raspberry pi

  1. fury88

    gqrx and pulse audio giving me dead air stream

    I had a power outage the other day and ever since I booted my raspberry pi 4 board up with the bcfy image I no longer get audio. I can see the audio registering in pulse audio for my USB audio device but the stream does mot have audio. I don’t see anything muted and it seems pretty straight...
  2. 4

    Unable to start streaming with darkice

    Hello, I am trying to get my feed up & running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I logged into my account from bcfy-shell and started the service. But when I check the status, it shows as "activating". When I checked the error log, it shows as below. I tried flashing the image to SD card 3...
  3. K

    1 Antenna 2 feeds

    Has any run into a issue where you have 2 feeds running on 1 raspberry pi and using 1 antenna where the audio mixes on both feeds? When I use 2 separate antennas and the audio mixing goes away.
  4. X

    Raspberry Pi Zello Client - Works like Broadcastify Calls

    Hi! So I saw a few people asking about a better way to send audio to Zello. I see all sorts of setups, like emulating Android or using a phone. Well, what I have done is create a some what custom Python implementation of the Zello client. It works similarly to Broadcastify Calls API. The idea...
  5. D

    OP25 OP25 + Liquidsoap = No Audio

    Again- thank you in advance for any assistance! Making progress here...but getting no audio. I must be missing something! I've got OP25 monitoring the control channel I want and it appears that liquidsoap is sending data to Winamp: Winamp is getting meta info from OP25 (the talkgroup is in...
  6. D

    OP25 RasPi 4 + OP25 Not Using trunk.tsv or Streaming

    Hello! First and foremost - thank you in advance for the help! I provide the DUCOMM Channel 1 East feed in IL on Broadcastify and am looking to improve it by using my RasPi (maybe include more talkgroups, etc.). I am trying to monitor STARCOM21 (Illinois; specifically the 774.43125 control...
  7. buckyswider

    OP25: No audio after migrating to Pi 4

    Hi all, probably a really stupid question here. I had/have OP25 up and running great on my Pi3B (save the flaky USB port that boatbod helped me diagnose earlier). For various reasons, I want to move this to a Pi 4. Install went smooth. OP25 up and running. But I'm getting no audio. The web...
  8. J

    OP25 Distorted Audio

    Hi All! I'm having the same issue as this thread: OP25 Audio Slow and Choppy I'm using a brand new RPI 4b (1gig) and new NooElec NESDR smart v4 running raspbian buster. I am trying to listen to the North Fulton Regional Radio System (NFRRSA). My first setup had audio that sounded terrible, so...
  9. P

    OP25 Should a Raspberry Pi Zero be fast enough for OP25?

    Hello all! I am trying to get OP25 running on a Raspberry Pi Zero. I can get OP25 to run, and I can get the audio piped over the network to my desktop PC so I can hear it. However, I have to turn the sample rate for rx.py way down to get OP25 to detect any transmissions, and even then, it...
  10. M

    rPiAIS - AIS Dispatcher for Raspberry Pi

    rPiAIS - AIS Dispatcher ​for Raspberry Pi. ​The project web page of rPiAIS is: http://www.aishub.net/rpiais Build​ an advanced ​AIS station with Raspberry Pi. rPiAIS project is an implementation of AIS Dispatcher for Raspberry Pi devices. It supports broad range of AIS receivers connected...
  11. J

    SDRplay downloadable SD-Card Image for Raspberry Pi3 Model B+

    The SDRplay downloadable Raspberry Pi SD-card image has been updated to include support for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ device. This provides plug and play SDR functionality using Cubic SDR and remote access to an RSP using Soapy Remote More information and the link to the downloadable image can be...
  12. J

    Non-windows SDRplay Command Line Tool examples updated

    For those of you developing your own applications, SDRplay have updated the play_sdr command line tool on their GitHub repository ( http://www.github.com/SDRplay/examples ) to support both the RSP1 and RSP2. This tool also supports 16bit or 8bit output so that it can be used in conjunction with...
  13. K

    Decoding P25 NAC

    Hello, As I look around, a straightforward answer does not pop out... What software is needed to display the full metadata from a trunked P25 system signal? (Metrocrest Quad Cities Public Safety Radio System Trunking System, Carrollton, Texas - Scanner Frequencies) Or really..where does one...
  14. S

    RTL-SDR and Raspberry Pi - Choppy Audio with rtl_fm

    Howdy! I'm new to both RTL-SDR and setting up a scanner provider. I've been following the instructions on the RR Wiki, Raspberry Pi RTL-SDR Broadcastify - The RadioReference Wiki and wanted to ensure the setup was working before I started the feed. As such, I've tried piping the rtl_fm feed to...
  15. B

    Raspberry Pi Updated Instructions?

    I am unable to get my feed up using the main build instructions Raspberry Pi Broadcastify Build - The RadioReference Wiki However, I was able to use these older? instructions from 2009 but as it says in the edit at the top, does not restart darkice upon reboot. Live Audio/Ubuntu Darkice - The...
  16. N

    Need help with Rasp Pi !

    I have 9 Pis that I am trying to get on line with 9 different feeds. I am not used to Linix and it is driving me crazy. I have all the programs loaded on the Pi but can't seem to get them to work. Does anyone know the ins and outs of this project well enough to talk me through it? I got one...
  17. K

    Raspberry Pi2

    I have tried many many times to setup one of my 4 feeds on a raspberry pi but i can never make it work. I have tried every way possible. I have tried suggestions that are on this site but nothing works. Even tried the image that someone has made to make it work and it didn't. I don't understand...
  18. J

    Improved ADS-B for SDRplay and Raspberry Pi

    We now have an updated beta version of ADS-B for both the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. This is based upon the 16bit Mutability version of dump1090 developed by Oliver Jowett and unlocks the full 12 bit performance of the RSP1. People should see a significant performance improvement over the...
  19. N

    Setting Feed Alerts from Raspberry Pi

    I've searched around for an answer to my question but couldn't find it. Sorry if it's right in front of me, my google-fu is not strong today. I'd like to set my feed alerts by a less manual means. For example, if Skywarn is activated, I'm out the door. I can set up a physical button that I...
  20. jmgerace

    Raspberry Pi using Darkice bitrate inconsistency

    I am broadcasting a scanner feed using a raspi2 with darkice. In my darkice.cfg I specify using a constant bitrate of 16kbps on 1 channel (mono), but my feed is listed as 32kbps on the broadcastify website. There really isn't anything complicated about this setup, what am I missing here? Thanks