1. DRBComm

    Questions about antenna basics

    I'm a new amateur licensee and really enjoying the hobby so far. I am learning as much as possible so I can get the most out of what I am doing and have a few questions that I have not found answers for elsewhere. I'm currently a Technician and studying now for my General so I can get into HF...
  2. M

    SpectrumForce Mag Mount Antenna No Longer Receiving Signal?

    I have purchased 2 SpectrumForce Mag Mount Wideband antennas from Scanner Master and both of them have stopped receiving signal when connected to my Uniden BCD325P2 scanner. I mount the antenna on the roof of my car and have the wire go through the driver side door. I know it's not an issue with...
  3. N

    SC200: VHF analog on the SDS200

    Anyone else have issues with VHF analog on the SDS200? My 996p2 picks up vhf analog way better then my sds200. Reception is clear transmissions arent missed or cut off even misses the beginning of the transmission. SDS200 is amazing on the digital side but conventional is poor. Im running the...
  4. M

    Ideas for improving indoor FM reception?

    I am trying to improve stereo reception of a station about 30 miles away to the North/Northwest.The building I am in is about 20 vertical feet from the crest of a hill. I have access to interior spaces, but nothing outside. Sadly, I am on the ground floor of the building. There are two big...
  5. connah

    BCD436HP 'Analyze' Question

    Morning all. I'm relatively new to the forums and I've done my best to search for the answer before posting this. If I've overlooked something, please forgive me and point me in the right direction. I have also checked Mark's Scanner manual, the factory manual, and Google to no avail. On the...
  6. M

    Client's BCD436HP went from clear to very staticy. Now has almost 0 reception

    Hi there! I am sort of an old hand with scanners - in that I owned everything from some heathkit tube units through some of the nicer 1980s and early 1990s Radio Shack units. Back when they had a paper catalog to drool over, and the cheapest scanners took crystals. Anyway - A client came to me...
  7. sauerjc

    Hytera PD362 Reception Problem

    I just received my Hytera PD362 and it seems like a great little DMR HT Transceiver. The only issue I'm having with it is the reception on digital is dropping every 1-2 secs despite my MD380 maintain constant reception from my openspot. I've adjusted the squelch settings but they don't seem...
  8. F

    Mayfield / Hillcrest Channel 2 Reception

    This is probably taking a shot in the dark, but I've searched and haven't found a similar question... Does anyone else have issues with reception of channel 2 for the Hillcrest region (423.0000)? I am in Mayfield Heights, and only that channel comes in terribly on both my Uniden BCD436hp and...
  9. C

    How to increase my ems portable range

    Hi, i have a kenwood tk272g transceiver that i use on the job, i take call from home which is about 25 miles from base and i have to keep my portable in a window to receive radio traffic and there are also several dead spots between my home and ems base. Does anyone have suggestions on how to...
  10. K

    Funcube Pro+ - Problem with reception

    Hi! I recently bought a Funcube Pro+ and I'm having a few issues. I've tried every antenna I have, antennas that I KNOW have great reception - Specifically an antenna that covers the 400mhz band (to recieve DMR). I used it on my handheld scanner and I could hear the DMR signal clear as day...
  11. J

    Surveying radio reception before installing antenna

    I'm considering a few different sites for a new antenna installation. I'll be monitoring a number of frequencies and then streaming them to myself over the internet, so I have some flexibility on where to install. I'm looking for recommendations on how to do a survey of radio reception across...
  12. N

    Minitor 6 Reception Issues

    Hello All My department bought 15 Minitor 6s a few months ago. Some were placed in service, and Im now starting to get complaints from members that switched from the M4 and M5 that the M6 has some reception issues. 1 member who lives in town and has a perfect line of sight with the repeater...
  13. SlipNutz15

    WS1065: bad reception out off box

    I just received a brand new WS1065 and programmed it up as I did with my previous GRE's. I set the scanner up on the same table as other scanners. Where the other scanners picked up local traffic perfectly, the WS1065 did not pick up any traffic. (Yes, I have the proper frequency and PL...
  14. M

    Kenwood: THF6A poor reception and quality

    Hi Guys. I just got a THF6A. The reception and clarity is a bit disappointing. Is this the norm for this radio? See the video I made: Thanks in advance for your input. Mike
  15. M

    Would you choose an Icom R70 or Lowe HF150 for tough signals?

    I'm looking to add a classic receiver to my rack to help flush out weak signals. I can only spend about $300, and my top contenders at the moment are the Lowe HF150 and Icom R70. Does anyone have experience with hard to flush out signals and one of the receivers? I have a wellbrook loop and a...
  16. J

    Reception problems with BC355N

    My BC355N does not work well while my car is in motion(it became very choppy); I have a trek glass mount antenna. When my car is NOT in motion for around 10-15 seconds, my reception gets way better. Once I go past 10mph, the signal get very choppy; I switched antennas because I thought it was an...
  17. J

    Help with reception, BCT15X

    I do not know for sure if this is the correct place for this question. If not please advise me where to post. I could not find a troubleshooting section. I am new to all of this. I received a BCT15X & Centerfire Deluxe Discone antenna. I have the antenna on a pvc pipe in the room with the...
  18. J

    BC346XTC suddenly doesn't pick up any radio feeds

    My scanner is about a little over a week old now. Today, I just turned the scanner on, but noticed big problems. I am unable to hear radio frequencies. The speaker works because scrolling through settings creates a tone. The scanner picks up frequencies, but only displays a very small static...
  19. J

    Help Please! SSB antenna grounding/reception

    I am on a sailboat in the Bahamas with no way to get weather. My SSB receiver is not receiving very well. I have a portable SSB receiver [Kaito KA1103]. I need it for weather reports, otherwise all I can do is look at the sky [not good]. I am not getting reception on the channels and times as...
  20. S

    Best scanner for scanning about 20 miles?

    What do you guys recommend? I live in Lake County IL and want a scanner that has good reception and I will be using in my house/on road sometimes. Also want one that is around 200 $. Thanks