PRO-106 and one frequency / multi-CTCSS tones

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Oct 2, 2006
I have a PRO-106 and am using Win500 V01.82.
A frequency using a CTCSS tone signals that there is another user or potential user of that frequency.
Whenever SEARCH discovers a TONE and I SAVE the frequency/tone pair, there is a nagging thought about what future pairs will be missed.
As an experiment, in a separate Scan List I saved a known pair and locked it out. Then I created a new object of the same frequency with Squelch Mode set for SEARCH. The scanner kept hitting on the same frequency and showing the same CTCSS. Is there anything similar to the WILDCARD function, where once a TGID is found, it can be locked out?

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Dec 19, 2009
Shelton, CT
I'm not sure about the answer to your question, but I would suggest upgrading to the latest version of win500, which as of this moment is version 1.91

Perhaps this might help

Here's what you're missing running your current win500 version:

Revision History

Version 1.91 2009.12.16 09:48 (GMT -0800)

Added support for site-specific trunking tables in RR downloads
Sped up trunked system downloads from RR (e.g. I used to see ~10 minutes for MPSCS, I now see ~3 minutes).

Version 1.90 2009.12.02 14:26 (GMT -0800)

Fixed NAC import in RR web interface.

Version 1.89 2009.09.15 15:15 (GMT -0700)

Speed enhancements to RR imports.

Version 1.88 2009.09.03 10:49 (GMT -0700)

Changes to address duplicate private TGRPs being created in the Monitor/Control mode.

Version 1.87 2009.08.22 13:25 (GMT -0700)

Fixed "bad trunking table" warning when importing some P25 systems
Accommodated RR's changes to 'County' vs. 'City'

Version 1.86 2009.08.03 06:40 (GMT -0700)

Fixed selection problems in RR import "trees".

Version 1.85 2009.08.01 14:52 (GMT -0700)

Added handling for RR DB's 'splinter' and 'rebanded' flags.

Version 1.84 2009.07.27 15:25 (GMT -0700)

Fixed RRLib.dll to correctly import some Mot fleetmaps.

Version 1.83 2009.07.27 12:36 (GMT -0700)

Modified imports to use the SOAP interface.

Version 1.82 2009.07.01 13:15 (GMT -0700)

Fixed extra carraige returns in activity log
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