1. GTR8000

    Hatzoloh of Rockland

    As of Sunday, June 12th at 1000 hrs, Hatzoloh of Rockland now operates primarily on the 700 MHz Rockland County Public Safety Communications System, using full-time encryption on their talkgroup. 159.885 is no longer their primary dispatch channel.
  2. nyscan

    Rockland Countywide Police Channel

    Is the VHF link to the Rockland Countywide Police TG still operational? Haven't heard anything in a while. Have there been any changes in the use of this channel?
  3. K

    Clarkstown Police NY

    anyone else having problems picking up law dispatch scanner audio for Clarkstown pd, Rockland County NY? Ive had no problems for years using Home Patrol 2, and just recently last week it stopped picking up audio. Scanner id updated to most recent database. Please help. Thanx in advance.
  4. S

    Where did Bear Mountain go ?

    During the summer, the Bear Mountain outlet is great fun scanning. Harriman State Park, 154.890 is overwhelmed by people who give the Parks PD plenty of things to do. Super slow channel on winter days, and nonstop in the summer..... Silence. My BCT 15X works on every other channel...
  5. G

    Spring Valley NY PD: Encrypted

    Hi, I'm very new to radios and just purchased a Uniden BCD436. I live in Spring Valley NY and am trying, without success, to listen to the Spring Valley PD. I go to 'Rockland County Public Safety Communication System' and pick the Spring Valley PD. But it is silent. Even when I drive by the PD...
  6. nyscan

    Orangetown PD

    Has OPD made a decision not to join the Rockland County trunked public safety system? I know they found some problems during testing. Since it's been over two years since the system went live you would think there would either be a resolution to the problems or a decision that they can't be solved.
  7. APX8000

    Rockland's cross band links...

    With the FD's switching over to the 700 TRS, anyone know which UHF-low band (46.18) cross band links are still up and if so, what they are currently linked to?
  8. H

    Rockland County Public Safety Communications System

    Cheers, I have gotten the GRE800 scanner for the purpose of monitoring the Rockland system but with no luck. I understand that I'm in a dead zone area with multipath issues etc, but there MUST be some way to get around this. I live in the New Hempstead area and when I'm home it sucks, when I'm...
  9. NYRHKY94

    Clarkstown PD Question

    Can any of you guys down there in the Rockland County area confirm if Clarkstown PD has moved over to the new P25 Phase 2 system yet? Thanks very much, Mike
  10. S

    Rockland Co FD page only UHF channel

    For at least a week on the 470.800 i have heard some partial; not all of the responding units after a page - maybe just one unit on calls , or the PD bases acknowlege pages - so can this channel be patched to low band or the 700 system?? what am i hearing, its the only channel for rockland i...
  11. F

    Rockland County New 911 sheriff's communication center.

    Today Rockland County switched to the new 911 center this gives the the ability to talk on the new County wide P25 phase II 700mhz trunked system. The 911 center is still at the county fire training center. And is still run by the sheriff's department. Here is a link to the news story...
  12. GTR8000

    Rockland County Fire Paging UHF Simulcast

    470.800 (77.0 PL) Simulcast from 10 sites* throughout the county: Rockland County UHF Paging and Trunked System Site Map Enjoy! :D * It's currently 9 sites, the Monsey (Grove St) site is not yet built out
  13. RadioDitch

    Rockland County Public Safety Communications System

    Plain and simple. Is the system active and being used?