRO-106 and one frequency / multi-CTCSS tones

    I have a PRO-106 and am using Win500 V01.82. A frequency using a CTCSS tone signals that there is another user or potential user of that frequency. Whenever SEARCH discovers a TONE and I SAVE the frequency/tone pair, there is a nagging thought about what future pairs will be missed. As an...
  14. N

    PSR-500 for sale

    I just listed my PSR500 scanner on eBay, condition is like new and includes all accessories, box, etc. Ebay item number is 280420925977 Neil Bell
  15. Y

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    Is there anyone fron Indianapolis, Indiana that owns a PSR 500 and can help me get it programed? I have windows Vista and fr some reason it weill not open the port to the Scanner. I have even sent it back to the Manufactor and they said the sacnner and cable were fine. I think it is in my...
  16. jwsmith59

    Wash DC Metro Trunking System

    Hi, I have a Pro-106 scanner (PSR-500 RS Clone) and I am trying to listen to the Metro System subway trains. I programmed the scanner with the control channels and with the "Analyze" feature can see the system ID and I am getting a 99% signal. I created a "Wildcard" talk group object but I...
  17. B

    Traveling with my PSR 500

    I normally prefer to travel by train or sometimes bus but while checking out flights I found a flight from Tampa to San Francisco for only $89.00 and could not pass it up. When I travel I normally take my scanner along for the trip. I have had no problems with taking it on board the trains and...