1. P

    PSREdit500 vs ARC500

    What are the differences? Not including the pro verison of ARC500.
  2. J

    New to Digital Scanning-help with programming

    I am new to this digital scanning. I have been scanning since I was 15 years old (I am 48 now.) But this new type is getting me confused. I tried to search the forum but I am really not sure what I should be typing in the search box. For anyone with an idea, let me know. Anyway, I have a...
  3. J

    WS1040: Whistler 1040 New out of Box

    I live in northern Wisconsin Dead center between two counties Ashland and Bayfield. I just bought the WS 1040 because it's specs say it can handle PS25 trunking. I download the PSREdit500 software and installed it. 1.I was able to work my way through importing a trunking database from...
  4. K

    how can i load up "everything" in my at this

    How can I load up "everything" I can for my area? I'm NEW to scanning and am not yet sure what I do and don't want to listen to so I thought I'd try 'everything' first and pare down from there. Is considering 'everything' to be all for Riverside and Los Angeles California counties too much (if...
  5. Suddath

    PSREdit500 New To This

    I'm new to the Digital Scanner world and don't have a clue to what I really need to program the P25 type groups. I have a Pro-197 and am going to listen to the TVRT area commincations. I was woundering pro/neg thoughts on the PSREdit500 software. Its looks like something I could understand. Thanks
  6. firetaz834

    PSRCtrl500 error 126

    I need some help. Had recently gotten a new laptop (Windows 7) and had loaded PSREdit500 and PSRCtrl500 without any issues. Release is 1.89Release2. Then, my laptop had and issue and it was replaced with a like model. PSREdit runs without an issue, but when I try to run PSRCtrl500 I receive the...